Picture Telephone Megathread


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Alright, all the submissions are submitted, so here we go for another round!

I wrote:

G-Max Charizard and D-Max Azumarill prepare to do battle over a giant metropolitan area
Lumari drew:

VigilanteVigoroth wrote:

Gigantamax Charizard is going to destroy the whole city.... only Azumarill to stop it.
Total Clefairy drew and wrote:
i can only apologise

XavierTheCoolDudeX wrote:

Charizard destroying a city while a scared Marill musters up courage to fight him.
HDF0 drew:

Albatross wrote:
Marill's wholeass city gets burnt to the ground by an alarmingly large Charizard. In order to enact revenge against this beast, Marill steals a sword from the burnt remains of a civilian's house
DuoM2 drew:

Daylight wrote:

“A lone Marill—purple of fur and brave of heart—marches toward a ruined city, blade in hand, to deliver the villainous Charizard’s inevitable doom.”
HeroicTobias drew:

Lunaflare wrote:

Marill is about to assassinate a giant Charizard that is burning a small town.
Lego drew:

Fusion Flare wrote:
A Marill views its hometown devastated from a Charizard attack, and prepares to acquire vengeance once and for all.
ausma drew:

Meganium1579 wrote:

A Charizard burning Marrils Rock house, but they didn't relize that rocks can't get destroyed with the fire and marill can turn off the fire easily

A real fun one! We didn't stray too weirdly off the prompt unfortunately, though Dmax Azumarill ended up being Marill with a sword. Charizard reverted back to normal form a turn too soon too, so they're even!

My favorite has gotta be DuoM2's, gonna legit save that one for a wallpaper, haha.

Great round everyone!

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