Pokemon Freedom Tournament - Round 5 (Semi Finals)

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Pokemon Freedom Tournament
Hosted by Vaz.

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3

Round 4

Round 5 (Semi Finals)

There has always been a staple fixated to the number of pokemon used in competitive pokemon on Smogon for the standard metagames. You cannot select any less than 6 pokemon. The concept presented today is one that allows teams of 6 to battle others of 5, 4 or even 3 pokemon and hold no particular advantage to either side based on the number of pokemon their teams' have. To make this work, a simple rule is added. A player only needs to KO the same number of pokemon in the opponent's team as in the player's own team.

Tournament Rules:
  • This tournament is a Single Elimination
  • This tournament is a Best of Three format
  • Battles are to be done on Pokemon Showdown (or Pokemon Online if both players prefer)
  • A week will be given for you to complete your matches (apart from Round 1 where you will be allowed an extra week for time to make teams). Extensions will be given under certain circumstances. If one player is more active than the other I will give the more active player the win. I will also be flipping coins if neither player is active.
  • Do not join this tournament if you rarely go on Smogon or if cannot complete one match a week. It is as simple as that.
  • It is highly advised to save your logs in case there is a dispute between players, but this is not compulsory. In the event of a dispute, contact me and I will try to address and attempt solve the situation with as much fairness and neutrality towards both players. If you still feel the matter has not been resolved or resolved poorly, contact a Tournament Director.
  • The following people on the banned from entering a tournament list found in this link cannot join this tournament as well as people with the "I could be banned" status.
  • NOTE: If a player DCs you must perform a rematch unless there was already a clear winner or if it happened after the battle. If so, the player who did not disconnect may choose the conditions of the match i.e same moves/same teams/different teams/replay turn to turn, etc. You do not have to have a rematch with your opponent under any other circumstance, no matter what your opponent says. (Once again, saving your logs is highly advised as a dispute may occur, as in the case where there is a disagreement a log must be sent to me, the host).
Battle Rules:
The concept of this tournament as well as regular battle rules are as follows:
  • All pokemon in the BW2 OU tier and below are allowed
  • OHKO Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Timed Battle
  • Team Preview
  • Ubers Clause (No pokemon as defined by Smogon as Ubers are permitted in this tournament as well as moves, abilities, items and or any combination of the above defined as banned by Smogon)
  • A team of pokemon with less than 6 is only required to KO the same number of pokemon in the enemy team that are in that team i.e.
    A team of 3 pokemon battles a team of 6 pokemon. The team of 3 pokemon is only required to KO 3 of the enemy's team pokemon to win the battle. At the same time, the team of 6 pokemon only has to KO the enemy's team of 3 pokemon.
  • Anywhere between 3-6 pokemon are allowed. No less than 3.
  • Each team must have a different number of pokemon than each other e.g. Player A makes 3 teams, Team 1 with 3 pokemon, Team 2 with 4 pokemon and Team 3 with 5 pokemon. Player A's teams are legal. Player B makes 3 teams, Team 1 with 3 pokemon, Team 2 with 4 pokemon and Team 3 with 3 pokemon again. Player B's teams are not legal as they have two teams with 3 pokemon.
Maxou vs Hyperbeem

Extensions Deadline:
0:00 Tuesday the 13th of August, GMT + 10

Hyperbeem vs SoulWind
Dice vs ZandGaiaX

0:00 Sunday the 18th of August , GMT + 10
Slash = Activity DQ
Bold = Match Won
Underline = Coin Flip

Just remember, the match is a Best of Three, with each team used per battle requiring a different number of pokemon from 3-6. You may not use the same number of pokemon in a team more than once per round.


Good luck, and have fun!
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Got trashed in 2-0

First match went pretty good, but the second I used a bad team without thinking twice and made such bad plays. >.>;!

GG and GL
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