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Banned deucer.

We've been working on Pokémon Lab for the last eighteen months, and we're quite happy to finally release this public beta version of the program! Only generation four is included so far, but it's definitely the most accurate gen 4 simulator around, and there are tons of features that will keep you interested (including battles where up to six Pokémon are out at once!). The battle engine was specifically designed to be very accurate, highly maintainable, and transparent. We plan to add generation five as more information becomes available and as time permits.

Like Shoddy Battle 1, Pokémon Lab is free software, which means that you are free to study the source code, modify it as you see fit, and redistribute your modified or unmodified version, so long as you follow the licence terms.

I won't describe all of the features at length because they are easily discoverable by using the program! You can load your Shoddy Battle 1 teams.

If you find a bug while playing, please create a ticket on our web site, but check the known defects first.

Main credits for this project:

Catherine "Cathy" Fitzpatrick (that's me!) - original designer and developer, wrote most of the server and Pokémon engine
Benjamin "bearzly" Gwin - original designer and developer, wrote most of the client
Carlos "Super" Fernandez - contributor to the server and client

We also had some minor supplementary contributions from Justin8649 and En-Cu-Kou. I also want to give a big thanks to X-Act, Peterko, TheMaskedNitpicker, and others for their high quality research efforts. Zracknel provided the logo you see above, and other artwork that we aren't releasing yet.

You can download all of the source code from our Mercurial repositories. The code for this release is tagged beta2_release.

To get started playing, open the following client download link.

Client download link
Trac instance (for posting bugs!)

We hope you enjoy this program!

Attention: If you post a bug about game mechanics on the trac instance, please attach a log of the entire battle or we will not be able to look into the problem. Also include the unique battle ID given at the start of the battle, if possible.

Note: If the server is down when you try to connect, please don't panic. We almost certainly know. Please do not make posts about how you cannot connect to the server.
YAYYYYYYY! Great to see this made public at last. <3 Congratulations and thank you so much Cathy, Super, and bearzly!


I did my best, I have no regrets!
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great, just as I was 'bout to go to sleep...
It's saying my password is incorrect, I'm nearly certain I'm typing it correct.
Going to sign out and sign back in to check
yeah, I'm definitely typing the same password...
It uses your Smogon Forums username and password, not Shoddy Battle.

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