pilica12's Giveaway (Preparing for OU Giveaway; do not post)

Would there be any interest in an OU Pokemon-themed giveaway sometime in the future?

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Also, Prozart , while trawling through the older posts to log, I noticed I missed your post for Heracross. If you still want it, please deposit something for it and post below. Also, in future, strikethrough sniped posts and then post a new one, else I will almost definitely miss it (I don't get alerted if amendments to old posts get made, and I only really log stuff after the GA is over).
Sorry about that! I'll make sure to be better about striking through my posts. And yeah if it's not too much trouble I'd love to still get that Heracross! I just deposited:

Wingull, lvl 51, male, in pokeball, OT Profi
Message: Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance

Thanks again Pilica!
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Request #3
IGN: Crixus
Request: Dragonite
Deposited: Salandit, Male, lvl 1 in premier ball
Message: I want to trade for a Pokemon that is strong in battles

Note: could not specify gender, as Dragonite is not in my Dex yet.

Thank you for these giveaways
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Request 3
IGN: James
Request: Goodra
Deposited: Salandit, Lv.1, Male, Ultra Ball

Thanks so much for your giveaways!
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Ok, let's try again
IGN: Tom
Request: Hydreigon
Deposited: Lv. 9 Psyduck, Male, Ultra Ball

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Hi! Thanks for the pyrax next week very useful ^_^


IGN: Gaudi
Request: OU Garchomp
Torkoal female level 29 in Ultra Ball
Message: Please trade pokemon with me

Thanks you in advance!!!
Request #3

IGN: Tommy
Request: Metagross
Deposited: Mamoswine, Level 37, Female
Message: This is a Pokemon with great potential. Please raise it if you'd like.

IGN: Tiago
Deposited: Salandit <Premier Ball> Lv. 16 Male
Requested: Metagross
GTS Msg: I want to fill my Pokédex.

Favorite Mechanic: Move Tutors.
-----> Tyvm for your time!
Request #3

IGN: Andre
Requested: Dragonite BSS Dragon Dance
Deposited: Cutiefly (Lv. 12, male, Ultra Ball)
Message: I want to trade for a Pokémon that is strong in battles.

Thank you!
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IGN: SamJo
Request: Goodra
Deposited: Cyndaquil, Lvl 1 male, Poke Bal

Thanks in advance~
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Hi again! Since my torkoal was sniped i deposit a more common mons!

IGN: Gaudi
Request: Ou Garchomp
Level 3 male caterpie in a great ball
Message: Please Trade pokemon with me!

Thanks a lot ^-^
IGN: Esteban
Requested: UU Quiver Dance
Deposited: Lotad lv1, pokeball
Message: Please trade Pokémon with me.
Thanks in advance.
Woo another chance!
Requested: UU Quiver Dance Venomoth
Deposited: Cutiefly, Female, 11, Quick ball
IGN: Torqan
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Request: Sceptile (UU Offensive)
Deposited: lvl 22 Tentacool, female, Quick ball

thank you!

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