Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 - Mark 2 ** Spoilers **

Serebii updated the new Move Tutor with Magic Room, Wonder Room, Spite, Recycle, Trick Room, Stealth Rock, Endeavor, Skill Swap. Is TR a typo? I haven't heard of the TMs changing.
Serebii said:
13:49; Magic Room, Wonder Room, Spite, Recycle, Trick Room, Stealth Rock, Endeavor, Skill Swap

...FUCK. Hopefully they don't give it to everything and their mother this time. :( Gliscor is going to be a bitch, luckily we have Ice Punch though.

And yeah, I think he meant trick.
Pokebeach has Worry Seed, Gastro Acid, Helping Hand, After You, Magic Room, Wonder Room, Spite, Recycle, Trick, Stealth Rocks, Outrage, Endeavor, Sleep Talk, Skill Swap, Snatch.


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Whimsicott better get Trick. Trick + Memento is great for subway.

Also, Moxie + DD + Outrage Mence!
Zapdos is loving the possibilities here. Heat Wave+Lightningrod legal eventually, possible Hurricane for sexy rain abuse, Tailwind for the lulz with Lightningrod...

I was hoping they wouldn't simply copy most of the Gen IV tutor list and would add lots more new moves, but I can't complain about Earth Power, Heat Wave, the Punches, Superpower, and all that good stuff returning. Dragon Pulse tutor is mostly nice for non-Dragons, since nearly every Dragon that would want it currently gets it. Dark Pulse could be cool, but I can't really see very much stuff making use of it. At least it's a lot easier to get onto Hydreigon, I suppose. Roost, Drain Punch, Giga Drain, and Horn Leech oh my god so much healing. Maybe Multiscale Dragonite will get Heal Bell?

Shard reqs suck and I hope there will be at least one tutor that accepts BP. My Action Replay broke a while ago, so unless Shards suddenly grow on trees, BP is a ton easier to get. Also, hoping for return of Emerald-style Battle Frontier, since I liked it so much better than the PtHGSS Frontier.
Hopefully venusaur will be able to learn Giga drain and More distribution for heal bell is always good. That is it now are their no more move tutors, toxic spikes and stealth rock would have been really useful for more distribution and more variey for a lead Pokemon.
Hell yeah, Stealth Rock Tutor! Finally I can build a team without being limited by "who can learn SR without giving up good moves?".

:) :) :)

Also, please GF, I'm begging you, give me an Ice Shard Scizor. Please.....?

*obviously Ice Shard Scizor totally would not be anything like an OU version of TechniTop, with Steel Typing and better stats. It so definitely would not be the end of dragons... ;)

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