Programming Pokétron - A Gen V Damage Calculator

Pokétron - A Gen V Damage Calculator

Presenting you the first offline Damage Calculator for Black and White 2 using the actual damage formula for Black and White, and having one of the best result-exporting functions around!

Alternatively, you can also try downloading a zip package of the setup
Latest Version: 1.3.58
Note: You can always check the Version Number of the damage calculator from About > Pokétron in the Menu Bar

Pokétron is a cool, accurate and offline damage calculator for any machine with Windows XP SP2 or higher. It has been designed and coded in Visual Basic 6.0, and is complete with sprites. Installing it is really easy --- just download the setup and run it!

Using it is fairly easy, and a friend of mine told me that the interface is also neat ;). But, there are certain things in the software which you may find to be confusing. I’d clear all those confusions right in this post:

The Items sections for both Attacker and Defender (the attacker section is in the main window, whereas the defender section is located within the Additional Options) contains some terms and such you may be unfamiliar with or may find to be strange. So here's a detailed list of all items supported in the item combo:

Attacker Items
  • Muscle Band => Effect: Boosts the power of all Physical moves by about 10%.
    This category includes: Muscle Band
  • Wise Glasses => Effect: Boosts the power of all Special moves by about 10%.
    This category includes: Wise Glasses
  • Expert Belt => Effect: Boosts the power of all super-effective moves by about 20%.
    This category includes: Expert Belt
  • Plate => Effect: Boosts the power of all moves of the type displayed in the Plate combo box, by about 20%.
    This category includes: All kinds of Plates, Incenses, Adamant Orb, Griseous Orb, etc.
  • Silk Scarf => Effect: Boosts the power of all Normal-type moves by about 20% (excluding Struggle).
    This category includes: Silk Scarf
  • Life Orb => Effect: Boosts the power of all moves by about 30%
    This category includes: Life Orb
  • Metronome => Effect: Boosts the power of successively and successfully used moves. The more the Metronome Count, the more is the boost.
    This category includes: Metronome
  • Gem => Effect: Boosts the power of all moves by 50% (excluding Struggle, and Fire/Grass/Water Pledge).
    This category includes: Normal Gem, Fire Gem, Grass Gem, etc.
  • Stat Booster (x 1.5) => Effect: Boosts the Atk/SAtk of the attacker by 50%.
    This category includes: Choice Band, Choice Specs, Soul Dew (for Latias/Latios), etc.
  • Stat Booster (x 2) => Effect: Doubles the Atk/SAtk of the attacker.
    This category includes: Light Ball (for Pikachu), Thick Club (for Marowak and Cubone), etc.
Defender Items
  • Type-Resist Berry => Effect Weakens the power of super-effective moves by 50%.
    This category includes: Occa Berry, Yache Berry, Haban Berry, etc.
  • Chilan Berry => Effect Weakens the power of Normal-type moves by 50% (excluding Struggle).
    This category includes: Chilan Berry.
  • Leftovers => Effect Restores the defender's HP by 6.25% at the end of each turn.
    This category includes: Leftovers, Black Sludge (for Poison-types).
  • Toxic Orb => Effect Auto-locks the defender's status to "Poisoned".
    This category includes: Toxic Orb.
  • Stat Booster (x 1.5) => Effect: Boosts the Def/SDef of the defender by 50%.
    This category includes: Soul Dew (for Latias/Latios), Eviolite (for unevolved Pokémon).
  • Stat Booster (x 2) => Effect: Doubles the Def/SDef of the defender.
    This category includes: Metal Powder (for Ditto), DeepSeaScale (for Clamperl).
If you are confused by the 'Custom' option in the Moves dropdown, then don't worry --- it is a special option that lets you customize the Base Power, Category and Type of the move you select. So fly on your wings of imagination and create a 250 Base Power Fire-Type Move with this :D !

Now, a list of all abilities supported with my software --- both attacker and defender ones:
  • Adaptability
  • Air Lock
  • Analytic (The ability is never activated if the attacker's move is either Future Sight or Doom Desire)*
  • Battle Armor
  • Blaze*
  • Cloud Nine
  • Damp
  • Defeatist *
  • Dry Skin
  • Filter
  • Flare Boost*
  • Flash Fire*
  • Flower Gift
  • Forecast (For Castform only)
  • Guts*
  • Heatproof
  • Huge Power
  • Hustle
  • Ice Body
  • Infiltrator
  • Iron Fist
  • Levitate
  • Lightningrod
  • Marvel Scale*
  • Motor Drive
  • Multiscale (Halves the damage of attacks only if the Defender has full HP)
  • Normalize
  • Overgrow*
  • Plus/Minus*
  • Poison Heal*
  • Pure Power
  • Rain Dish
  • Reckless
  • Rivalry*
  • Sand Force
  • Sap Sipper
  • Shell Armor
  • Sheer Force
  • Simple
  • Slow Start
  • Sniper*
  • Solar Power
  • Solid Rock
  • Soundproof
  • Storm Drain
  • Swarm*
  • Technician
  • Thick Fat
  • Tinted Lens
  • Torrent*
  • Toxic Boost*
  • Volt Absorb
  • Water Absorb
  • Wonder Guard
* --- These abilities are activated based on certain additional information that can be edited / viewed from the Additional Optionswindow (for example, the Maximum HP and Current HP of the Attacker for Torrent / Blaze / Overgrow / Swarm, or the Status of the Defender in case of Marvel Scale)

And, a list of all moves with Variable Base Power, Changeable Type, Special Effects, etc., that are supported:
  • Crush Grip
  • Eruption*
  • Water Spout*
  • Wring Out
  • Flail*
  • Reversal*
  • Brine
  • Electro Ball*
  • Gyro Ball *
  • Foul Play (Just the net Atk stat of the defender, which is entered in the Additional Options window, is used)*
  • Frost Breath
  • Storm Throw
  • Brick Break
  • Grass Knot*
  • Heat Crash*
  • Heavy Slam*
  • Low Kick*
  • Stored Power (Calculates damage based on only the user’s Attack/Special Attack boosts)
  • Punishment (Calculates damage based on only the defender’s Defense/Special Defense boosts)
  • Return*
  • Frustration*
  • Beat Up
  • Facade*
  • Judgment
  • Weather Ball
  • Hex*
  • Payback *
  • Venoshock*
  • SmellingSalt*
  • Wake-Up Slap*
  • Chip Away
  • Hidden Power (The calculator lists all 16 types of Hidden Powers; the Atk and SAtk IVs are automatically adjusted according to the type you select)
  • SolarBeam
  • Acrobatics
  • Future Sight
  • Doom Desire
  • Avalanche*
  • Revenge*
  • Sky Drop
  • Gust*
  • Twister*
  • Earthquake*
  • Surf*
  • Fusion Bolt*
  • Fusion Flare*
  • Stomp*
  • Steamroller*
  • Pursuit*
  • Psyshock
  • Psystrike
  • Secret Sword
  • Round*
  • Retaliate*
  • Assurance*
  • Fire Pledge*
  • Water Pledge*
  • Grass Pledge*
  • Struggle
* --- The base power of these moves vary based on certain additional information that can be edited / viewed from the Additional Optionswindow (for example, the Status of the Attacker in case of Facade, or the Attack of the Defender for Foul Play)

Another thing is that, in the Ability combo-box of my software, if Flash Fire is checked, then the calculator assumes that the ability has been activated, and therefore takes into account the boost from the ability right away once you select a Fire-type move. Same is the case with Slow Start.

Well that was all that I feel was needed to be said in this post. The other things of the calculator are pretty much self-explanatory! If you still have any queries, you’re free to ask them in this thread. You may report bugs or errors in this thread as well. Apart from that, any suggestion or comment on my software is always welcome.

Happy Calculating !! :)

P.S.: Please give the thread a +
, if you like my damage calculator. :D


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This looks pretty nice, but the link to your download doesn't seem to work. Could you try uploading it to something like Mediafire or Dropbox instead?
Major Update! New Version: 1.3.31. Download from here.


  • The Chance-To-KO calculator updated a lot.
  • Some changes in the interface.
  • The Export Results function updated.
  • The Credits window updated.
  • And, some bug-fixes, as always.
Works great.

The only thing I would suggest is giving all 16 possible damage numbers.
Done (along with some bug-fixes and stuff; new version 1.3.32)! Thanks for the suggestion. :)

P.S.: V4Victini, you're one of those guys who found out the BW damage formula, right?


Major Revision: v1.3.42. Recommended Redownload.


  • Struggle changed to a Normal-type move, and some mechanics relative to that changed. The "???"-type is now non-existent in the damage calculator.
  • Future Sight and Doom Desire mechanics added (that is, the moves now bypass Wonder Guard).
  • A bunch of bug-fixes.
  • And now the best part: this version is intended to be a very stable release. This is because of the fact that before releasing v1.3.42, I thoroughly checked all abilities and moves (something which I didn't do much until now; and that was the reason you had been seeing a hell lot of bug-fixes and updates all this time :p).
Thanks for the update
You are welcome! :)

OK, a new year present to all ye users of the Pokétron Damage Calculator!! :D

Major Update: v1.3.47. Recommended redownload.


  • The Additional Options window largely updated with various new options (including Stealth Rock and Spikes). Take a look at this.
  • The following moves with variable BP, special effects, etc., now included in the app: Avalanche, Sky Drop, Gust, Twister, Earthquake, Surf, Fusion Bolt, Fusion Flare, Stomp, Steamroller, Pursuit.
  • Previously, the calculator took Toxic Orb recovery into account when the defender's ability was Poison Heal, and was checked; now, the calculator does so if the defender's ability is Poison Heal, is checked, and the defender is Poisoned!
  • The "Special(2)" thingy has been removed out of existence. The effect is still there, but only with the moves Psyshock, Psystrike and Secret Sword.
  • And, a few bug-fixes.

***EDIT: Minor revision: v1.3.48; just added Revenge, and fixed a glitch in the ProgressBar. Recommended redownload.
Sorry for the double-post, but I did so just for the sole purpose of notifying you: the users!

Major Update: 1.3.56 (Download). Oh, and yes, the setup has now become really lightweight (24.2 MB to 12.2 MB)! :D

Also, the software is now licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


  • The app now has the cool function of being able to load Pokémon from importables. It can also export Pokémon data to importable format. This function can be accessed from File > Import/Export > Attacker/Defender > From/To Importable in the Menu Bar.
  • The Pokétron Damage Calculator is no longer a 1v1 damage calculator: it now suppors all kinds of multi battle mechanics! :) Various new options and conditions related to that (say, Helping Hand), have therefore been added to the Additional Options window.
  • Some new moves with variable BP and special effects, added: Round, Retaliate, Assurance, Fire/Grass/Water Pledge.
  • Some new abilities added: Rain Dish, Dry Skin, Ice Body, Flower Gift, Plus/Minus.
  • Poison Heal recovery now takes place if the defender's ability is Poison Heal and is checked, and if the defender is poisoned. Toxic Orb has no direct relation with this now; just that selecting it as the defender's item auto-locks the defender's status to "Poisoned".

And by the way, for those having trouble directly download the setup exe, here's a zip package. :)
Thanks for reporting. Know what, I somehow misinterpreted the variable BP section of the damage formula! :p

Anyway, it's fixed now! :)

-Edit: I just fixed a bug with copying things to the clipboard (say, importable Pokémon data), in my damage calculator. :p
-Edit 2: Fixed a sprite glitch. Froslass's sprite got loaded in place of Rotom's! :o
-Edit 3: The paths to Ferroseed and Ferrothorn's sprites were broken; fixed that, along with a minor Spikes glitch.

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