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Doubtful. They don't evolve old Pokemon by methods that are available in previous generations... Maybe it evolves after spending time in the Dream World?
Level up with AncientPower...

Regarding ability: GameFreak tend sto be philsophical sometimes. So I'd suggest "Guts" or "No Guard". =)

luvdisc evo confirmed to have the ability セクシーなドライブ rumored to act the same way as Reshiram and Zekrom's turboblaze and terravoltage
Which we don't no much about, great. lol
The only sex in pokemon is between pokemon...and whatever ditto wants to turn into....ugh. Anyway yeah...human sex is forbidden. (don't look at the new 13 year old girl like that...)
LOL, that made me laugh. I think that sexdisk is going to be at least a UU If it gets special attack over 100 it's going to be a beastly lead!:toast:
All the Pokemon with Luvdisc's exact BST are currently NFE except Delibird.
The one closest to it in flavour is Finneon but there is also Chinchou and Floatzel.

The funny thing about Luvdisc is that the best of its terrible stats are speed and its defenses.
Yet, as a swift swimmer it would much rather sacrifice some speed/def for beefier offence.

I suppose it's a lover not a fighter but I have no clue what an evo will bring to the table.
A great new move of ability could make a difference.

As for the Bouldergross, I thought it had a long tail and more feet but it doesn't seem so from the back sprite.
Anybody has a clue what the names suggest?

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Are you kidding me? Why does my connection break everytime the two don't directly face each other, then?
I'm actually quite positive that (like sandstreamer says) they communicate by infared... notice the different coloration of the cratridge, btw
It also has to be on a flat surface, facing directly towards each other, and about 2" apart. I challenge you to find a configuration of 4 DSes that will fulfill those conditionals... Though I can see it working well with the box trading.

Which is why section 5 of the Pokewalker manual is entitled "Infrared Communication with the Nintendo DS". I didn't know that.
Well, I suck then. I cannot remember where I saw this wireless thing, but disregard it now.

EDIT: To off-topic comment on the post above:
Yeah, this is the actual translation. The point is, that in Latin it is far more common to use "nisi" after "nil" (or "nihil", which means the same). If you look at Wikipedia, none of "nil/nihil sine..." phrases are actually from the times of the Roman empire (while this is, for example). Thus, it is a kind of Latin that is already influenced by more modern languages.
It is hard to explain because in Latin, negations worked a bit differently than they do now and "sine" as a preposition was strictly subordinating (which you do not feel as strong today). "Nil sine pokemon" implies that "pokemon" is a standard characteristic of "nothing", which THIS "nothing" lacks. As you see, that doesn't make much sense. Since Latin does not have a strict word order, you could also interpret this phrase as "Things without Pokemon: Nothing", which makes more sense but it still sounds like you find that "nothing" on this site, because as I said "sine" is always sub-ordinating. "Nisi" on the contrary puts together equal parts. The meaning would be like "nothing, exception: pokemon" or simply "only pokemon". It's the usual translation for "Nothing without Pokemon".
Quite interesting, really. I've been wanting to study Latin for a while now, but now I see it's kind of a... curious language. Not that I will give up on the idea, though.
I think this is wrong. Don't Tangela and Yanma learn Ancient Power in Gen. 3?
Likitung (Rollout from Emerald move tutor) and Piloswine (Ancient Power from Colosseum) are the only exceptions and were most likely just overlooked since it's fairly specific.
It would be amazing if the name was actually Sexdisc. Even though it would never happen (too 'inappropriate'), I can picture it in my mind right now...

What? Luvdisc is evolving!
Congratulations! Your Luvdisk evolved into Sexdisc!
nice! thanks for that idea... if i can get one in my japanease white it shall be named sexdisk =p

I guess this can boost up my hopes for a delibird evolution
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