Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Speedrun Guide [WIP]

The purpose of this guide is to get the player to complete the game as quickly as possible. This guide will go through all the necessary steps in the game to complete it. It will also list where to find all the necessary HM's, Key Items, and where all the move tutors are located.

The Adventure Begins:
As soon as you start the game you will be greeted by Professor Rowan. He will then ask you if you need any info, by this he means an explanation of the button controls, just select "No Info Needed" if you already know the button functions. He will then ask you to touch the center of the Pokeball on the bottom DS screen. Next, he asks you to tell him a little about yourself. He asks you if you are a boy or a girl. Lastly, he asks you your name and the name of your friend. The choices you make on the questions above won't affect the game at all, they are all just personal preference. In this guide your friend will be referred to as "Clark". Once you finish answering the questions your character will shrink and then appear in your room watching the TV. I would recommend going to "Options" in the menu and changing the "Text Speed" to "Fast" and changing the "Battle Scene" to "Off" to make things in the game go a little faster.

Head downstairs and your mom will talk to you saying Clark was looking for you. Head outside and walk to the house in the left top corner of Twinleaf Town. Clark will run out and barge into you. Once he is finished talking head inside his house and up the stairs to his room. Then leave his house again and head north to Route 201 where you will meet Clark. Head left of Route 201 to Verity Lakefront and follow the path until you reach the entrance to Lake Verity. Once inside you will see Professor Rowan and Dawn speaking, once they leave Clark will lead you into the grass and then you both get ambushed by two Starlys. You will then be forced to pick a Pokemon from inside Professor Rowan's briefcase. The Pokeball on the left contains Turtwig, the Pokeball in the middle contains Chimchar, and the Pokeball on the right contains Piplup. In my opinion, Chimchar is the most useful Pokemon to choose for early in the game and later i nthe game. So I would recommend you to choose Chimchar. Once you choose your Pokemon you will be forced to battle a level 2 Starly. Clark will pick the Pokemon that has a super effective typing to yours. Dawn will then come in and take the briefcase and you two will exit Lake Verity.

Head right to Route 201 and Professor Rowan and Dawn will be there, he will inspect the Pokemon you took and then leaves to his lab. You will then be taken home. Your mom will give you the Running Shoes which let you run faster if you hold in the "B" button. Leave your house and then make your way to Sandgem town. Go north of Twinleaf Town and head east once you reach Route 201 to get to Sandgem Town. Once you reach Sandgem Town you will be stopped by Dawn and she will lead you into the . Inside you will talk to Professor Rown and he will then examine the Pokemon you chose and let you keep it. He will then give you a Pokedex. Once you exit Dawn will take you on a "tour" of the town and explain to you all the buildings. Once Dawn is done head back to your house in Twinleaf Town to move on. Once inside your house talk to your mom, she will heal you, and then give you the Journal key item. Clark's mom will then enter your house and will ask you to give him his Parcel. Head back to Sandgem Town to continue on.

Once you reach Sandgem head east to Route 202 and you will be stopped by Dawn. She will then show you how to capture a Pokemon and give you five Pokeballs. Continue on through Route 202 until you reach Jubilife City. Head to the Trainers School which is the building left of the Pokemon Center. Inside you will find Clark looking at the chalkboard. Talk to him and he will give you the Town Map key item. Head north of the Pokemon Center and a man will stop and tell you to participate in the Poketch Campaign. You will have to find three clowns and answer their question. Here is the location and answer to all of the clown's questions.

Clown 1:
Location: Above the Pokemon Center.
Question: Does a Pokemon grow by defeating others and gaining Exp. Points?
Answer: Yes.
Clown 2:
Location: Infront of the Poketch Company building
Question: Just like Pokemon types, moves of Pokemon have types?
Answer: Yes.
Clown 3:
Location: Infront of the Jubilife TV building.
Question: Can a Pokemon hold an item?
Answer: Yes.

Once you have gathered all three coupons head back to the same man that asked you to take part in the contest. He will then give you the Poketch. Remember to use the Pokemon Center only when it is needed and make sure to stock up on plenty of Repels, but don't spend all your money on them, you'll need some money for other items as well such as Revives and other HP healing items. Also remember that skipping in-game trainers will let you get through the game a lot faster, but at the cost of losing a lot of useful experience points in doing so, and with experience points comes useful EVs.

First Badge:
Head west of Jubilife City and onto Route Route 203. You will be stopped by Clark and forced to battle him. Once you defeat him continue on through Route 203 until you reach Oreburgh Gate. Once you enter tthe Oreburgh Gate a hiker will stop you and give you HM 06 Rock Smash. Continue heading east to reach Oreburgh City. Once you enter Oreburgh city head south of the Pokemon Center and into the Oreburgh Mine. Head down the stairs of the Oreburgh Mine and then go behind the big slab of coal. You will see Roark the Gym leader of Oreburgh City there, talk to him and he will return to the gym, you now can go battle him, so head back to the Oreburgh City gym.

The Gym leader Roark specializes in Rock-type Pokemon. His team consists of a level 12 Geodude, a level 12 Onix, and a level 14 Cranidos. Once you defeat Roark you will recieve the Coal Badge and TM 76 Stealth Rock. Now that you have the Coal Badge you may use Rock Smash outside of battle and you can now go downstairs in Pokemon Centers and use the Wi-Fi functions.

Second Badge:
Head west of Oreburgh City and head back to Jubilife City. Once you reach Jubilife City head north and you will be stopped by Professor Rowan and asked to battle two members of Team Galactic with Dawn. Once you beat the Galactic Grunts continue heading north and enter the Ravaged Path. You will need a Pokemon that knows the HM Rock Smash to get through the Ravaged Path. So make sure you have one in your party such as Bidoof which is capturable in the patch of grass outside of the cave. Once inside the Ravafed Path use Rock Smash on the boulders on the right side of the cave and head towards the exit. You will come out on Route 204, continue heading north to reach Floaroma Town. Once you reach Floaroma Town head east through Route 205 and you will be stopped by a little girl. Continue heading east until you reach the Valley Windworks.

Once you reach the Valley Windworks battle the Galactic Grunt standing infront of the Valley Windworks door. Once you defeat the Galactic Grunt head back to Floaroma Town. Once you enter Floaroma Town head northwest and enter the Floaroma Meadow. You will then have to battle two more Galactic Grunts. Once you defeat them they will drop the Works Key and you can now enter the Valley Windworks building so head back there. Once inside the Valley Windworks battle the Galactic Commander Mars. Once you defeat her Team Galactic will leave and you can now continue on through the game. Head to the bridge on Route 205 and head north of it until you reach Eterna Forest.

Third Badge:

Fourth Badge:

Fifth Badge:

Sixth Badge:

Seventh Badge:

Eigth Badge:

The Elite Four:

EDIT: Won't be working on this at all really until school is finished.

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