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Pokémon X & Y Discussion

On January 8th, 2013, Nintendo announced the sixth generation of Pokémon games: Pokémon X version and Pokémon Y version. X and Y mark Game Freak's first main-series entrance onto Nintendo's 3DS. Unlike previous Pokémon games that experienced a several month gap between Japanese and international release, Pokémon X version and Pokémon Y version will be released globally on October 12, 2013. X and Y promise to introduce a multitude of new Pokémon, as well as numerous evolutions of past-generation Pokémon. With new vistas to explore, new enemies to encounter, and new Pokémon to meet, it has never been a better time to jump into the world of Pokémon and catch 'em all!​

New Pokémon
As with any new entry into the main series of Pokémon games, X and Y will introduce a huge number of new Pokémon and evolutions of past generation Pokémon. Below, you will find details about each of the currently revealed sixth generation Pokémon.​
  • Chespin [Starter, Grass]
  • Quilladin [Chespin evo, Grass]
  • Fennekin [Starter, Fire]
  • Braixen [Fennekin evo, Fire]
  • Froakie [Starter, Water]
  • Frogadier [Froakie evo, Water]
  • Sylveon [Eevee evolution, Fairy, Cute Charm] - has high Special Attack, ~95 HP, learns Moonblast
  • Pancham [Fighting] - learns Parting Remark (lowers opponent's defenses)
  • Pangoro [Pancham evolution, Fighting/Dark, Iron Fist]
  • Fletchling [Normal/Flying]
  • Talonflame [Fletchling evolution, Fire/Flying]
  • Skiddo [Grass]
  • Gogoat [Skiddo evolution, Grass]
  • Helioptile [Electric/Normal, Dry Skin]
  • Scatterbug [Bug]
  • Spewpa [Scatterbug evolution, Bug]
  • Vivillon [Spewpa evolution, Bug/Flying]
  • Noivern [Dragon/Flying]
  • Clauncher [Water]
  • Skrelp [Poison/Water]
  • Litleo [Fire/Normal, Unnerve]
  • Flabébé [Fairy]
  • Honedge [Ghost/Steel, No Guard]
  • Inkay [Dark/Psychic, Contrary/Suction Cups]
  • Malamar [Inkay evolution, Dark/Psychic, Contrary/Suction Cups] - learns Topsy Turvy (reverses stat changes of target)
  • Swirlix [Fairy, Sweet Veil]
  • Spritzee [Fairy]
  • Bunnelby [Normal, Pick Up/Cheek Pouch]
  • Dedenne [Electric/Fairy, Pickup/Cheek Pouch]
  • Tyrunt [Fossil, Rock/Dragon, Strong Jaw]
  • Amaura [Fossil, Rock/Ice, Refridgerate]
  • Furfrou [Normal] - apperance can be customized
  • Meowstic [Psychic, Keen Eye/Infiltrator] - gender determines appearance/movepool
  • Xerneas [Fairy] - learns Ice Beam
  • Yveltal [Dark/Flying] - learns Hyper Beam
New Type [Fairy!]
For the first time since the release of Pokémon Gold version and Pokémon Silver version, a new type has been introduced to the main-series games. The eighteenth type is none other than Fairy. Little is known about the Fairy type so far aside from its ability to hit Dragon-type Pokémon for super-effective damage. In addition, a few Pokémon's types have been retconned. It is likely that Fairy hits Dark for super effective damage.​
  • Gardevoir [Psychic/Fairy]
  • Marill [Water/Fairy]
  • Jigglypuff [Normal/Fairy]
  • Mawile [Steel/Fairy]
  • Fairy Wind - low base power move
  • Moonblast - high base power move
  • Draining Kiss - 60 base power / recovers HP equal to damage dealt
With the help of new items, some Pokémon will "mega-evolve" into Pokémon with new stats, abilities, and types. You are able to select the option to "mega-evolve" at any point from the attack-selection screen. This action does not take up the Pokémon's turn and it can select an attack.​
  • Venusaur [Thick Fat]
  • Charizard [Drought]
  • Blastoise [Mega Launcher - boosts pulse attacks]
  • Kanghaskan [Parental Bonding: attacks twice]
  • Mewtwo-Y [Insomnia]
  • Mewtwo-X [Psychic/Fighting, Steadfast]
  • Ampharos [Electric/Dragon, Mold Breaker]
  • Blaziken [Speed Boost]
  • Mawile [Steel/Fairy, Huge Power]
  • Absol [Magic Bounce]
  • Lucario [Adaptability]
  • Garchomp [Sand Force]
For a more detailed look at Pokémon X and Pokémon Y (including new rivals, Pokémon Amie, etc.), check out the main website.
Pokémon XY FC Compendium
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  • Every time someone enters a new FC, it will automatically appear on this spreadsheet. It is updated in real time.
  • You can see the statistical breakdown of Pokémon X vs. Pokémon Y here. I thought this was a cool bonus!
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The first details of CoroCoro have begun to leak. Here is the first scan for your convenience.

Source: Serebii.net

Here is some info courtesy of Smogon user extra.:
The stag/goat Pokémon appears to be pure pure Grass-type. Its classification is the "Ride Pokémon."
The bird appears to be Normal/Flying-type. Its classification is the "Robin Pokémon."
The panda appears to be pure Fighting-type. Its classification is the "Naughty Pokémon."

Further information from Serebii.net:
The "Riding Pokémon" is called Gogoat. It stands 1.7m tall and weighs 91.0kg. You can ride this Pokémon on the field. It learns Horn Leech.
The lizard Pokémon is called Elikiteru and is an Electric/Normal and has an attack called Parabola Charge.
The "Robin Pokémon" is called Yayakoma. It stands 0.3m tall and weighs 1.7kg. It can use Flame Charge.
The "Naughty Pokémon is called Yamchamu. It stands 0.6m tall and weighs 8.0kg. It has a new attack called Parting Remark.

The town is called Miare City.
The region is called Karos.
Each gender has three possible customization options.
I really dislike all of these designs except for maybe te goat/ram one. The bird looks extremely plain and that yellow dog thing looks like a major deep. Not impressed so far.
Wow, finally some more pokemon.

I guess they're alright, nothing incredible, but they could be worse.

...Hey. does anyone else notice that the main character is RIDING that goat thing?
Am I the only one who thinks the yellow and black thing looks like a Mawile prevo? So this means we could be finally getting a Mawile evo?
I am constantly updating the information in the second post.

Am I the only one who thinks the yellow and black thing looks like a Mawile prevo? So this means we could be finally getting a Mawile evo?
i'm not a native japanese speaker (mostly just been using bulbapedia) and its type is obscured by the camera flash but it definitely starts with でん and http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Electric_(type) shows the electric type is でんき so it's probably that and not related to mawile (it also seems to end in ル which to me suggests that it's part normal also).
After 5 generations, we finally have a panda Pokemon. I must say, I honestly expected better, but they're not bad at all. The goat one looks pretty badass.

Edit: Oops, I forgot Spinda. I guess I was talking about a panda that actually looks like a panda.
If the rumoured "bonding" mechanic turns out to be true, maybe that will have something to do with your ability to ride certain pokes
Nice. I'm glad we are getting more Normal/"something other than flying" pokemon.
The designs this gen are derpy as hell... the only thing I like is the goat.
god serebii still cannot read japanese

most of that info looks fine but the electric/normal jarjar binks is called Erikiteru and its attack is called parabola charge

"18-page scoop" is stated on the page itself
I actually like all of the designs, especially the robin, because robins are brilliant.

I'm really hoping that the picture of Player riding the goat means following Pokemon (HG/SS/Yellow) are making a return. Obviously wishful thinking on my part, but one can dream of flying around on Giratina or something.
These Pokemon look good, but quite bland (except for the Grass type). The bird is still cute though, and the lizard looks a bit like Mawile.

I can't wait for English names.
oh wow a fighting panda! how come that thought didn't cross my mind? xD

Finally a ram/goat pokemon! Best design in the page so far

Robin is cute, a little strange design wise yes but at least it sets it apart from the other Normal/Flying types and is more stylised. I like the colour scheme, the only thing I'm not sure of is the legs.


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And we have the region layout! Architecture!

And... how big is that goat, really? In one pic, it is smaller than the female character, whereas in another, it appears to tower above the rest of the street, and the male character looks really tiny sitting on its back.

Here's hoping we can ride more Pokémon as well.

EDIT: Take note of the watches both characters carry. I guess we have our new PokéNav...
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