Player Signups! SPL Season IV

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Player Name: sheep
Tiers Played: BW OU
Timezone: central idk the gmt shit
Significant Time Missed?: pretty much all of nov due to school
Player Name: Andeby
Tiers Played: GSC OU / ADV OU / BW OU
Timezone : GMT +1
Significant Time Missed?: Maybe (I have one or more exams at the end of March)

I have also played a lot of BW RU, BW UU and DPP OU in the past. Been a while though, but I can work in the case of emergency, I guess.


ne craint personne
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Who knows.

Player Name : Reymedy
Tiers Played : ADV OU and BW OU
Timezone : GMT+1
Significant Time Missed : nothing significant enough.
Player Name: The Nub / Ferchu
Tiers Played: Wifi OU, DPP OU, RBY OU, GSC OU, VGC 2013, BW UU
Timezone : GMT -3 (paraguay)
Significant Time Missed?: No
Player Name: Malekith
Tiers Played: BW2 OU / BW2 Ubers / BW2 RU / BW2 NU / DPP OU / ADV OU
Timezone: GMT +1
Significant Time Missed?: No

I know how to play all the tiers but I wouldn't like to play the ones are not wroten above, but if the team needs it I can play them some weeks.

If you are manager and are interested in me, you should know this:

WhiteQueen said:
I Destroyed Malekith


Color Synergy
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i'll play adv or dpp or i guess you can make me play something else but those are the ones i want to play but i'll play ru if you really want me to or you can give me teams from another meta and i'll make it work but i really just wanna play adv or dpp but i've been relearning ru so yeah

pm me on irc i'm pretty much always idled

oh and i'm planning on taking school seriously but that probably won't last but i might miss time because of that

Dark Sphynx

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Player Name: Dark Sphynx
Tiers Played: BW OU / BW UU / VGC 2013 / DPP OU / RBY OU
Timezone : GMT -3
Significant Time Missed?: Yes, (2 weeks in January, exams)
ok fine

Player Name: Omicron
Tiers Played: BW RU / BW NU
Timezone: GMT -8
Significant Time Missed: Probably not unless unforeseen exams or vacations~
Player Name: The Unlucky One
Tiers Played: BW OU but can play BW NU if needed
Timezone: GMT+8
Signifcant time missed: 2nd and/or 3rd week of March. ( I might still be present there though)
You guys should pick me because my OU skills are pretty good honestly. If anyone needs a BW NU you should pick me but I am not of absolute mastery of that tier. If you really need someone from the two tiers who can play OU as well, pick me.
Player Name: Exotic
Tiers Played: BW OU / BW UU (guess I could try other tiers as well if it is appreciated)
Timezone: GMT+1
Signifcant time missed: i dont think so
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