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Welcome to the twelfth iteration of Showdown's biggest team tournament: Pokémon Showdown Premier League!! PSPL XII will see 32 rooms from PS! duking it out in a team tournament with teams composed of ranked users from each room.

Tournament Format
The tournament will begin with a round-robin group stage. Each group contains four teams. The top two teams from each group in the group stage will move on to a single elimination, bracket-style tournament to decide the champion of PSPL XII! Any additional rules and explanations will be listed when Week 1 is posted.

If you're a little confused, here's a sample match with the finalised tiers (these tiers were decided by popularity as well as by voting from PS! room staff):
Team A (5) vs. Team B (3)
SV Random Battle: Player 1 vs Player 2
SV OU: Player 3 vs Player 4
SV Ubers: Player 5 vs Player 6
SV UU: Player 7 vs Player 8
SV RU: Player 9 vs Player 10
SV LC: Player 11 vs Player 12
SV Monotype: Player 15 vs Player 16
SV Doubles OU: Player 17 vs Player 18

Who can play?
Each room must put forward eight players each week, all of which will constitute the starting slots. Six of those slots must be room voices and up, while the other two slots do not have to be ranked users. However, if room auth want to play, they should get priority over room regulars. As for non-ranked users, each team is entitled to two globally ranked users (global voice and up), as well as two regular users (no global rank) for the entire tournament. This means that you can't field more than four different non-auths across all weeks (global ranked users that are also room auth count for the room auth number, not the global ranked users number).

We have a list of roomauth in each room, which is essentially the roster for the "must be a ranked user" slots. If you're using someone not on your /roomauth list as a ranked user, you as an owner will need to seek special permission for whatever reason it may be. Do not try and game the system, or you will be laughed at and punished for being unable to compete in a fun community tournament without cheating...

No one can play for multiple rooms. This also applies to managers. However, if you own a room you're not playing for, you may be an "involved Owner" in a different room so we can keep things running smoothly.

Lineup Submission / When does the tour start?
Managers must have their week one lineup submitted by Sunday, April 21 and before the deadline of each subsequent week (11:59PM EST (GMT-4) of Sundays). We'll post matchups on the Monday of each week and you'll have one week to complete the matches. Week one starts April 22.

Managers, when submitting your lineup please send a forum PM to me and Theia. Within your PM, you should include:
  1. Your room(s) name(s)
  2. The list of players that will be playing that week, with an indication of which player is supposed to be slotted in which tier, as well as which are the non-auths (for verification, as we'll also be keeping a record of this and cross referencing each time).
SV Random Battle - SmogonUsername
SV OU - SmogonUsername
SV Ubers - SmogonUsername
SV UU - SmogonUsername
SV RU - SmogonUsername
SV LC - SmogonUsername
SV Monotype - SmogonUsername
SV Doubles OU - SmogonUsername

Rinse and repeat throughout the later weeks (use that same forum PM as well -- it's much easier to keep up with exactly 32 convos throughout this tournament rather than 321 convos).

Please make sure to tag your players' Smogon accounts as well, especially if they are different from their username on PS!, as this will save us a lot of time when posting the weeks and tagging players!

SS Random Battle: @SmogonName (PS! username)
SS OU: @SmogonName (PS! username) - non-auth


The winning team's players and managers will be entitled access to a team custom avatar of their choosing on Pokémon Showdown! for all to see! (subject to the usual vetting process) and will be pinned on top of the rooms' list.

What rooms are playing?
32 rooms have signed up for this tournament and the field is set! See below for the groups and Week 1 matchups.

Rocket Group

:garbodor-gmax: Lobby + ZeroUsed (Tenshi, wooper) vs. Hindi (sundays, Arsenal) :medicham-mega:
:zarude-dada: Ubers (Lasen, Fc) vs. OverUsed (Srn, SetsuSetsuna) :dragapult:

Aqua Group

:ampharos: The Happy Place + The Studio (Clouds, Klmondo) vs. Monotype (ken, Neko) :mantyke:
:ogerpon: Random Battles (sharpclaw, RSB) vs. NeverUsed (Oathkeeper, Ren-chon) :chandelure:

Magma Group

:lopunny-mega: National Dex OU (Sulo, Solaros & Lunaris) vs. Español + Eventos (TheJesucristoOsAma, Elian) :wooper:
:rayquaza-mega: Chinese (neycwang, Separation) vs. UnderUsed (avarice, Estarossa) :lokix:

Galactic Group

:hawlucha: Pro Wrestling + Video Games (Arcueid, jsmith1315) vs. Português (Tico, TDNT) :leafeon:
:monferno: Nederlands (YveltalNL, nemoauditur) vs. Italiano + Japanese (-Howkings, Mada) :drifloon:

Plasma Group

:staraptor: Deutsche (Sacred, Emre Mor 9) vs. Wi-Fi (Nicolic, Mex) :ditto:
:marshadow: Tournaments (Daki, velvet) vs. Mafia + Pets & Animals (Goro Yagami, micromorphic) :pancham:

Flare Group

:breezi: CAP + 1v1 (spoo, rumia) vs. Sports (Jupiter's Daylight, Infinite Misery) :cinderace-gmax:
:empoleon: Français + Arcade (Lyna, Clementine) vs. Battle stadium (Psynergy, chemcoop) :dragonite:

Skull Group

:bisharp: Board Games + Battle Dome (SaltiestCactus23, Magic Mayhem Maiden) vs. Draft (vmnunes, ultraplayer) :latios:
:calyrex-shadow: Anything Goes (Rose, Frozoid) vs. Trivia (Notater, aegii) :uxie:

Star Group

:porygon-z: Scavengers + Game Corner (Emboar02, aQrator) vs. Anime and Manga (sejesensei, Peary) :trubbish:
:basculegion: Ruins of Alph (susciety, Mashing) vs. RarelyUsed (Rarelyme, Feliburn) :jirachi:
You'll be playing the team directly above/beneath you in your group for Week 2, and the remaining team for Week 3. For example, in the Star group, Scavengers + Game Corner will play Ruins of Alph Week 2, while Anime and Manga will play RarelyUsed.

If I screwed up somewhere or if you have any questions you'd like to clarify, don't hesitate to hit me up on PS! or post in this thread. Good luck and have fun everyone!
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