Poke Radar and Chain Fishing in XY

Note: This still in working progress so some stuff may not be complete/started. Also I'm looking for someone who can help me with the screenshots in the game, both XY and ORAS.

Everytime you're hanving battle in Battle Spot or in VGC, you may encounter at least one shiny. When you search some videos, you will always find many shinies in their thumbmail. Then now you want to find one for yourself. You may know that a shiny will appear at least 1/4000 in Generation 6 and later, but after many days of searching, nothing. So today, I will teach you people two ways to find shiny pokemon faster.

Chain Fishing

As the name suggest, this method is focused in chaining in water with your specified rod. Chain Fishing is to fish pokemon out of the water, but repeating it everytime. It may sound very easy, but there are many ways it could go wrong such as:

  • Reeling the rod too early or too late
  • Moving away from your original position. So you need to stay put to chain.
  • Not getting the bite. When a message says that nothing seems to be biting, it's game over.

Things you Need

There are things you will need that can help you throughout your chaining:

Old/Good/Super Rod

This is your main important gear that you will use in chaining. You can get these rod in these locations:<br />
<br />
Old Rod:
(XY) Ambrette Aquarium
(ORAS) Dewford Town

Good Rod:
(XY) Coumarine City
(ORAS) Route 118

Super Rod:
(XY) Route 16
(ORAS) Mossdeep City

Poke Ball

Since you are chaining for a shiny, you are bound to find one eventually. So you will need good poke balls to catch it. Since it is in water, most pokemon are water type, so your main bet is Net Ball and Dive Ball. If you already caught the same species of the shiny, you can use Repeat Ball. Want to catch it right away, have some Quick Balls on the go. You can also think a type of Poke Ball that is match to the colouring/theme of the shiny pokemon.

Smoke Ball

Very useful if you're pokemon in the front is low level, which it can flee unnecessary battles every time.
You can find the Smoke Ball in Lost Hotel (XY) and in Tricky House (ORAS) as the fourth prize.

Arranging your Party
Next we have to arrange your pokemon for chaining shinies. There are ways for making your team well suited for this kind of situation.

False Swiper

This move has the ability to damage the opposing pokemon, but only until it is 1HP. You can teach many pokemon with False Swipe which it can benefit you in every way.

Suction Cups/Sticky Hold

If you have a pokemon with one of the abilities, you will always encounter Pokemon whlie fishing.


Really useful when looking for a shiny pokemon in the right nature so has must be in front of your party in battle.

Status Inducer

Putting a status effect to the opposing pokemon have a higher chance to capture it. BUT only use sleep or paralyze inducing moves, Spore and Thunder Wave respectively, rather than poison and burn so you won't put a timer that can potentially ruin your shiny.
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