Player Sign-Ups! SPL Season 5

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RU Tour Champion
Player Name: Kushalos
Tiers Played: BW: LC/NU/RU/UU/OU XY OU
Timezone: GMT +1
Significant Time Missed: Not really

Robert Alfons

is a Tiering Contributor
Player name: Robert Alfons
Tier played: BW NU/XY Doubles/XY OU/BW UU
Time zone: GMT +1
Missed time: n
Player Name: Nebuchadnezzar
Tiers Played: XY LC
Timezone: GMT -6
Significant Time Missed?: Well I have wrestling tournaments on weekends, and sometimes I go a day or so without getting on smogon. I won't be missing for huge swaths of time though.
Player Name: MainEvent/It's Bedtime
Tiers Played: XY OU/ XY Pokebank OU/ XY UBERS/ Also have played BW but not on Smogon(actually on DS)
Timezone: EST-GMT +5 (I think...)
Significant Time Missed: I do not plan on missing any large chunks of time maybe 1 weekend here or there
Player Name: TheOrionSound/ Olirulz_747
Tiers Played: XY OU / XY ubers / BW OU / BW UU
Timezone : GMT (UK time)
Significant Time Missed?: I should be available for the entirety; some weekends in January may be dodgy as of exams but I should be able to work around that
Player Name: Kodex
Tiers Played: XY Doubles/ XY Ubers / XY OU / BW OU / BW NU
Timezone : GMT +2 (Easter European)
Significant Time Missed: No

Am I ready?
-I was born ready.
Player: Vain
Tiers Played: Pokebank OU, BW UU, BW OU, BW NU, XY OU, Pokebank OU
Timezone: GMT -6 (CST)
Significant Time Missed?: No
Note: Been gone for a bit because of lack of internet but am ready to go go now!
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