Player Of The Week! Week #20: Czim

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Hey Everyone and welcome to the revamped version of player of the week and Staff interviews. this week we Have a very special guest and monotype room staff Czim, This Will be a weekly interview project where Balor and I will interview staff or well known players. If you want someone interviewed Pm Me on Smogon or PS!, Without Further ado let's get to the interview.

Tell us about yourself IRL? Are you still in school? Do you have a job? Location? Any other generic information you're willing to share?

As most of you know, I'm Brazilian and i was born in the city of São Paulo, the biggest one in the country. Right now, I'm attending college in a small city kinda near it where I'm about to graduate in Chemical Engieneering. As for a job, right now i'm looking for an internship.

What made you decide on Chemical Engieneering?

I decided to go for chemical engineering because i always liked to know how stuff was made, and in the course you learn a lot about industrial processeses and its machinery and how they work, which has been pretty cool.

What got you into Monotype?

I don't actually remember it to be completely honest, I used to come around PS to mostly do randbats or make really bad OU teams. But i remember joining a monotype tour and winning it (or doing very well) with electric and being recruted by a guy called Link (old people from frost may know him), and i've joined a bunch of leagues, like Invictus, REV and some other known leagues before frost actually shut down.

Whats your favorite Type and Playstyle to use?

That's a very tricky one. I've been playing with Normal/Electric/Ghost since i've started playing monotype, but my favorite type is probably a tie between Electric and Ghost. Electric is a pretty cool type where you have to put a lot of work into teambuilding otherwise your team will really suck, and for Ghost well, i just really like Ghost mons, the theme is pretty good. My favorite playstyle is easily Hyper Offense. I like fast matches where one single great play can either make you sweep or get swept.

Favorite pokemon and Teir? why?

Most of my favorite pokemon are very bad competitively, like Scyther, Articuno and Farfetch'd, but i also like mons like Heracross, Houndoom and Porygon 2. If I had to pick a favorite, it'd probably be Articuno though. My favorite official tier is probably PU, i just like using bad mons.

Who are some players who you're really good friends with or look up to?

Well, I like most of the staff and the community in general, with the exception of the Harambe memers of course, and snowyyy (who even likes snowyyy?), but i'd give a special shoutout to Starblim (yes, you, noob), for sending me awesome songs and being a very chill guy overall. A player I used to look up to when i started was Tesla, the dude was just so good with such a bad type. Other than that i really look up to Ticken nowadays, considering i'm a monothreat player, dude's a genius at teambuilding for that.

Any words of wisdom you'd like to give to new monotype players?

Hm, don't be scared of asking for advice, the monotype community is very friendly and will definitely help you with your team! But one thing, take the advice you're given, people don't use generic stuff because they have no creativity, it's just because they're very good! There's nothing wrong in using generic psychic/flying when you're starting because it's a good way to get used to meta and watch how more experienced players play. Other than that, I'd recommend watching higher ladder battles, they're nice to see how the meta evolves and to get prepared.

What got you Into Pokemon? PS? why the monotype room?

Well, like i said before, I've been playing pokemon since RBY and i've always been a big fan of the game/show. I've played every game until HGSS and little bit of BW, but the games got a bit repetitive after a while and just stuck with the multiplayer part, which I found here on PS I've never actually been much in the Monotype room until recently, I came back after a big hiatus. I stopped playing around when frost shut down (I don't remember when exactly, but i stayed away for more than 1-2 years), and came back at the start of 2016. Lastly, I've personally grown tired of side servers and leagues, so that's one more reason i'm staying more on main.

How Did you Get your username?

It's just a blend of my last names. I use it pretty much for everything else, so if you find a Czim in any other game, it's probably me. Also, i like how it sounds, and it's also pretty short and easy to remember.

What are some of your favorite foods?

I like japanese and mexican food a lot. I also like to cook, I enjoy making pasta or hamburguers! Other than that, I like sweets/chocolate a lot, especially Ice cream, since Brazil's a pretty hot country.

Favorite Song At The Moment?

I'd have to say it's Dritwood, by Travis. But my mood constantly changes and my favorite song always changes with it. If I had to pick an all time favorite, it'd definitely be Don't Look Back In Anger, by Oasis, i just love that song!

Favorite Pokemon to use in Monotype?

That's definitely a hard one for me. I usually enjoy using ungeneric stuff, and a mon definitely have grown on me lately, Kecleon! This dude is just so fun to use with Protean, creating mind games with double priority in Shadow Sneak and Sucker Punch.

What do you feel you're most known for?

I used to be that guy with the annoying Charge Beam porygon2 in BW, and i feel like i was pretty known for it in the old days. Now i feel like I'm known most for being room staff and being a constant presence in the room, and also hosting bad tours like LC monothreat or BH doubles.

Anything you'd like to say to close off the interview?

Anyways, i don't think there's anything else to say here, just wanna give a shoutout to everyone in the mono community, you guys have been a blast and i love to be a part of this! And yeah, let's ban serene grace + choice scarf, that's just plain annoying also #FreeZekrom...

That Concludes This interview feel free to ask questions below that you might have wanted him to answer.
What SuMo mons are u looking forward to the most ?

On a scale of 1-10 10 being good and 1 being bad how bad is StarBlims taste in Music? 1 amirite

Favorite monothreat type?
What SuMo mons are u looking forward to the most ?

On a scale of 1-10 10 being good and 1 being bad how bad is StarBlims taste in Music? 1 amirite

Favorite monothreat type?
1) I'm not very used to their names yet, but i liked the Bug/Electric beetle (could be a great addition to both types, especially if it's a physical attacker), Decidueye (i think this is the name, but this mon just looks very cool and could be awesome on ghost) and the Electric/Fairy guardian with electric terrain, seems like a good one.

2) 0, cjlikesbadmusic

3) I'd say it's probably Dark, there isn't anything broken (Mega Absol is slightly OP though) on it and there're a lot of possible mons and builds to use, it's just really diverse. Ice, Ground, Poison and Grass are also very cool!
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What's your favourite OM that isn't Monotype?

How did you become the skilled battler that you are today?

Ban hax y/n?
1) Favorite OM outside of mono is probably 1v1. Had a lot of fun with it a while back. Triple Charizard is a pretty hilarious team to ladder with tbh.

2) I've just been around for a while, you eventually get used to the meta and the usual plays, and I honestly don't consider myself to be that good, I'm just alright

3) Nah, hax is a part of the game, it's nice to watch people rage :)
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what do you think of acre?
why do you make puns while banning people? ;s
pode falar em português?
and parabenzation for being entrevistado :)

edit: huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuebrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr
what do you think of acre?
why do you make puns while banning people? ;s
pode falar em português?
and parabenzation for being entrevistado :)

edit: huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuebrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr
1) Acre is a lie

2) Why wouldn't I? Making puns is a lifestyle

3) No portuguese por favor, obrigado!

4) ty fam
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