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Pokemon Cyrus Online is a 5 year old Pokemon MMO, currently in beta phase, totally developed by one person, Cyrus (Vitali Kirpu), in Visual Basic 6.

This game is running with a very tight small community and has unique level-up system you've not seen in any Pokemon game before. It has a high difficulty and competition between players and Crews/Guilds, to which being capable of grinding is important.

There is not a special plot, you start as a Pokemon Trainer in Sevilla Town, where you are given the choice from three starters: Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle.

- Unique level-up system
- Unique natures
- Berry System
- PvP: Max 2 Vs 2
- Party System
- Daycare
- Regular Pokemon Battles
- Pokemon Card Battles
- 1 Region
- Weather
- Day/Night
- Gyms
- Crews/Guilds
- Crew Wars
- Auction System
- Bank
- Shop System
- Pokemon Trading
- Evolving
- Pokemon Equips
- Original Paperdoll
- Capturing
- NPC Traders
- Pokemon Drops
- Game-Original Quests
- Pokemon Instances
- Special Events ran by Staff
- Jobs (soon.)
- And much more!



All credit goes to Cyrus (Vitali Kirpu) for making the game.

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