Pokémon Pearl Speedrun

I'm curious as to what you guys would think is the best starter to use, and is there a map of the Sinnoh region where items and places are mapped out so I could map out a route? If you can help me thanks a lot I really appreciate it.
I think you should use chimchar or turtwig.Turtwig would be good against the last gym and chimchar would be good against the 2nd and 6th gyms.
Magikarp isn't a good idea as it requires some switch-grinding. You don't need a water-type anyway since chances are you'll master ball Palkia and have him defeat everything, and HM duties can be covered by a Bibarel beforehand (those guys are horrifically common mid-game).

Chimchar is an excellent choice, Starly is probably a must imo. Turtwig is good too if you want an easier time against Roark and Wake, though it sucks against Plasma grunts until Torterra. An ice-type is useful to keep around, if only for Garchomp.
Empoleon is great later on in the speedrun. Chimchar is the best at the beginning. Total, they are probably about the same speed. Turtwig seems like he would be the slowest.

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