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I was a very great battler in ADV and I decided to try out DP, I made my first team (Trick room team, and gosh it was horrible) and started battling. HOLY CRAP ALOT HAS CHANGED. How did you all get started in DP and are there any guides for noobs starting out?
Have a look at the RMT forum stickies for help in teambuilding and the articles list on site.

There's also an in-depth thread about overcoming the learning curve a few pages back.
I got started by copying somebody's team off the RMT forum. Read the Strategy Pokedex too, to get caught up with the new metagame.
The threats lists (offensive and defensive) give a very nice overview of the dominant Pokemon in DP. I find it helps most to just dive into playing and get a feel for everything first - I grabbed 6 sets straight from the Smogon analysis, trying to get a decent variety, and then just played and looked things up as I saw them until I was familiar with everything in DP.
go to the tiers page and familiarize yourself with the OU tiers. take a minute or two skimming over the analysis for each 45 OU pokemon.

learn the magicspeed numbers like 270, 304, 334. and the numbers that popular choice scarf pokemon reach. this shoul take around an hour to an hour and a half, but it helps a LOT
Since I didn't have any former Pokemon experience, D/P was easy for me to pick up. My first team was actually created by someone else for me, and it was an all ground type team. From there I started learning about Pokemon other than ground types. :P I found a D/P moveset guide on the internet somewhere, and based my Pokemon of off that until I learned more about the game myself. (I still use standard movesets for the most part, but I actually understand WHY I use most of the moves now, lol)


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Surely if you lurk more around the site you will soon come to terms with what is what, familarizing yourself with common OU Pokemon and their most popular sets. As too, read the articles on the metagame and in-depth discussions, provided for your viewing pleasure. Basically what timw06 said.

But it's not ideal for you to start an entirely new thread for the sole purpose of your own benifit. In the future, please read the 'Simple Questions and Simple Answers' sticky thread, where you can ask questions that are similar to this.
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