Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 - Mark 2 ** Spoilers **

GOOD GOD, Stealth Rocks ;-; Don't know about you people but I kinda hoping SR isn't coming back. Like what was mentioned before, it was everywhere back in 4th gen and not to mention it's wide distribution.

Edit: lol I type like a slowpoke


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okay so Achroma is confirmed to be a boss of team plasma

and fights you with this team.

Achroma's team: Magneton Lv 50, Magnezone Lv 50, Metang Lv 50, Beheeyem Lv 50, Klinklang Lv 52.

my comments

>late in the game at a level that it could be a metagross

confirmed for shitty boss that you will 6-0
Regigigas is set to appear...

so this is basically Platinum all over again with lots of legendaries...

Gethsis' Team: Cofagrigus Lv. 50, Eelektross Lv. 50, Drapion Lv. 50, Toxicroak Lv. 50, Seismitoad Lv. 50, Hydreigon Lv. 52
Stealth Rock, Superpower, Giga Drain, and Roost are going to be huge tutors. Stealth Rock for obvious reasons, Superpower for Dragonite, Honchkrow (who also gets Heat Wave back!), Giga Drain for Chlorophyll Venusaur and Victreebel, Roost for basically any Flying-type that doesn't already have it (kami trio) or those whose Dream World abilities block it (Gliscor).
Legendaries are less exciting when we just got all the same ones not too many years ago.

Now if we hear about ingame DW ability Legendaries, then I'll be excited. Or at least put them in that 3DS game.


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There are also going to be new egg moves and level up moves right? Remember how Platinum changed Scizor, when it gave him Bullet Punch?
Shauntal will (probably) return as an Elite Four member.
15:14; Elite Four Member (Ghost-type): Cofagrigus Lv. 56, Drifblim Lv. 56, Golurk Lv. 56, Chandelure Lv. 58

Grimsley (iirc) too.
15:16; Elite Four Member (Dark-type); Liepard Lv. 56, Scrafty Lv. 56, Krookodile Lv. 56, Bisharp Lv. 58

Just as the psychic one.
15:18; Elite Four Member (Psychic-type); Musharna Lv. 56, Sigilyph Lv. 56, Reuniclus Lv. 56, Gothitelle Lv. 58

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