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Small update

We are half way through and...

Please read the rules!
So far 2 people have sent me 50 word paragraphs. Remember the fun part of the game is that information is lost or distorted as the message goes from person to person, that being said don't go too crazy either making stuff up (hasn't happened yet).

Anyway, I have accepted the 2 long written entries as to not delay the game but I won't be accepting paragraphs anymore. Single sentence, 20 words max. pls.
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Round 11 is done, and here are the results!
Thanks for participating!

vzxt wrote:
"Tsareena majestically Rapid Spins various entry hazards that Nidoqueen had just meticulously placed around her nest."
Cretacerus drew:

Hulavuta wrote:
"In this modern day retelling of King Solomon, superhero Tsareena turns into a tornado to rapid spin away a bunch of Toxic Spikes that Nidoqueen put around a nest of eggs she stole. Nidoqueen's trying to pass the eggs off as her own: she looks pretty upset and even drew a heart on the nest! But Tsareena sees through the lies: everyone knows Nidoqueen can't breed! "
pqs drew:

Max. Optimizer wrote:
"A Spinda uses Teeter Dance. It spins surrounding people right round, baby, right round, like a record, baby, right round round round."
ItzViper482 drew:

Conni wrote:
"A Spinda is dancing in circles to a gramophone which appears to be on a large box with a plus sign and two circles of the same size. The Spinda is dancing on a large (vertically) rectangle platform with music notes flying throughout the air."
Moon drew:

Blueforce wrote:
"Hallucinating bear throws musical parade with nobody around."
P Squared drew:

Yoshiblaze wrote:
"5 Normal-types perform music on a stage with balloons and music note-shaped confetti."
Sondero drew:

Kalalokki wrote:
"Ditto playing the keyboard, Chansey the triangle, Porygon the trumpet, Minccino the guitar, and Bidoof the harmonica in a band."
Vianne drew:


A very fun round with a strong start and then inevitable happened haha. I like how concepts merged and Rapid Spin+Nidoqueen turned into Spinda.


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amazing to see how the story changes so drastically from start to finish, really funny haha, really good work everyone!
I want to keep this alive so I will host another round.

Sign ups for round 12 are open.
You can sign up by posting here, sending me a PM in forums or discord.

Sign ups close May 31st.
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