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Aaaaand we are done! Thanks to everyone who participated ^^
I said:

Alakazam is playing chess against psyduck and he doesn't understand why he's losing (psyduck is eating his pieces while he's not looking)

PieRomancer drew

chuckeroo777 said
Psyduck and Alakazam are playing chess. Alakazam can't figure out why they're losing. Psyduck gives the camera a knowing look and a toothy grin.

Nichalho drew

Hulavuta said:
Alakazam in check and confused as to which of its only legal moves, King to E2, or King to D1, is better. Opponent Psyduck is so "psysly" because it knows it's going to win (probably cheated).

IMakeNoSense drew

Luigi said
Kanto Chess Championship finals. A desperate Mega-Alakazam is moments away from being checkmated. His opponent, an arrogant Psyduck, looks on with nothing but contempt at this pathetic display.

Gaboswampert drew

shadowpea said
mega alakazam getting destroyed by psyduck at kanto chess finals
(psyduck is just better)

Finchely drew

Quoise said
Psyduck nonchalantly dominates Alakazam-Mega in a game of Chess

SirinC&Kokomi drew

Ivy said
Psyduck scores its 115th consecutive victory against Alakazam in a game of chess upon moving the Sitrus Berry piece to E7.

and, lastly, Lunaflare drew

Thanks to everyone who participated! See you next time!

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