Pokemasta's Monotype Wi-Fi Tourney

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Monotype Tourney!

Approved by Wild Eep

1.You may only use one type in your team(See Below For More)
2.No pokemon may have the same item
3.Banned Pokémon:
o 150 – Mewtwo
o 151 – Mew
o 249 – Lugia
o 250 – Ho‐Oh
o 251 – Celebi
o 382 – Kyogre
o 383 – Groudon
o 384 – Rayquaza
o 385 – Jirachi
o 386 – Deoxys
o 483 – Dialga
o 484 – Palkia
o 487 – Giratina
o 489 – Phione
o 490 – Manaphy
o 491 – Darkrai
o 492 – Shaymin
o 493 – Arceus
o 494 – Victini
o 643 – Reshiram
o 644 – Zekrom
o 646 – Kyurem
o 648 - Meloetta
o 649 - Genesect​

4.You need to give me the battle video number after to confirm the results
5.Each round will have 1 week to finish
6.Undecided rounds will be decided by a coin flip(Poketch, Of Course)
7.These will be single battle format
8.Each battle with use all 6 pokemon
9.Soul Dew is banned
Team Types
The types will be a first come first serve basis. On this list will be all the available types. One of the types will not be taken. The last type will be unused in this tourney. The tourney will start as soon as all the types are taken. Let's begin shall we?​

Fire: Taken
Water: Taken
Grass: Available
Poison: Taken
Electric: Taken
Rock: Taken
Ground: Taken
Dragon: Taken
Dark: Taken
Steel: Taken
Normal: Taken
Psychic: Taken
Ghost: Taken
Flying: Taken
Ice: Taken
Fighting: Taken
Bug: Taken

That's really it. Just sign up by messaging me with your chosen type. There will be prizes for every place, even if you lose the first round. Forgot to mention that this is single elimination. Other than that, good luck and start signing up.

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I've moved this thread to the Wi-Fi Tournaments subforum.

Since as far as I know, this hasn't been approved by one of my fellow wi-fi moderators, it doesn't look like you've seen the Wi-Fi Tournaments rules, so you might want to take a look at those.

As a wi-fi moderator, I have a few questions/concerns before I sign off on this tournament.

1) I'm not a fan of requiring youtube accounts for tournament entry. There are a number of players who'd be fine participants who don't have youtube accounts, and there's the ability to save battle videos for sharing the battles. The youtube format concerns me from the advertising perspective.

2) What battle mode is this tournament? Singles, doubles, triples, rotation? How many Pokemon are sent in? We aren't all OU folks here, so things aren't assumed to be singles.

3) I think monotype is a cool premise, so if the above concerns are addressed, I'll be happy to sign off on this.

Wild Eep

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Did I forget to address anything else? And can I change the thread name to "Pokemasta's Monotype Wi-Fi Tourney"
One other thing I noticed is the team PM currently is conditional on sign-up. Players may want some time to build a team without worrying if people will take their type. I leave this one up to you but I recommend giving folks a chance to strategize since I'm not sure how common monotype teams are.

The new name is totally fine, especially since the old name isn't connected to the tournament anymore.

And with that you have moderator approval!

Also, I'm considering signing up myself. Stay tuned.
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