Project Player interview #9 Lord Enz

i meant players to watch, like players that could have success in the future but that works too
Okay, I'll just answer that extra, since it doesn't really seem useful to just list names now, I'll write a little text about each.

1. Rubyblood
Someone I got in touch with after WCOP and have been in contact with quite a bit since then. I think he has a great attitude towards the game and is already highly skilled in my opinion. I think his place as a sub in SCL doesn't really do him justice and even though he has already reached the round of 16 in OLT, I think there is a lot more to come from him in the future if he keeps at it.

2. Haxrme
A name I've been bugging my German buddies with for over a year now, constantly telling them how much potential he has. I've had quite a few great ladder fights with him and I think he's on a really high level play-wise. He's had several chances to prove himself this year, some of which he's only moderately succeeded at. He has my support, I really admire him and I hope he doesn't give up despite the frustration about his results.

3. lza
Who the fuck is lza?
That's the question that's probably going through most people's minds right now. He participated in the WCOP this year for Team China. Many of you who know me know that I follow the Chinese tournament scene very actively and one player in particular who caught my eye is lza. He has such great potential as a player, which makes me wonder why he didn't enter the Smogon tournament stage earlier. He has cleaned up nicely in Chinese competitions and I'm sure he has the disposition to do the same in Smogon tournaments.

4. line38324
The same applies to him as to lza. He is also a Chinese player, also very talented and I also got to know him through Chinese tournaments.

5. Raizen1704

Without a doubt one of my closest comrades from the Mons community and also part of the German jerk for a year now. He has an unbelievable willingness to grind, ladder, watch tournament games and generally get involved with this game. I think he still has a good step to go play-wise compared to the other players mentioned, but makes up for it in my opinion with his really great mentality and willingness to get involved with this game.

Not all of these players are on the same level when measured by their successes on Smogon, but I think all of them have the potential to be successful on this site in the future.

Raizen is still a bot, though.
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