Picture Telephone Megathread


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FINALLY! Time to see the results of this round :D

Swiffix said:
Teddiursa nervously waits for the Sorting Hat to place it in one of the four houses of Hogwarts.

Pissog drew:

Lumari said:
Teddiursa is terrified Mega Banette will sort her into Slytherin

Hulavuta drew:

tob said:
Teddiursa describes the ability of his stand, Mega Banette, to remove green lantern snakes.

chuckeroo777 drew:

HydrogenHydreigon said:
A Teddiursa gloats to a Larvesta about how he defeated two evil Shiny Lanturn by growing a tulip with Necrozma arms out of its back, which proceeded to use Shadow Ball. The thing has a scar across its right eye so that's interesting

Lunaflare drew:

BT89 said:
Teddiursa talks about the evil Lanturn revolution to a baffled Larvesta

DPAN drew:
18 sin título_20220918212208.png

b-torterra said:
Teddiursa spreads anti Lanturn propaganda to local Larvesta


Ivy said:
Teddiursa and Lanturn team up to aggressively threaten Cosmoem

Kolohe drew:

A Welcome Guest said:
Lanturn and Teddiursa beating up a sleeping Cosmoem

Menshay drew:

Ciran said:
A Lanturn and Teddiursa are kicking a poor sleeping Cosmoem.

ii77 drew:

HDF0 said:
A frowning Lanturn and Teddiursa encounter a Cosmoem.

And there we have it! It was really a super fun round lol
Until next time!


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Holey moley, this might be the best one yet, just with how it escalated.

It almost tells its own story. Teddiursa starts off afraid of being placed into the "evil" Slytherin and tries to warn people about the incoming Lanturn revolution only to become the bad guy who helps usher in the revolution and helps Lanturn beat up all the other Pokemon. A modern day Greek tragedy...

EDIT: my favorite on is DPAN's. Oogie Boogie vibes

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