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Pokémon UNITE

Use this thread to look for friends to play with, your impressions on the game, the mons you would like to see added on the game etc.

I am currently in the 1500s in master tier, and I mainly play in duo/trio, but looking for ppl to form a solid 5 stack team to practice on the ladder and to join some tours together


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Balance update!
  • I find really accurate Lucario's and Blastoise's nerfs, they are pretty broken rn.
  • As a Garchomp main, I am dancing in my bedroom with the incoming buffs for it.
  • Scared of Pikachu being too much for the game after the buffs, we'll have to see how it develops.
  • Totally agree with Zapdos' nerf, a lot of the games were decided by who dealt the last hit to Zapdos and that felt totally unfair.

And should we leave our ID codes to add each other? Maybe a tournament of this could be done in the future.
You guys should join the Smogon Pokemon Unite discord. There's usually a group of people playing at least once a day. We pretty often have 5 stacks too, and the occasional 5v5 inhouse.

Most of the active players in our stacks around 1200-1600 in Masters. I peaked around 1550 and usually hovered around 1450.


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