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a sky of honey
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round is done, thanks all:

Lumari wrote:
A brave Shroomish getting ready to cancel the apocalypse.
Ivy drew:

Menshay wrote:
Shroomish using Spore on an army officer to prevent nuclear war.
Luigi drew:

tob wrote:
peace-loving shroomish singlehandedly saves the world from nuclear war
Gaboswampert drew:

HDF0 wrote:
A nuke-like Pokemon cries in sadness as a similarly sized Shroomish protests against nuclear war.
Pissog drew:

BT89 wrote:
a sad nuke is dropped into the atlantic ocean, much to the dismay of anti-nuclear warfare shiny shroomish.
Hulavuta drew:

War Incarnate wrote:
A Shroomish is expressing discontent at an object transformed from a ditto as it falls from the sky.
Ciran drew:

chuckeroo777 wrote:
Shroomish regrets life decisions as it plummits from the sky surrounded by purple wailords.
Swiffix drew:

DuoM2 wrote:
A Shroomish falls theough a sky of several pink Wailord.
i promise this was not the initial direction i had in mind but acknowledge i probably should have expected it :x

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