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Note: This is a work in progress. I still need to add extra details, do basic grammar and spelling control, fact check/research and add Screenshots.

Are you running low on Poké Beans? Do you need to EV train some Pokémon, but don't want to grind certain enemies? Do you just want a place where your boxed Pokémon can relax? Well Sun and Moon has added a new feature on the pause menu that can provide and answer to all those needs in Poké Pelago!


After beating the third trial of Alola, you'll unlock the Poké Ride Charizard Glide, which also gives you access to the Poké Pelago. It consists of 5 islands: Isle Abeens, Isle Aplenny, Isle Aphun, Isle Evelup and Isle Avue. Once you arrive at the Pelago for the first time, you'll be introduced to Mohn, which will assist you in unlocking and upgrading the isles if you have enough Pokémon in your PC and enough beans. He will also let you exchange rarer beans for plain ones. In this guide, we'll have a look at each of the 5 Isles, explain what they're useful for and how to get the best results from them.

Poké Beans will be used as a sort of currency on Poké Pelago. There are 3 kinds of beans. The most common ones are Plain beans, of which there are 7 variants. Patterned beans, of which there are also 7 variants, are rarer than plain beans. And there's Rainbow beans, of which there's only 1 variant and it's the rarest of them all. Patterned beans can be exchanged for 3 Plain beans and Rainbow beans can be exchanged for 7 Plain beans. Each variant of beans has a 255 limit, so the overall limit of how many beans you can hold at once is 1785 Plain beans, 1785 Patterned beans and 255 Rainbow beans. Beans can be placed in a box on each isle to increase the effect or shorten the wait on the isle's function. The longevity of the beans' effect depends on how many beans you use and how rare they are. Plain beans give 20 minutes per bean, Patterned beans give an hour per bean and Rainbow beans give 2 hours per bean. Upon unlocking an isle, you will only be able to put 20 Beans there at once, at level 2 you'll be able to put down 30 beans and at level 3 you'll be able to put down 50 beans. As mentioned earlier, beans will also be used to unlock and upgrade isles on Poké Pelago.

Pokémon requirements and Bean Costs for upgrading the Islands (needs fact-checking)

To unlock and upgrade islands of Poké Pelago, you need to meet specific requirements of Pokémon in your boxes, as well as paying Mohn a certain fee of plain beans to have them built.
Isle Abeens: Level 1 - Free, Level 2 - 15 Pokémon & 30 Beans, Level 3 - 30 Pokémon & 90 Beans.
Isle Aplenny: Level 1 - 15 Pokémon & 15 Beans, Level 2 - 30 Pokémon & 60 Beans, Level 3 - 30 Pokémon & 90 Beans.
Isle Aphun: Level 1 - 30 Pokémon & 30 Beans, Level 2 - 45 Pokémon & 90 Beans, Level 3 - 60 Pokémon & 150 Beans.
Isle Evelup: Level 1 - 45 Pokémon & 45 Beans, Level 2 - 60 Pokémon & 120 Beans, Level 3 - 75 Pokémon & 225 Beans.
Isle Avue: Level 1 - 60 Pokémon & 60 Beans, Level 2 - 75 Pokémon & 150 Beans, Level 3 - 90 Pokémon & 240 Beans.

Isle Abeens (needs fact-checking)

(Add picture of Isle Abeens)

When arriving at the Pelago for the first time, Isle Abeens will be the only available island. Here, you can pick up a sizable sum of beans per day. You collect beans by tapping on the ones that are lying on the grass and if you don't see any on the grass, you can tap the beanstalk to make more beans appear. As you upgrade isle Abeens, beans will generate quicker, so upgrading Isle Abeens should be one of your highest priorities.

Wild Pokémon may be found on Isle Abeens, however instead of attacking you like wild Pokémon found by walking into tall grass, they'll wait at the island for 12-24 hours and then judge whether they want to join your team or not. You can put beans in the box next to the Beanstalk to make Pokémon more likely to settle with you, which is handy if there is one that you really want.

Isle Abeens will remain as the best income of Beans, however they could also be obtained at the cafe's by purchasing beverages in Pokémon centers. While you're working on upgrading the Islands of Poké Pelago, the Pokémon that settle on the island will come in handy for meeting the requirements of Pokémon to upgrade islands. Once the Pelago is fully upgraded, the wild Pokémon lose relevance, since they don't come with better IVs, Egg Moves, their Hidden Abilities or a higher Shiny Chance.

Isle Aplenny

(Add picture of Isle Aplenny)

This is where berries can be grown in Sun and Moon. You start off with 6 spots to grow berries, but as you upgrade the island, you'll get up to 18 patches and the berry trees will produce more berries when they're done. Berries will take between 24-72 hours to grow from the berry to a tree you can harvest from once, after harvesting berries from a tree, the tree will disappear and you can plant a new berry in its place. Placing berries in the crate on this island will cause the growth process to double while the beans are in effect. Optimal usage of beans would be to put in beans that last for half the time the last tree will grow to full size.

Aside from the berries you'd want depending on your situation on a Playthrough of SM, the ones that should be considered to be farmed the most would be the berries that raise a Pokémon's happiness, at the cost of EV points in a particular stat. Those berries are Pomeg Berry for decreasing the HP EV while increasing the Friendship, Kelpsy for Attack, Qualot for Defense, Hondew for Special Attack, Grepa for Special Defense and Tamato for Speed. They can all be found in the berry pile on route 10 and they are the only kinds of berries there. Using these berries is the only way to reduce EVs on a Pokémon in SM if you should make a mistake while EV training. They also help with getting Pokémon that evolve through friendship like Silvally. Always make sure that you never use your last of a kind of berry, as it could be easier to grow more from a berry with Isle Aplenny than it is to hope to find the one you want from certain trees in Alola.

Isle Aphun

(Add picture of Isle Aphun)

Here you can send Pokémon to gather rare items for you by sending them to selected paths of the cave. Upon unlocking it, they can only be sent down a path where they can find colored Shards and Hard Stones. However upon upgrading to level 2, the option for sending them down to look for evolution stones and a combination of all the available options will also be open, and upon upgrading to level 3, they will be able to go down a path where they can search for valuable items, which includes Comet Shards and Gold Bottle Caps. A trip down the cave will take the group of Pokémon 24 hours, however if beans are placed in the crate, the timer for them to come back will go twice as fast. Putting beans that will last for 12 hours in the crate right after sending the Pokémon to explore is often a good idea, as that makes them come back at the same time as the beans run out.

It's always a good idea to have Pokémon exploring Isle Aphun, as even if you have maxed out money, there's still a chance the Pokémon can find Gold Bottle Caps, if you set them to search for Rare Treasures or Interesting items. Colored Shards can also be exchanged for Bottle Caps in festival Plaza, a Bottle Cap will cost 30 of 1 type of shards.

Isle Evelup (needs fact-checking)

(Add picture of Isle Evelup)

On this isle, you can send your Pokémon off to train on their own. They can train for experience points or Effort Values depending on . You select the amount of 30-minute sessions the Pokémon will train there, and each session gives a small amount of points depending on what level Isle Evelup is at. Upon unlocking, the isle will have 6 spots to put your Pokémon on, they can only train for either 1 kind of EVs or Experience points where 1 session gives 1 EV of the respective stat or 100 exp. At level 2, 6 more spots are unlocked, which can be assigned to different drinks from the first 6 spots and each session now increases 2 EVs or 200 exp. And finally at level 3, 6 more spots are unlocked and each session increases 4 EVs or 300 Exp.

Training a Pokémon to have 252 EVs in one stat at level 3 takes 63 sessions, which translates to 31 hours and 30 minutes (15 hours and 45 minutes with beans). If you use vitamins to increase the EVs to 100, you would require 38 sessions, which is 19 hours (9 hours and 30 minutes with beans) to reach 252 EVs. The main draw of the island to use with EV training would perhaps be the convenience of training for more specified EVs than 4, 8, 248 and 252. You can easily calculate how many sessions are required to get the desired EV spread by using this formula: Required Sessions = Target EVs/4. So if you for example want a Landorus-Therian to have 216 EVs, you can use the formula like this: Required Sessions = 216/4 = 54, which means that you'd need 54 sessions of training with the defense drink to get 216 Defense EVs on the Landorus.

It may seem like Isle Evelup is a very slow method of EV training, however it should be taken into account that the 3DS doesn't even need to be on for the Pokémon on Pelago to train. So if you need some Pokémon EV trained and you for example need to go to bed, putting the Pokemon you want trained on Isle Evelup is a good idea.

Isle Avue (needs research)

(add picture of Isle Avue)

Finally there's Isle Avue, which is a hot spring area where you can leave your Pokémon to relax, which increases their friendship. You can also leave eggs to hatch. Similar to Isle Evelup, the island will have 6 spots for Pokemon upon unlocking and gain 6 more for each upgrade. Leaving the Pokémon relaxing for too long though will cause them to be overheated, meaning their friendship will be gradually lowered instead of increasing. Leaving beans in the box here will make the Pokémon relax more or make eggs hatch quicker. It is by no means an important island compared to the others and it is the most expensive. However, it does have its uses, so if you have already upgraded everything else and you've met the bean and Pokémon requirements, then unlocking and upgrading it would be a good idea.

A common strategy on simulators like Pokémon Showdown is to use the move Frustration with Minimum Friendship, as opposed to using the move Return with Maximum friendship. This is done to make sure that potential Imposter Dittos will most likely do minimum damage with Frustration. In past generations, this strategy has been difficult to replicate on cartridge, since it there aren't many useful methods of getting minimum friendship on those that doesn't have a base friendship of 0. However, thanks to Isle Avue, giving your Pokémon 0 friendship is effortless, while it may be time consuming.

As mentioned earlier, eggs can be put in Isle Avue to hatch. It works like this: egg cycles will slowly but surely tick down to the point where the eggs will only require a tap or a step to hatch. When the eggs have an exclamation point (!) above them, you can choose to tap them to watch them hatch in Poké Pelago or put them back in your PC and hatch them by taking it out and taking a step. This is also perfect for ESV hatching, as you get eggs that are 1 step away from hatching without having to risk hatching the egg when walking around with it.

Isle Avue may not be a great method of hatching eggs on its own, as the time it takes to hatch the eggs is far more than it takes when riding Tauros around. So here's an optimal way to use it while breeding: First off, you'll have to go to the options menu and set the Party/Box mode to automatic. While collecting eggs, don't stop talking to the day-care girl once you have 5 eggs in your party, continue collecting eggs to fill your box up in the PC. When you have as many eggs as you can fit on Pelago in your boxes, go to Isle Avue and put off your eggs there to hatch. Now, you should in theory hatch 18 eggs slowly in Pelago, in addition to the 5 eggs that are being hatched quickly in your party.

(Maybe this is a good place to point tell about the Time skipping glitch, if that's important to talk about)


It is always a good idea to have something running in Poké Pelago, whether it would be waiting for beans to grow on Isle Abeens, growing some berries on Isle Aplenny, sending the Pokémon off to hunt for items on Isle Aphun, having them train for experience or EVs on Isle Evelup or have some eggs hatch on Isle Avue.
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(Maybe this is a good place to point tell about the Time skipping glitch, if that's important to talk about)
I thought that this got patched IIRC (need confirmation).

I'd add a general paragraph in the intro about what beans actually do (put them in the basket to double each island's effect/shorten duration, choose up to 50, rarer ones are stronger). You mention it in the writeups but it probably looks better being introduced earlier. Probably add a note about the max beans you can carry (255x7=1785 for normal and patterned, 255 for rainbow). And the daily handouts from the Pokemon Center Cafes go into your Pelago bean inventory too.


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I thought that this got patched IIRC (need confirmation).
The patch for it can easily be uninstalled and reinstalled, by just going to data management in system settings. Unless I'm mistaken, the Pelago glitch should work when the patch is uninstalled, but I'd have to do some testing to make sure.

I'll also take the idea of having a separate paragraph for explaining beans into account on the next edits
Edit: Did this, and also moved the requirements for upgrading above the writeups for each island
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The patch for it can easily be uninstalled and reinstalled, by just going to data management in system settings. Unless I'm mistaken, the Pelago glitch should work when the patch is uninstalled, but I'd have to do some testing to make sure.

I'll also take the idea of having a separate paragraph for explaining beans into account on the next edits
Edit: Did this, and also moved the requirements for upgrading above the writeups for each island
Just like you said, the glitch still works only if the update is removed through uninstall. The only downside is that it might take some time to update the game especially your having a quick trade/battle to somebody and your internet is very slow.

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