Picture Telephone Megathread


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alright, i think we're finished!!

I said: baby pokemon playing outside at recess!

Fusion Flare drew:

Ivy said: Cleffa and Wynaut are playing hopscotch while Elekid Chaos Dunks Igglybuff into a basketball hoop above

War Incarnate drew:

rumia said: cleffa and wynaut are playing hopscotch on the playground and elekid is being mean to igglybuff (by dunking her)

Lumari drew:

DuoM2 said: Cleffa plays hopscotch completely by itself while Elekid and Wynaut team up to throw Igglybuff into a hoop.

Pissog drew:


Runo said: Cleffa, Elekid, and Wynaut playing in a playground while using Igglybuff as a basketball

pulsar512b drew:

Nichalho said: Floating over a playground and staring up into the night sky, Rotom-Dex takes a picture of Minior splitting off of a shooting star.

chuckeroo777 drew:

BT89 said: rotom-dex taking a photo of a minior tossing its shell at it over a playground with a shroomish playing on the slide

PieRomancer drew:

Hulavuta said: a minior meteor shower caught on rotom phone while a shroomish looks on in horror from the playground

Fishy drew:

SirinC&Kokomi said: A minior meteor shower showered the playground with a stunned baby shroomish and a rotom phone capturing images from the sky

IMakeNoSense drew:

bro torterra said: shroomish livestreams minior meteor shower at the park

Gaboswampert drew:
1046 sin título_20231219120500.png

and to end things off, Audiino said: a shroomish watches miniors fall at night, hoping its beloved comes back

thanks everyone for your patience as i figured out how to host this again and finished this round up ^^ ;; and thank you for your participation!
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