Pokémon Name Rater! [CLOSED]

Volcarona | Khepri | Khepri is an Egyptian Sun god, and is also depicted as a Beetle, which is a bug. Volcarona is a Bug type mon classified as the Sun Pokemon


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Tapu Fini | Aquafina | Not that original ill admit, but its a fitting name for it and Fini`s color palette and Aquafina bottle labels are kinda similar (lame reason i know) :p
Tangrowth: earbuds | running joke that earbuds always get tangled no matter what
Mantine: death ray | pun on ray
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Gengar: Doppelgengar | Gengar is a shadow and his name would be based off of doppelganger

Pelipper: Wayne | pun on Rain

Ferrothorn: Iron Barbie Girl | pun with Iron Barbs, and shiny Ferrothorn is pink

Swampert: Do you even liek? | because of the "I herd you liek Mudkipz" hype + pun on Do you even lift?

Mega-Swampert: Bulk Biceps | just look at those arms

Greninja: Professor Croak | Pun on Prof. Oak + Croak

Gastrodon: Teddy West Side | nickname that Ted from How I Met Your Mother gave himself + West Side Gastrodon

Diancie: Carbink-EX | basically a Carbink on steroids

Zygarde: Severus | Snape's first name (Harry Potter) + Slytherin's house symbol was a green snake

Necrozma: Edgelord | because of all the edgyness of the design + being a legendary

Mew: Mewcifer | Pun on Lucifer

Kingdra: Super Soaker | Based on design

Mamoswine: Donald Tusk | Name of the president of the European Council, which has Tusk in the name

Shedinja: Ghost in the shell | Name of a movie with Scarlett Johansson + description of what Shedinja actually is

Mega-Metagross: Weapon-X | because of its insane power and his design resembling an X

Roserade: Mrs. Bouquet | after the british sitcom Keeping Up Appearances + bouquets for hands. Hyacinth Bouquet also works

Bronzong: Big Ben | Super obvious, super fitting

Chansey: Give peace a Chans | Pun on Chansey. Plus it's known for its role on stall teams, which don't tend to inflict a lot of direct damage

Rhyperior: Rhype Train! | Pun on Hype Train. And it hits like a train

Porygon-Z: EZP-Z | Pun on EZPZ and P-Z, common abreviation for its name

Gallade: Seto Kaiba | a main character from YuGiOh which has a strong resemblance because of the cape and the blade arms

Stoutland: DawgsingMCHN | Pun with dawg (dog) and dowsingMCHN, the name for the Itemfinder, which is what Stoutland does in Sun/Moon

Excadrill: Excerminator | Pun with Excadrill's name and exterminator

Amoonguss: FunGuy | Pun on fungi

Aegislash: Heartsbane / Oathkeeper | Both famous swords from the Game of Thrones books and series

Lurantis: Not Leavanny | It looks a lot like Leavanny, but it isn't

Golisopod: Brave Sir Robin | a character from Monthy Pyton's The Holy Grail, who has a song about him bravely running away. Much like his ability Emergency Exit

Rowlet, Dartrix, Decidueye: Doctor Hoo | Pun on Doctor Who + Owl sounds. Dartrix also has a lot of resemblances to Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor
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Audino-Mega: Harriet | The "Broodals" are evil white rabbids wich appear in the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey. The first of them is named "Harriet", and it wears a rocky helmet, just like my Audino-Mega in BH usually does.

Dialga: Partner in Time | Named after the Mario RPG game "Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time", because a trainer's pokemon is known as his partner and because Dialga is the Temporal Pokemon.

Ferroseed: FerroWeed | Portmanteau of Ferroseed and Weed.

Slowpoke/bro/king: 2slow4u | pun on the well-known phrase 2fast4u and its name.
Flygon: FlyGonJinn | He'll show you the ways of the force

Amoonguss: KevinGarnett | He shoots and spores, get it? xD

Paras: France | Bonjour

Incineroar: Tony | Frosted Flakes? They're ggggreat!

Tapu Koko: KokoPuffs | KOKO FOR COCOA PUFFS

Bouffalant: AfroCircus | Also lets acknowledge that he's a Tauros from the 70's
Primarina: Moonlight Sonata | Based on a song by beethoven with sounds of nature which is very fitting since primarina is based on song
I Spend over an hour thinking of ridiculous names for pokemon.

[Absol] | [Edgie Reggie] | [Absol is that edgy teenager kinda pokemon, it has the emo cut and everything]

[Lycanroc] | [Coyote Spanker] | [Umm... I Don't Know]

[Archeops] | [Clever Girl] | [Archeops is based off of the archaeoperyx, in the family "Dromaesauridae", which is the same family as the famous velociraptor... This whole name is a jurrasic park ref]

[Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon] | [Hanky, Spanky and Lanky] | [Uhh...]
M-Charizard-X: Saphira | The dragon from the Eragon series

M-Blastoise: Vash | The main character from the anime, Trigun

M-Scizor: Eugene | A reference to Mr. Krabs from Spongebob, who is also known as Armor Abs Krabs

M-Gardevoir: Black Canary | A reference to the DC Comics superheroine

M-Lopunny: Lola | A reference to the Looney Tunes character, Lola Bunny

Victini: Victorini | A play on words, using Victory Star and Victini

Hawlucha: Rey Mysterio | A homage to the WWE wrestler

Diancie, M-Diancie: Rihanna | A reference to the Rihanna song, Diamonds

Type: Null, Silvally: Rae Sremmurd | A reference to the Rae Sremmurd song, No Type

Minior: Post Malone | A reference to the Post Malone song, Rockstar

Tapu Koko: Hot Koko/Koko Cola | A play on words with Koko
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Added new names! Thanks for your submissions, guys! Some really cool ideas! Keep them coming :)
Raichu | Dundahbolt | In the episode "Electric Shock Showdown" of season 1 of the Pokemon anime, Lt. Surge tell his Raichu to "Give 'em a Thunderbolt", but it sounds like "Dundahbolt" because of his accent.

Heracross | Hercules | Heracross is based on the Hercules Beetle. Nuff said.

Bidoof | Righteous | It's Bidoof. Why not?
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Blaziken: Spicy KFC | Whats more to say? Its one hot bird!

Skarmory: Skarmoney | This one was born out a way I used to pronounce its name, my friend caught me on it and now i call it this. Though it should be called Skarmoney because it makes them stealth rocks rain!

Whismer: ASMR | ASMR videos are those vids on youtube where people make weird sounds and talk very quietly. It’s really creepy.

Blastoise: SuperCannonCatTurtle | Whats up with it’s ears? Since when do turtles have cat ears?

Landorus-Therian: Hi again! | Every player ever in the OU tier has used lando at some point it’s jut sooo common.

Electivire: Electric Gorilla | Electivire is just a mon with a design thats just so uhhhh? The most I make out that it looks like a gorilla space thingy.
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Ferroseed/Ferrothorn | Robocrop | Pun on its grass type + Robocop. NOTE: I found this nickname on Twitter (I forget the user's handle)

Aurorus/Suicune | Aurora | Obvious references aside, Aurora is a name that implies majesty or beauty, much like Aurorus/Suicune.

Noivern | Boombat | Pun on boombox/Boomburst and bat

Pidgeot | Orville | Named after Orville, the pidgey from the anime episode "Fly Me To The Moon" that flew to outer space. Also named after Orville Wright, one of the brothers that flew the first airplane.

Mantine | Flipperbird | Thank purple shep for this one.

Cosmog/Cosmoem/Lunala | Nebby | Named after Lillie's Cosmog from the games. Plus that Cosmog is the Solgaleo/Lunala you ultimately catch, so the nickname fits.

Naganadel | Cephadrome | Seriously, just look at it.
Rhyperior| Dwayne Johnson| because rhyperior is a rock and incredibly bulky| came up with this myself

Mega Gardevior| Britney Spirits| a pun on gardevior’s wispy nature and tendency to use hyper voice| came up with this myself

Ferroseed| Aaron Burr| a literal burr, and surprisingly good at dueling (1v1)| again, I came up with this myself

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