Player Signups! SPL Season 4

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Name: mikeweltevrede (ominousacid on PS)
Tiers played: Gen 4 OU / BW Ubers / BW OU / BW UU / BW RU / GSC OU / GSC Ubers
Timezone: GMT+1
Significant time missed: 1,5 weeks in January (little time on, still able to drop in on IRC sometimes)


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Player Name: srk1214
Tiers Played: BW UU / BW RU / DPP OU
Timezone : GMT -5 (EST)
Significant Time Missed?: Not really.
Player Name: aditya
Tiers Played: BW Ubers (I Can also play RBY Overused)
Timezone: GMT +4
Significant Time Missed?: 10-12th January, Duke of Edinburgh Expedition AND somewhere in mid-February for the same reason, dates will be revealed later.
Hi, I would be interested in joining BW/BW2 Ubers. Do I need the team to be on DS though?

Username: rileydelete
The main tier I play is Ubers (BW).
My timezone is Central (US)
I will miss one week of January for a family vaction.

Please get back to me if possible. Thanks for your time!
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