Pinch Berries in GBU

These things are used nowhere near as much as they used to be (good ol' Gen 3) with the abundance of priority and weather and such. However, although not commonplace I believe they are still viable, especially Salac and to an extent Petaya/Liechi.

For example, I have been using a Petaya with my Sub+Disable Gengar on the GBU for singles. People normally just seem to think far too much about getting past disable, unknowingly helping me get a boost if I need it. Great as late game cleaner if the guys who normally bully Gengar aren't about. It has even caused a few DC's which must mean something!

So, any other thoughts on the pinch berries, or underdog sets that utilise them well?
As you mention this, my Sceptile just got stalled out by a Sandslash in sandstorm with substitute, until he used his pinch berry that raised attack and defeated me.

But yes, I do believe pinch berries can be quite useful, especially with Pokemon with swift swim, sand rush, and chlorophyll.
Yeah, they're not quite as expected as you don't see many on standard sets. The only one that springs to mind is SubSalacTerrakion. I remember using a Salac berry on my Medicham back in the day.
Depending on the format, you must bring a minimum number of Pokemon with you into the battle room. From that list, you will see all of the Pokemon your opponent brought, and you will pick the appropriate number of Pokemon from your list. You can also decide the order that your Pokemon will be arranged in your Party.
very educational content and written well for a change. It's nice to see that some people still understand how to write a quality post.

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