Picture Telephone Megathread


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OKAY people the round is finally over!! This took sooooo much longer than I thought it would, but who cares because the results were great!! Check em out:

Swiffix said "A bunch of super smart-looking Psychic types and a Clodsire are playing cards. To everyone's surprise, Clodsire is winning."

Lunaflare drew:
neccrozma ragequit (1).png

Albatross said "Necrozma ragequits over a friendly game of Uno after Quagsire announces they have achieved Uno (hasn't even put down the last card yet, what a sore loser) while fellow players Malamar, Oranguru and Mega Alakazam watch in shared confusion/annoyance. Also Mega Alakazam is wearing some sick spectacles."

Luigi drew:

A Cake Wearing A Hat said "Quagsire beating four Psychic-types at Uno; They are confused and angry"

DuoM2 drew:

Low-Key said "me and the poke-homies playing a complex card game"

Lego drew:
image (2).png

BT89 said "tapu koko, eldegoss, gardevoir, and shaymin playing blackjack, but eldegoss does not know what it is doing"

Pissog drew:
Illustration91 (1).png

Lumari said "Gardevoir is about to win the poker game but has not accounted for Eldegoss's Blue Eyes White Dragon"

Nichalho drew:

b-torterra said "eldegoss prepares to decimate gardevoir during poker night"

Kiwi drew:
1675056433509 (1).png

War Incarnate said "An evil Eldegoss approaches the injured Gardevoir and says "you poor soul", in a mocking tone, as if it is ready to incite harm against it."

Ivy drew:

Kolohe said "gardevoir gets murdered by eldegoss"

Ciran drew:

ii77 said "A Gardevoir peacefully minding its own business then getting knifed by an Eldegoss in a haunted house"

Appletun a la Mode drew:
Illustration (1).jpg

Hulavuta said "In a comic that looks like it took way longer than 5 minutes to make, Gardevoir is lost in a haunted mansion and backstabbed by an Eldegoss. Thankfully, the wound is censored for the international release."

HDF0 drew:

Neko said "An Eldegoss throws a dagger into an unaware Gardevoir on a misty night, killing it. Eldegoss smiles after the deed is done."

XavierTheCoolDudeX drew:

Menshay said "It turns out Gardevoir's chest spike is a result of being stabbed by Eldegoss in a dark alley."

Arya drew:
garde stabbed.png

rumia said "gardevoir unexpectedly getting fatally stabbed by a very malicious looking eldegoss in the back alleys of New York City"

And, finally, Runoisch drew:
mfw (1).png

Special shoutout to Kolohe for turning this cute and dorky game of cards into a murder fest. See you guys next time!


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Ciran Psycho is one of my favorite movies of all time! Love the reference

Also I love how Gardevoir getting stabbed was the image for 7 drawings, but the content warning was only for the last 3 as the visual fidelity improved :totodiLUL:

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