PL Suggestion - Keep Track of 'Known' Pokes

Should you know which members of your team your opponent has seen?

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    Votes: 21 77.8%
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*** Disclaimer: This is one of my first few posts here on Smogon, though I have been playing Shoddy and then PL for about half a year. I was wondering if I should post this in the Suggestions/Appeals section, so if yes, then I’m cool with it being moved. Also, I did try the search already, but didn’t go through each thread here. So if there is a thread about this already, then please redirect me to that, and then you can close this thread. ***

In Shoddy Battle, you could place your cursor over the pokeballs representing your opponent’s pokemon and see which ones you’ve seen already. The ones you haven’t seen yet were represented by a ‘???’ symbol. Same thing on your side, if you placed your cursor over your own pokemon, the ones represented by the ‘???’ symbol meant your opponent hasn’t seen that pokemon yet.

In PL, your opponent’s pokemon that you haven’t seen yet are still represented by the ‘???’ symbol. However, it doesn’t work on your side, so you don’t which of your pokemon your opponent has seen. I would like that to be implemented so that I can remember which of my pokemon have been brought out, and which ones are still hidden.

I understand that it is nice to see that status of all your pokemon, so just a ‘???’ would not suffice. But perhaps a ‘???’ or ‘Hidden’ can be placed on top of the status of each your pokemon.

If this hasn’t been implemented due to the same reason the cancel button was erm, cancelled, in single battles, then it does make some sense since the PL battles should simulate the real game battles. But it only seems logical to me that both you and your opponent should know what pokemon are known and hidden on both sides.

I've put a poll just because I'm curious to how popular this would be.

Thanks for any feedback anyone could give on this!

Yeah I think this is a good suggestion. I don't know how hard it is to implement, but I actually remember wishing I had the feature at one point or another.
If this doesn't get implemented, you can use a program like notepad or even a pencil and paper *gasp* if you really need to keep track of who you've sent out, although I admit it would be alot easier (for users of PokeLab at least) if this was added.


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The issue with the Cancel Button was not that it couldn't be replicated but that it added something to the game we thought was counterproductive. Indeed, Cathy actually brought up a way that the Cancel Button could be implemented in a real link battle session. This suggestion can be implemented in a real game by using a pencil and paper, so the only reason it isn't in the game is a simple one: We didn't implement it.

I'll get around to it when I get time, probably this weekend.
I actually quite enjoy not having a cancel button because it means that people cannot take advantage of the duration of your turn and use it against you. This way, regardless of how long your turn takes, your opponent will not adjust their move to compensate for it. I had forgotten why I liked that so much in Wifi until recently, and would be kind of disappointed if the cancel button got re-added now.

According to the suggestion in the OP, I definitely like the suggestion. Knowing which of your Pokemon you have revealed is a handy piece of information that could indeed be known in the cartridge game.


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^I misread the poll. This is how PO operates and it is one of the few things (besides 5th gen) that I like about it. Time for PL to do the same.

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