PlayTCG decks for you to use!


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Having trouble making decklists to test with for upcoming tournaments? Don't have the time to fill out a decklist card by card? Need an easy way to test your decks against others?
If the answer to any of these questions is "hm, yeah!", then you've come to the right place. I've made a Bebessearch account with metagame decklists, intended for you to look at, copy and play with.

What's Bebessearch/PlayTCG?
Both of these websites are part of a free to use TCG simulator. Bebe's Search contains the deck builder, and PlayTCG has the actual simulator. You can find tutorials on how to use them here.

How do I get to the decks? How do I play with them?
PM me, Mekkah, or talk to me on #TCG on SynIRC (IRC Tutorials). I will give you the login information you need to get to the decks, and I can also help you get started if this is your first time playing (whether overall or just on this simulator, etc).

Why not just post the account info here?
I'd like to have some degree of control over who has access to the account. If you have it, please do not pass it on to anyone else without telling me. Also please don't edit the deck lists or add new decks without telling me. I know this is a lot to ask, but kindly don't ruin it for everyone.

Are these the best possible lists?
Short answer, no. The best possible lists probably don't exist. These aren't tournament winning lists, they are merely cookie cutter ones, standard ones. They are aimed to let you do what the deck does best, but they are generally not teched against specific decks or metagames. I believe this is the best way to give a newer player a feel for the deck. If you want to run the deck differently, create your own account and continue toying in that.

I made this to make the (online) game more accessible to newer players. I hope you enjoy it.
If you want some decklists I'm willing to offer a few up. Notably, Mewtwo/Eels, Consistency Darkrai/Hydreigon, Fluffychomp, Garbodor/Registeel/Groudon, GothGor, Rayquaza/Raikou/Eels, Tornadus/Aerodactyl, Chandelure/Darkrai, and Troll.

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