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PLEASE DO NOT SPECULATE OR DISCUSS WHAT YOU'D LIKE TO SEE IN HERE. This thread is for discussion of news, rumours, and facts only. Thanks! This thread was approved by Jimbo :3

The fifth generation of Pokémon, a completely new series for the DS, was just confirmed on Pokémon Sunday by Junichi Masuda! Previous to his appearance on Pokémon Sunday, we had received hints towards a completely new series with new Pokémon for the DS in the form of blogs from people like Junichi Masuda and Satoru Iwada, and most convincingly of all, English notes from a meeting to summarise the fiscal year. The release date is projected to 2010 in Japan!

Advertisements also appeared for merchandise before and after these posts surfaced. In these ads, Pokémon were obscured by question marks! Given all the evidence and the 13th movie, Phantom Ruler Z, releasing in Japanese cinemas in summer, one may conclude they are new Pokémon. (Think Munchlax, Bonsly, and Mime Jr. merchandise whoring pre-D/P.) This will mark a little over 4 years since Diamond and Pearl were released.

In fact, this Pokémon will be the star of Phantom Ruler Z! It was previously assumed Z was a human, but it's actually this guy...

And in two weeks' time, he'll be revealed fully on the show! Though CoroCoro is coming out sooner and might reveal him, I doubt it, because they made a big deal about it being revealed on Sunday. :P

Exciting stuff, and remember that posts that don't discuss relevant facts will be left in the hands of the moderators!


Press Release Announcing a New Game
Oricon Article
Notes from the Meeting

Junichi Masuda on Pokémon Sunday (I was going to record it myself but I flipped out and yeah ;_;)

How to Watch Pokémon Sunday Outside of Japan

Some video of the game


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This was posted in the other thread, but it's news so:

coolking49 said:
Hey guys! The 5th generation pokemon has been rumored to be revealed:

serebii said:
Normally I don't post rumours such as this, but these two pictures seen on the right have been posted in the Japanese image boards and they seem to be believing it also. If these scans are legitimate, it reveals the sihlouetted Pokémon and its apparent pre-evolution. With thanks to yaminokame for translations, we have the details posted in the scan.
First, the pre-evolution Pokémon is called Zoroa (ゾロア) and is a Dark-type Pokémon. Its classification is Evil Fox Pokémon, it is 0.7m tall and 12.5kg
Secondly, the Pokémon in the sihlouette is said to be called Zoroaaku (ゾロアーク)and is also a Dark-type Pokémon. Its classification is Monster Fox Pokémon, it is 1.6m tall and 81.1kg
Remember, this is possible to be a fake, albeit a very convincing one but fakes are becoming that good as of late, so don't take it as fact yet. We'll bring more on this as and when it comes so be sure to check back
EDIT: These Pokémon have been confirmed as real and CoroCoro indicates there will be more revealed next month, in addition to Zorua & Zoroark's abilities! It also confirms that the 13th movie is to be called Phantom Champion Zoroark. Check back for more

EDIT: These Pokemon have been confirmed to be the first new Pokemon of the new Generation :)
Quoted from Serebii.net:

As we know, the new games are said to be revealled in the next issue of CoroCoro, due out on the 15th of this month. However, the first details about the Pokémon Sunday episode airing on April 11th state that they're going to reveal the games in a "shock announcement" in the episode. Normally, we get CoroCoro leaks before or around the 11th so it'll be curious to see which releases the news first. We'll keep you updated the second the news is announced so keep checking back.
The 11th is next Sunday; you can see my post on how to watch Pokémon Sunday on your own computer for free here! It'll be exciting to see whether the usual CoroCoro leaks come out before the episode airs, and what each will contain. Sunday has mostly been showing stuff about Pokémon Ranger: Tracks of Light lately, so if you've been put off by the lack of 5th gen news, next Sunday is the day to tune in and/or follow news sites carefully!

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The names of the Gen V titles have been released! They're Pokémon Black and White Versions (ブラック, ホワイト). This is confirmed on the official Pokémon site (here). For those wondering what the Japanese is about, it reiterates what we already knew: it's a new RPG coming in fall for the DS, and more information will be revealed on the 15th (CoroCoro).

Nekoh was kind enough to extract the logos from the flash:



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Leaked scans for Pokemon Black and White! Expect clearer scans in a few days

In here we see the new overworld along with a shot from the battle screen. It is also said that a never before seen vehicle will make its appearance in the game!

source: Pokebeach
Pokémon Sunday this week has been indicated to reveal new Black & White details, and possibly the starters (which will otherwise come out in CoroCoro)! As always, Pokémon Sunday loves to tease and tantalise, so the real meat of the details will be in CoroCoro, scans of which will be hopefully leaked, but we'll probably see the first few details on Sunday. The translated episode title is 'Latest Pokémon Games & Movies Scoop Special', so let's pray it covers B&W indepth!
Shoko-tan showed us silhouettes of the new starters, as predicted. How adorable they are! Definitely have potential, can't wait until we see them coloured in (hopefully in the nearing issue of CoroCoro)!

(Thanks, pocketmonsters.net imageboard and Sunain!)

From Pokebeach:

* The region's name is "Isshu" (イッシュ) and is located very far away. One of its cities is shown in the top left of the scan.
* The main characters are older than ever before; they are not children.
* From a separate source, the Pokemon's names might be Tsutaaja (ツタージャ), Pokabu (ポカブ), and Mijumaru (ミジュマル). "Tsuta" means "ivy." "Bu" relates to "pig." "Mijuku" means "immature" and "maru" means "round" or "ball." Again, these are not the confirmed names yet. The magazine scan does not mention their names.
* So it looks like we have some sort of reptile, a fire pig, and a sea otter.


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From Serebii:

"Pokemon.com have just updated with the first news of the legends of Pokémon Black & Pokémon White. These Pokémon are to be called Reshiram (レシラム) and Zekrom (ゼクロム). The official Japanese site has also confirmed that the game will be released there in September 2010 and in the US in Spring 2011 We do not have further details. Click the picture to go to the Pokémon page for higher resolution pictures"

By the way, Reshiram is the white one while Zekrom is the black one.

ETA: Can't be bothered writing up what I just read, so I hopped on Pokébeach, assuming someone else had translated it as well. Here is what it says:

  • The white Pokemon is named Chiramii (チラーミィ). It is the Chinchilla Pokemon, a Normal-type. Its abilities are Cute Charm or Technician and it knows a new movie called "Sweep Slap," which hits the opponent multiple times. It is 0.4m tall and 5.8kg in weight.
  • The pink Pokemon is named Mun'na (ムンナ). It is the Dream Eater Pokemon, a Psychic-type, and has Forewarn and Synchronize as its abilities. A new attack it knows is "Telekinesis," which makes the opponent float in the air. It is 0.6m tall and 23.3kg in weight.
  • The mechanical Pokemon below is the Gear Pokemon, appropriately named Gear (ギアル). It is a Steel-type and its ability is either "Plus" or "Minus." It has a new attack called "Gear Saucer," which you can see it using i below - it attacks the opponent multiple times with both of its gears. It is 0.3m tall and weighs 21.0kg.
  • Mamepato (マメパト) is the Baby Pigeon Pokemon and is a Normal / Flying type. Its abilities are either "Pigeon Heart" or "Super Luck." In a screenshot below, Mijumaru tries to lower its Defense, but it doesn't work because of one of Mamepato's abilities prevents it. It is 0.3m tall and weighs 2.1kg.
  • The professor of Isshu is female and named Professor Araragi (アララギ博士), as you can see below. She presents a Chiramii to the player in the "World of Pokemon" intro at the start of the game. The rumors we posted yesterday may also be true too, since Professor Araragi's name was among them (some of the rumors have actually been circulating since April, including her name).
  • There is some sort of new in-game connection device called the C Gear. It has "various connection capabilities," though we do not know what that means at this time. To the left of its screenshot below, the magazine says, "What's this screen!?... It looks like a new wireless feature was added!"
Hot new professor, Prof. Araragi


Munna, the Dream Eater Esper

Gear (Giaru)

Here's the scan:


PS For completion's sake I'll include this tidbit from PokéBeach, but take it with a grain of salt

In related news, rumors have been circulating on Japanese forum 2ch concerning the contents of this month’s CoroCoro magazine. Last month, rumors of the magazine’s contents also circulated a few days before the scans were leaked, and many of them turned out to be true. Current rumors hold that Black and White’s professor is female and named Araragi, that the evil team is named Team Plasma, that there will be triple battles, that there are around 150 new Pokemon, and that the silhouettes of the region’s legendary trio look like cotton, a dog, and a bipedal animal. Remember how we posted the three starter Pokemon’s names before they were ever officially confirmed? The source we used also has this information, so it may turn out to be true. Other completely unconfirmed rumors floating around are that the plot doesn’t involve collecting eight badges, that the main character knows how to excavate ruins, and that the protagonist’s father is an explorer. And according to the interwebz, Reshiram is Ice / Dragon and Zekrom is Electric / Dragon, and the two can change types during battle. Remember, these are obviously just rumors for now, but they are interesting nevertheless! Thanks go to DorianBlack for these translations. We’ll find out the truth within the next few days when scans of the magazine leak, possibly even as early as tomorrow morning.
The Araragi bit turned out to be true, but who knows?

  • Hihidaruma (ヒヒダルマ) is the Flaming Pokemon, a Fire-type. Its ability is "Encourage." It is 1.3m tall and weighs 92.9kg.
  • Shimama (シママ) is the Charged Pokemon, Electric, and has "Lightningrod" or "Motor Drive" as its abilities. It has a new attack called "Wild Volt," which does a lot of damage but also hurts the user. It is 0.8m tall and 29.8kg.
  • Meguroko (メグロコ) is the Desert Crocodile Pokemon, a Ground / Dark type. Its abilities are Intimidate and "Earthquake Spiral," the latter of which raises its Attack stat when it knocks out a Pokemon. It is 0.7m tall and weighs 15.2kg.

Here is the scan:


  • There is a new feature called Random Match, which you can access from the Global Terminal inside Pokemon Centers. It says that you can play freely with people from all over the country in random match mode and that in spring 2011 foreign players will join. It then says that you can work together over the internet by uploading your save file for Black and White to play that way (?!).
New scans, unearthed by Nekoh, posted on Pokébeach


Reshiram and Isshu


Celebi and Zorua (CUTE AS HECK), information on obtaining Zorua


Zorua and Zoroark

  • Reshiram is a Fire & Dragon type. It is 3.2m and 330kg. Ability: Turbo Blaze Classification: White Yang Pokémon
  • Zekrom is an Electric/Dragon as predicted. It is 2.9m and 345kg Ability: Tera Voltage (Terra Voltage?) Classification: Black Ying Pokémon
  • Zorua will come with the moves Tackle, Leer, Pursuit, Fake Tears
  • Zoroark will come with the moves Faint Attack and Taunt
  • To obtain Zorua in the games, you have to transfer the Celebi from the movie download. You can obtain Zorua at Level 10
  • On the Celebi and Zorua page, one of the screenshots appears to show Celebi behind the player. This probably confirms that you can have your Pokemon walking behind you again, like in HeartGold and SoulSilver


ETA: ZystraL and I worked together. Zorua will carry Tackle / Leer / Pursuit / Fake Tears. Zoroark will carry Faint Attack and Taunt.

Reshiram has the ability 'Tab Blaze' (or something like that) and Zoroark 'Terra Voltage'. Tab Blaze appears to have to do w/ Gravity, but idk, I couldn't read it, so Im just going off what Zy said until SPP has it.

ETA: Teehee Zy and I got it before Serebii AND Pokébeach did that 8)

ETA2: Jibaku informed me it's Taabo (Turbo Blaze).
The latest issue of Nintendo Dream has provided new insights into the special Illusion ability that Zoroark & Zorua both have. This ability, as we knew previously, allows for Zorua/Zoroark to be transformed into another Pokémon when sent into battle, as seen with the special event when you capture Zoroark. However, prior to now, the details of the ability were not known. We now know the details of this ability. The ability allows for Zorua & Zoroark to be in the form of the Pokémon in second place in your party at the time of it being sent out. This means that if you have say Jigglypuff in the front of your party, Zorua & Zoroark would appear in battle as a Jigglypuff. As we know from before, it keeps its Dark-type, but its appearance and name will match the Pokémon of which it has an Illusion.

In addition to those details, it provided a massive image of the Isshu region, showing more areas than the images so far. It doesn't provide new details but does show an airfield and speculates that there is an airport in the game and various places such as a theme park, windmills, ancient ruins and what they think is a blast furnace.

The map can be seen here.


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Zoroark and Zorua's stats are shown. From what it seems, they have Lucario-esque stat spreads (not surprising).

Judging by those stats, I guess Zoroark's base stats will be somewhere around 55/100/55/115/60/100.

Actual Scan: http://heath.shikokusensei.com/rpgland/scans/june23rpgscans11.jpg

EDIT: courtesy of Theorymon and R S E FR LG
I did actual calcs for ranges using the current stat formula and 0 EVs and the range of IVs (31 IVs - 0 IVs), and the nature that was stated a few pages back.

HP: 34.5 - 50
Atk: 49.5 - 65
Def: 26.2 - 41.7
SpA: 68.6 - 84.1
SpD: 34.5 - 50
Spd: 49.5 - 65
BST: 262.8 - 355.8

HP: 48.5 - 64
Atk: 92.5 - 108
Def: 46.5 - 62
SpA: 112.5 - 128
SpD: 54.5 - 70
Spd: 92.5 - 108
BST: 447 - 540
And here are the rest! Unfotunrately the ranges are huge though, and I highly doubt the starter's HPs will be comparable to Digglet's lol. The first number is calced from 31 IVs and 252 HP evs, the second number is calced from 0 EVs and 31 IVs, and the third number is calced from 0 EVs and 0 IVs. All numbers are rounded up if they are decimals.

Tsutaja (level 20, 52 HP)
HP: 8-40-55

Pokabu (level 25, 68 HP)
HP: 19-51-66

Mijumaru (level 15, 43 HP, 44 HP. fyi first and second calcs were done with 44 HP, last one was done with 43)

Gear (level 50, 103 HP)
HP: -4 (lol wtf) - 28 - 43

Muna (level 50, 151 HP)
HP: 44 - 76 - 91

Desukaan [the coffin thing] (level 50, 121 HP)
HP: 14 - 46 - 61

Denchura [the Electric Tranutula] (level 50, 130 HP)
HP: 23 - 55 - 70

Mention to take these ranges with a grain of salt. The most important numbers are probably the maxes because you cant go above thoes.[/QUOTE]

Komomori's HP ranges are 55 - 87 - 102
Serebii.net said:
Japanese variety show Oha Suta has shown a new trailer for Pokémon Black & White which showed a video containing a lot of new Pokémon. We'll provide pictures shortly. First we have Ononokusu (オノノクス , then Doryuuzu (ドリュウズ), then Desukan (デスカーン), Moguryu (モグリュー) and finally Denchura (デンチュラ ). It also revealed a Grass-type attack called Grass Mixer (グラスミキサー) and one called Drill Liner (ドリルライナー). It also confirms that there are now Three on Three battles. There is also a brand new option in the battle menu in what appeared to be a trainer battle. Along with Fight, Run & Pokémon and Shooter. It is unknown what Shooter is for or what use it has. These Pokémon have been added to the new Pokémon section with the little details we know.

ETA: If anyone would like to download the trailers:

Today's trailer can be downloaded as an mp4 here.

The Pokémon Sunday trailer can be downloaded as an mp4 here.

I'm currently taking screenies. =]
Earlier this week, a draft picture emerged of Ash, Team Rocket, and Iris (the new anime girl from Black and White). Now that the Black and White anime girl has been revealed to match the draft picture, it makes the rest of the picture look significantly more authentic, so while this is not completely guaranteed, it's fairly likely.

This beta art showcased a variety of new Pokémon including Koromori ( コロモリ), the bat Pokémon besides Jessie, the evolution of Tsutaja & Mijumaru as well as a brand new Pokémon beside Iris. Further details on these four Pokémon are not yet known but we'll provide it as soon as possible.



http://www.filb.de/kaihou/content/20100706_koromori.jpg hi-res

KOROMORI :D So cute. This was from a B/W ep of Oha Suta that aired in Japan today. By the way, this adds up with those evos I posted above... they look pretty likely to me!

Also, a private pre-screening of Phantom Ruler Z happened yesterday. Here is PokéBeach's translation of one blog about it:

For a moment you can see a battle scene with a new Pokemon called Nezumimi (portmanteau of "mouse" and "ear"). By the way, is that Chinchilla Pokemon [Chiramii] a rodent or a cat? I wouldn't say Nezumimi isn't of the same evolutionary line... but then again I only saw it for one instant so I can't say for sure. [In other words, he's saying the new Pokemon Nezumimi and the chincilla Pokemon Chiramii look similar, with Nezumimi possibly being a pre-evolution or evolution.] We also see Isshu's Ferris Wheel.

[At the end of the movie, Reshiram and Zekrom are shown in the preview for next year's movie.] Reshiram's tail spouts fire like a jet engine and it flaps its wings to fly. Of course, Fire-type. Zekrom's tail is like Mobile Suit Gundam 00's, what is it called, solar furnace? And the inside glows blue-white, like it is generating electricity inside its body. Of course, Electric-type. At the end of the trailer, an unnamed Pokemon is waving to us. It has big eyes and pointed ears. It kind of looked like this drawing I made [to the right]. I think a part of the ears were orange, but I forgot how the body looked.

[The blogger also mention that the DSi will have a new "TV Telephone" feature where you can have a TV-phone conference with up to four people.]
An image also surfaced of two new Pokémon figures by Bandai. It's unconfirmed, though, but the Larvitar-like one looks like Nezumimi is described to be. Oh, they look authentic, as judged by a number of sites, and resemble the Pokémon Kids figure series. They appeared with what looked like a Tsutaja figure.

First of all, the green Pokémon with the big pointy ears has been confirmed by an image posted (and later pulled down from) on the Daisuki Club official website.

Next, a new Pokémon has been revealed by images of a demo play posted on 2chan, including a Pokémon that looks kinda like Mamepato's evo. It's said to be called Hatooboo.

The above image shows another new Pokémon, but has been blanked out with a watermark. The moves it carries are Detect, Super Fang, Crunch, and Hypnosis respectively.

There also new images from some kind of magazine, perhaps CoroCoro (is due in 6 days), showcasing previously revealed mons.

ETA: There are rumoured names now spreading for the slimy green mon, the gothic loli christmas tree, and the horned mon.

  • The green Pokémon with the horned head is said to be called Kibago (キバゴ).
  • The green blob Pokémon shown on Oha Suta last week is called Gochiruzeru (ゴチルゼル).
  • The gothic Pokémon also show on Oha Suta last week is called Rankurusu (ランクルス).
Well, looks like somebody made a mistake trying to bring news to the Pokémon fandom!

As described here, the webmaster of PokéBeach recorded some of the movie commercials, breaking some laws while at it. all credit due for the pictures though.

Mamepato and Minezumi (ネズミミ and ミネズミ are very similar, obviously, so it's easy to see where 'Nezumimi' came from, if indeed they are the same Pokémon... looks fairly likely though.) Minezumi is the blanked-out Pokémon I posted above with Crunch, Detect, Hypnosis, and Super Fang.

Unnamed Pokémon
Pokémon Sunday aired earlier, and at the end it showed a silhouette of a new Pokémon.

It also said that there will be a lot of B&W content next episode, but keep in mind that CoroCoro will come out / leak before then and it will likely contain the same content. ^^; Nonetheless, for information on watching Pokémon Sunday, see my tutorial here!
ETA: The translators accidentally switched the names of Gochiruzeru and Rankurusu.

Sorry for not updating this earlier, but Smogon was down when I tried to.

CoroCoro has begun leaking on 2chan, and bringing with it a host of new information. Click on the images for full-size links!

1. 2. 3. 4.
5. 6. 7. 8. 9.


  • Wargle (ウォーグル) is the Valor Pokemon. Its name derives from "war" and "eagle." It is Normal / Flying, weighs 41kg, and stands 1.5m tall. One of its abilities is Keen Eye and it can learn a new attack called Free Fall (フリーフォール). Free Fall involves the Pokemon grabbing the opponent, lifting it into the air, and then on the next turn throwing it to the ground.
  • The names we posted on Friday have been confirmed:
  • Rankurusu (ランクルス) is the green, cell-shaped Pokemon; its name could derive from "ranma" (chaos) and "homunculus." It is a Psychic-type, stands 1.6m tall, and one of its two abilities is Magic Guard, which was previously exclusive to the Clefable line.
  • Gochiruzeru (ゴチルゼル) is the black / purple Pokemon that looks like a woman; its name partly derives from "gochikku," which means "gothic" in Japanese.

  • Musharna (ムシャーナ) is apparently the evolution of Munna. The magazine says the Pokemon has a secret related to something called Dream Smoke (ゆめのけむり).
  • Right now, we're not sure what Dream Smoke is. This is all we can see from the photo: "Get 'Dream Smoke' and you will be able to receive a 'Game Sync,' which allows you to go to the Pokemon Global Link." Apparently, Dream Smoke has something to do with uploading your Black and White save file to the Internet (the Pokemon Global Link) and is somehow related to Musharna.
  • The woman's name is Makomo (マコモ) and she is Professor Araragi's friend.
3 & 4

  • One version will exclusively feature White Forest while the other version will exclusively feature Black City; Black City is in the first photo while White Forest is in the second.
5 & 6

  • These are two childhood friends of the main character. The boy with the short hair is Cheren, who was revealed in the Oha Suta trailer two weeks ago. The blond girl is either named Yuberu or Beru (too blurry to tell).

  • Ken Sugimori artwork of three previously-revealed Pokemon. Kibago (キバゴ) is the green Pokemon that slightly resembles Larvitar; "kiba" means "fangs." Kibago was revealed on the anime character sheet last week and later as a toy. Koromori (コロモリ) is a bat Pokemon that was also revealed on the anime character sheet. It is a Psychic / Flying type. Minezumi (ミネズミ) was revealed yesterday.
8 & 9

  • This man is a mysterious person named N. He also appeared in the Oha Suta game trailer from two weeks ago. Next to him it says, "Pokemon are 'FRIENDS!'"

  • In 3-on-3 battles, the placement and setup of your Pokemon will be important to the battle. Depending on who is in the middle and in the front of your party, the way attacks hit will change, so switching your Pokemon's positions based on battle strategy becomes the main point of triple battles.
  • A new feature called "Passing By" will allow your DS to connect automatically with other players that are nearby. As you advance in Black and White, you will be able to help others on their journey.
  • There is a new "High Link" feature that is reminiscent of the rescues in the Mystery Dungeon games. You can take on missions from a building in the middle of Isshu to help players who are in trouble.
  • The DSi will now have a "TV Transceiver" feature (not for the old DS or DS Lite). You can use its camera to talk to friends that you have exchanged friend codes with using "Live Caster." Locally you can talk to up to four people, and over Wi-Fi only two. This may or may not be a Black and White-exclusive feature.
  • A new attack called "Magic Room" negates the effects of all items held by your and your opponent's Pokemon.

Thanks to PokéBeach.
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