Pokémon Go | Water week still on-going. Get your Shiny Kyogre!

And now, the finale!


- Starting February 9, Dragon- and Flying-type Pokemon from the Hoenn region will star in Go! The screenshot also includes the likes of Chimecho and Beldum as well.
- The lovely Rayquaza will descend and be in Raid Battles until March 16. Kyogre exits on February 13 so we will have some conflict within these two as we did for Groudon / Kyogre for a bit.
- Hoenn Pokemon will seemingly take over the wild Pokemon spawns until February 13. The posts mentions Pokemon like Metagross, Salamence, and Altaria as Pokemon we may be able to catch (a new precedent given Gen 3's withholding of many final evolutions spawning). Given that there will be new Raid Bosses into this mix as well, these Pokemon might simply be bosses.
- Raid Passes, Incubators, and Star Pieces will be available in the in-game store until February 23 through boxes.
- Lure Modules will remain activated for six hours until February 23
Oh great....

Raid Pass + Incubator deals are the best deal.
No Valentine though? I mean... where's my Double Candy? :<
I just wish I could be brave enough to tell few people to try 4-people raid instead of joining overcrowded ones....
Already have two buds with shiny Altaria; it's very easy to candy farm and it's everywhere. They want to artificially inflate the gen by making these long winded evos, which sucks but hey what can you do?
Second Rayquaza raid and shockingly enough, already encountered a 100% IV one. Almost thought I was going to lose it, but against the odds, it decided to stay in the last ball. Truly a heart-pounding experience.
Second Rayquaza raid and shockingly enough, already encountered a 100% IV one. Almost thought I was going to lose it, but against the odds, it decided to stay in the last ball. Truly a heart-pounding experience.
Man! I'm so jealous of you. I've been hunter for a perfect legendary ever since the bird trio and still haven't got myself one. Congrats :)
Someone at my school speculates that they inflated Altaria's EVO cost to minimize easy access to Dragons, for Medals or generalists.
Yea this is what I assumed for the most part, but the Hoenn only event has made Bagon super common in Windy weather - so that can't and shouldn't be a reason to make Altaria a 400 candy evo. Its stats are far too terrible to justify it.
Just added the population density meta for gyms and raids in my viability rankings post. The Low Density is linked below (Medium & High Densitily are both linked at the top of the Analysis as parts 2 & 3, respectively, so you can view them there).


I typed in key takeaways by iPhone, so the effort is real, as the latest Gen 3 waves have been accounted for.

*It should be done for the time being, until Lati@s/Jirachi/Deoxys/Regis are released.
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So if you haven't opened your game at this point, we got a small Valentine's event.

Til the 15th, both Luvdisc and Chansey will have increased spawns and will generate 3x dust on catch.

In addition, 6 hour lures ARE still in effect, and the Hoenn-only fest has died down; Kyogre should also leave us and swim away tomorrow so take advantage of that as well.
Definitely enjoying the new raid content so far. Ice type glass cannons or otherwise not-bulky mons like Jynx and Piloswine make for easy solo material thanks to all their weaknesses, and give me plenty of access to anti-Rayquaza tools, who is also pleasantly easier than Kyogre for the same reasons listed for the Ice types. It's all very pleasant since my Revive stash was running low after some bad forays into 3* solos and Kyogre generally running a train over my battle teams.

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Happy St. Valentine's Day folks. luvdisk everywhere? I did spot a few chanseys one of which ran on me. Chanseys are usually instantly useful to put in gyms if their level is high enough and few of my pals on facebook did report getting a shiny luvdisk but am not going out of my way for shinies that clutter up my box am at least satisfied with the magikarp/gyarados shinies I have.

So far as 400 candies for altaria I could only speculate it to make it harder to get that dragon badge as finding dratini was tough enough. I never recall altaria being so useful in the game maybe for breeding purposes I forgot which egg move it had.

As far as rayquaza raids I'm determined to get a 100% one as I had a 98% run on me the other day. While Kyogre may be the best water type of all time, I don't see much immediate use for it maybe for a regirock raid but that's it as I forsee rayquaza with its dragon moves would be good against the likes of lati@s and future dragons at least as well as itself.

Fluke don't give up on ex raids as it took me 4 months until I was finally able to catch one. I'm not even trying for them anymore even though a recent invite for 2/10 which was a fluke (no pun intended) as I only spun a pokestop there once and that was it.

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