Player Sign-Ups! SPL Season 5

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Player Name: DinaIsha
Tiers Played: XY OU / BW OU / BW UU / BW RU
Timezone : GMT +5.30 (India)
Significant Time Missed?: Exam preparations in January. Will be gone for quite some time, but will try my best to take part in my matches.
Player Name: TheBaker
Tiers Played: XY OU/ BW OU
Timezone: Central North America(MO)
Significant Time Missed?: No

edit: also XY Battle Spot Doubles
XY PokeBank OU and BW UU if available
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Player name: Srn
Tiers: XY OU, BW UU
Timezone: GMT- 05:00 (EST)
Significant Time missed?: Nope
Player name: Lord Vaticus/E5 Khorne-Dog
Tiers: XY OU, Pokebank OU, BW OU, BW Monotype OU
Timezone:GMT +10 (AEST), +11 (ADST)
Significant time missed: Shouldn't miss anything, depends on when matches are held.
Player Name: The Ozymandias
Tiers Played: XY OU, XY Ubers
Timezone : GMT +4:00 (Abu Dhabi, Muscat)
Significant Time Missed?: Yes. March for Mocks and End of May till Middle of June for Exams.
Player Name: Ashley11
Tiers Played: BW NU/ BW RU/ BW UU/ BW OU/ XY OU
Timezone: GMT-5
Significant Time Missed: I will be a bit busy in march, but i should be able to get matches done.
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