Picture Telephone Megathread

Oh boy, I have a lot of stuff to clean up.

I drew that skarmory because A. it's my favorite pokemon, and B. I wanted something humorous. It was originally going to be another pokemon playing the saxophone, but it was to complex to draw, and I was very busy that day. Any way, count me in.


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Alright, Round 10 is finally complete, and here are the results!
Thanks to all the creative participants, who made sure the process ran very smoothly and was a joy to host. :D

Cretacerus drew:

Snaquaza wrote:
Komala and Reigaheres' CAP mon submission dream about fighting as super saiyans

Simon_Yellow drew:

monomite wrote:
Komala and Krokorok dream of one day being able to turn into super sayajins.

Max. Optimizer drew:

Trueblade wrote:
Super Sayians Krokorok + Komala take on Frieza Mewtwo.

Yoshiblaze drew:

P Squared wrote:
Saiyan Krokorok and Komala fighting Mewtwo-Frieza in midair

vzxt drew:

FellFromtheSky wrote:
Mega Mewtwo Y watches as a percussion-specialist Komala and a Crookodile with horrid fashion taste form an amateur glam rock band by bank of an extraordinarily narrow river.

QxC4eva drew:

Mova wrote:
A Krookodile is singing like a pop star, while a Komala is playing drums.

The Dutch Plumberjack drew:
Hey Bummer I'm reviving this. Hopefully people sign in.

Sign ups end May 18th 6:00 p.m. Central.

Sign ups closed.
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