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Aaaaaand we are done! Thanks to everyone participating so here we go:

I wrote:
Fuecoco is preparing paella for their friends Sprigatito and Quaxly

b-torterra drew:

Hulavuta said:
Sprigatito and Quaxly watch as Fuecoco uses its fire to prepare a meal of candy and shellders

ii77 drew:

DuoM2 said:
fuecoco burns a bunch of candy and a shellder in front of the other two starters

Ivy drew:

War Incarnate said:
Sprigatito [which is obviously smoking something] and Quaxly stand in the background as Fuecoco burns a Shellder's corspe.

Swiffix drew:

HDF0 said:
Sprigatito smokes while Fuecoco scorches a Shellder as Quaxly stares at the situation in shock.

Nichalho drew:

chuckeroo777 said:
A high Sprigatito suggests Fuecoco should “blaze it”. Unfortunately, Fuecoco does not understand drug lingo, and instead incinerates a nearby shellder, much to quaxly’s dismay.

DPAN drew:
36 sin título_20221026145522.png

Lumari said:
Quaxly looks in horror as a delirious Fuecoco is conversing with an imaginary friend

Menshay drew:

and finally, tob said:
Fuecoco does a terrible job of describing a pink, flying elephant, much to Quaxly's surprise.

Thank you all, I laughed from the start to the end lmao

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