Pokemon Black & White (Gen 5) News and Announcements ITT!

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Clear scans = more info. And delicious info it is!

  • Kibago (キバゴ) is the Tusk Pokemon, a Dragon-type. Its abilities are Rivalry and Mold Breaker. It has a new attack called Double Chop (ダブルチョップ), which hits the opponent twice. It is 0.6m tall and weighs 18.0kg.
  • Koromori (コロモリ) is the Bat Pokemon, a Psychic/Flying-type Pokemon. Its abilities are Unaware and Klutz. It knows a new attack called Heart Stamp (ハートスタンプ), which can cause the opponent to flinch. It is 0.5m tall and weighs 11.6kg.
  • Minezumi (ミネズミ) is the Lookout Pokemon, a Normal-type. Its abilities are Run Away and Keen Eye. It stands 0.5m tall and weighs 11.6kg.
  • Rankurusu (ランクルス) is the Amplification Pokemon, a Psychic-type. It knows a new ability called "Dust-Proof" (ぼうじん), which prevents your Pokemon from taking damage from weather effects such as Sandstorm and Hail, as well as Magic Guard, which was previously exclusive to the Clefable line. It stands 1.5m tall and weighs 44.0kg.
  • Gochiruzeru (ゴチルゼル) is the Celestial Body Pokemon, also a Psychic-type. It has an ability called Frisk* and can learn a new move called Magic Room which takes away the effects of items for 5 turns. It is 1.5m tall and weighs 44.0 kg.
  • Wargle (ウォーグル) is the Valor Pokemon, a Normal/Flying type. Its name derives from "war" and "eagle." One of its abilities is Keen Eye and the other is Encourage, which boosts the power of its attacks but prevents any secondary effects such as Poisoning or Burning (Hihidaruma has the same ability). It can learn a new attack called Free Fall (フリーフォール), which involves the Pokemon grabbing the opponent, lifting it into the air, and then on the next turn throwing it to the ground. It stands 1.5m tall and weighs 41.0 kg.

  • The Pokemon Global Link, which is the service that allows you to upload your Black and White save file to a special website, has two different modes: one where you have your Pokemon play in a dream and another where you can battle online. You can unlock the Global Link feature once you obtain Musharna, the evolution of Munna, meaning it is one of those "gimmick" Pokemon like Plusle and Minun were for 2-on-2 battles.
    • If you are registered through the Pokemon Global Link, you can play online battles using a "Rating Mode" or "Random Match" mode at to the Global Terminal inside the Pokemon Center. It will send your battle results to a server and you can compare your results to other players to see who is a strong Trainer.
    • In the World of Dreams, your Pokemon have their own rooms that they can play in and they can play mini-games with other Pokemon. Pokemon that your Pokemon becomes friends with in the dream world can be taken back to the real world, being your game; you can capture Pokemon not available in the Isshu PokeDex and transfer them to your games in this fashion. To transfer Pokemon to the computer and thus to the World of Dreams, there will be a new Game Sync option available through the C Gear, which allows you to choose one Pokemon to send to your computer.
      • There is going to be an event held from 8/7 to 8/31 where you can encounter an Eeveelution in a dream on the Pokemon Daisuki Club website, perhaps a way to teach players how the new feature will work. Presumably, you can send the Eeveelution you encounter back to Black and White once they are released.
  • In 3-on-3 battles, if your Pokemon is, for example, on the far left, it won't be able to hit a Pokemon on the far right. There is a button on the bottom left hand corner of the battle screen which is called "Move" and allows you to swap your Pokemon's positions. Thus, a Pokemon on the far right can hit the opponent's Pokemon that are on the far right as well as the middle. The magazine also says that if the Pokemon in the middle uses an attack that hits all Pokemon, then it will be very powerful.
  • A new ability called Telepathy prevents Pokemon from receiving damage from teammates. For example, if a Pokemon has Telepathy in a two-on-two or three-on-three battle and one of your Pokemon uses Surf, the Pokemon with Telepathy will not be damaged.
  • There is a new, unnamed attack which for one turn will cause all of your team members to avoid attacks that hit all team members.
  • Rankurusu (the green cell) and Gochiruzeru (the black humanshaped Pokemon) are both version-exclusives, but it doesn't say which is in which version.

  • With the DS's infrared signal, you can have speedy battles with up to four players and speedy trades directly from your party or PC box. You can also automatically exchange friend codes over infrared now.
  • A new feature called Passing By will allow your DS to connect automatically with other players that are nearby. As you advance in Black and White, you will be able to help others on their journey.
  • The games have a Live Caster feature (not for the old DS or DS Lite), which allows you to use the DSi's camera to talk to friends through video feed. Locally, you can talk to up to four people, while over Wi-Fi you can only talk to two. The Live Caster will have a pen and stamp tool so you can play with the pictures while using the video chat.
  • Characters in the game will use the Live Caster feature to talk to you as well. o.o'
  • As has been rumored for months, the two games will now support Kanji for Japanese players. Apparently, the game's script will change a bit as well, perhaps since those who would change to Kanji are older players (will it be a little more detailed with more advanced vocabulary?). There is a man in the game who can switch it for you. He most likely will be deleted for the American games, as we only have one alphabet.
  • There is a new feature called Feeling Check that checks the compatibility of players. One of the things it shows is a game where two people have to keep the same rhythm.

  • The blond childhood friend of the main character is named Bell.
  • When you pick your starter, the other two go to your two rivals: Bell (the blond girl) and Cheren (the black-haired boy). They are your two childhood friends. All three of you start your journey together at the same time, just like Ash, Gary, and the other Pallet Town Pokemon Trainers in the show and the three Gold and Silver trainers in the Legend of Raikou special.
  • The game starts from Route 1, indicating that this region is much farther away than Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh.
  • N will keep challenging you in order to confirm his ideas of justice. He calls Pokemon his "friends," but one of the screenshots shows him saying that he wants to split humans and Pokemon and divide them so that the world is black and white. He has the unique idea to set Pokemon free from people. He's looking for the power to grant these ideals.

* This originally said 'new ability called Frisk', but it's the old Frisk. Pokébeach just made an error.

The official B&W site has been updated with the news, including much clearer images. Eye candy. Enjoy! There's also a new move called Coil. It has 20 PP and is Poison. The screenshot shows the moves Leaf Storm, Leaf Blade, Wring Out, and Coil. Perhaps it's Tsutaja or its evolution, considering the two Grass-type moves are already confirmed, and no existing Pokémon yet knows all three. Also, judging by the placement of the image next to two Tsutaja pics..
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