Player Signups! SPL Season IV

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Player Name: Joana
Tiers Played: BW OU / BW UBER / BW UU / BW RU / BW NU / VGC 2013 / DPP OU / ADV OU / GSC OU / RBY OU
Timezone : UTC+0
Significant Time Missed?: Yes: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and January after 3th January...


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Player Name: cookie
Tiers Played: ADV OU / ADV UU / ADV UBER / GSC UU
Timezone : GMT
Significant Time Missed?: No.
Player Name: Friar
Timezone: GMT -6
Tiers: BW RU, BW NU, happy to test with people in other tiers
Significant Time Missed: First week in January
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