Pika-Lead (Please help complete my 6 team Pokémon)

What other 2 pokemon you suggest to complete my 6 pokemon team?

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Hello Friends,

To introduce this topic, here is a Link to a series of Battles with my Pika-Lead:
(Suscribe if you want)

Can you please Help me, complete my 6 team Pokémon, i already got the following Pokémon:

Mild, Light Orb
252 sp attack
128 speed
128 spe def

-Grass Knot
-Fake Out
-Hidden Power (ICE)

Modest, Focus Sash
252 Speed, 252 Spe Attack


Modest, Life Orb
252 spe attack
200 spe def
52 speed

-Ice Beam

Adamant, Gassium Z
252 attack
128 def
128 speed

-Leaf Guard
-Smart Strike
-Sacred Sword

Friends, i need your opinions to complete my team (need other 2 Pokémon)
1) You need to complete the mandatory homework assignment before posing here.
2) Your thread is awfully formatted. Make the team in the Pokemon Showdown teambuilder and then export it.
3) You don't have any descriptions making it very difficult to help you. And by descriptions I mean proper descriptions. This is a link to a thread of mine with the ideal kind of descriptions. Calcs shouldn't be required on more standard sets, like your Pelipper set.
And to expand on the questions:
Why Mild nature for the Pikachu?
Why Pikachu and not Raichu? What abilities do the pokemon have?
Why 128 speed EVs on the Pikachu, what does that outspeed and why is that important?
What does the 128 Sp. Def EVs help it survive?
Why 52 speed on the Golduck, what does that outspeed?
What does the 200 Sp. Def help it survive?
Does the 128 Defense EVs help Kartana survive meaningful things, especially Kartana Mirrors since you will pretty much always go second in those?
Did you know that 196 and 124 EVs give you the same amount of stats as 200 and 128? (At level 50 it is 4 EVs for the first stat and 8 per stat after that.)

I would definitely agree with trying the homework assignment.

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