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Pokemon Games USUM Teambuilding Competition

Welcome to the second Pokemon Games Room Teambuilding Competition!

The idea is essentially the same as any other teambuilding competition, but the focus here is on in-game viability rather than viability in a specific tier or format. The teams are submitted as model sets, with extensive knowledge of the games being important in this case to understand how/why the sets are useful. As with other teambuilding competitions, some sort of restriction (usually requiring participants to build around a specific Pokemon, but potentially others) is put in place for entrants to follow. In-game viability is a bit different from competitive viability, as there are additional factors worth considering besides overall effectiveness in battle.

What's the competition?

As Sword and Shield are rapidly approaching, it makes sense to work with the 7th generation while it's fresh on our minds. As such, this second competition is featuring the latest mainline Pokemon game featuring the full set of battling mechanics, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon! This particular competition is focused on going through the all in-game content, including post-game events such as the Rainbow Rocket segment. As a result, late and post-game Pokemon/tools such as Blacephalon and Stakataka are allowed (though far from necessary to build a winning team). The specific Pokemon that participants are required to build around this time is...


Despite being late game and requiring a lot of wormhole exploration to even get a shot at catching it, Entei is well-regarded as the best Fire type to use in USUM thanks to its many positive attributes and lack of major we- what's this? The illusion's faded!

Zoroark is the real Pokemon we'll be using for this teambuilding competition!

Zoroark's pre-evolution Zorua is encountered extremely early on in USUM, which is fairly surprising considering the evolutionary line's unique ability and more unusual methods of being obtained in previous games. Zoroark is known as a respectable glass cannon, although this role comes with a fair amount of issues in-game when losing health and fainting has lasting consequences. In addition, its level up movepool is lackluster, and despite Zorua being obtained very quickly Zoroark is by no means an early evolution at level 30. But don't be deluded into thinking Zoroark is all bad- it has ideal stats for its role and mixed potential to allow for more flexibility, a relatively small but very effective option of moves later on thanks to TMs, and Illusion can trip foes up occasionally (while also allowing Zoroark to single-handedly defeat the strongest individual opponent, Ultra Necrozma). With the right team supporting it, Zoroark can make full use of its niches and be an invaluable partner later on in the latter half of the USUM story.

How do I enter?

To enter, as with any teambuilding competition, you must post a team of 6 Pokemon onto this thread, with moves, items, and abilities selected. However, Natures, EVs, and IVs are not to be given, as properly obtaining/accruing them slows down a playthrough exponentially and is not common practice. If using version exclusive Pokemon or items, be sure to specify which version (Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon) your team is for. Finally, you should give a description of your team: feel free to be lengthy- your team's moves/Pokemon (and especially when/where you obtain them) will be the biggest factor in the team's success. While your earlier movesets for the whole team don't need be discussed, it would improve your chances to to explain how a mandatory opponent specifically threatening to Zorua or Zoroark is defeated, such as Hala. Entries can be formatted out in a post, or if you would prefer, typed into a Pokepaste. If you're curious how to best format your post, feel free to inquire through PMs or check out our first contest for some examples.

What are the rules/guidelines?

1) The team must have Zoroark on it, and all Pokemon must be obtainable within either Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon.
2) You must use six Pokemon, and operate under the assumption that they will be leveled up somewhat evenly without thorough grinding on wild Pokemon.
-While smaller teams can certainly perform well, this is because they will gain levels more easily and won't require as much thoughtful teambuilding.
3) The assumption is that one will be training only these six Pokemon- don't claim to have overcome an earlier opponent with something that won't be on the final team.
4) No Pokemon obtained from trades, including in-game ones, may be used. This also means that you cannot have exclusives from a different version on your team.
-You may however build with trade evolutions that would have been originally caught in your game.
5) If your submitted team is extremely similar to another one (not only same Pokemon, but also mostly similar moves and items), keep in mind that preference will likely be given to the earlier entrant.

If you have any questions on any other matters relating to this competition's rules or what to include in a submission post, please send a PM! (Smogon: Le-Hydra | PS!: 6Roggenrolas)

Who will be judging, and how?

The judges of the competition's winner will be the staff of the Pokemon Games room on PS!: The following criteria will be used to determine the best team, and are meant to encourage more diversity/creativity in teambuilding:

1) Matchups: Having Pokemon that are clearly capable of defeating strong (Totems, Kahunas) or common in-game opponents (prioritize being Water types over beating Dragon types) through moves/items/abilities is highly important.
2) Synergy: Having a variety of options to cover Zoroark's (and the rest of the team's) shortcomings in battle.
3) Efficient Progress: Pokemon, moves, and items that can be obtained earlier, easier, or (for wild Pokemon) at higher levels will gain some points here. Essentially, a team that minimizes the need to spend too much time on grinding's many incarnations.
4) Power: Some powerful Pokemon (or moves/items) are so good in battle that they can ultimately save time through quicker victories and reducing the need for trainer-used items in and out of battles, despite often taking longer to obtain. Consider this trade-off carefully!
5) Pacing: For many players, it is bothersome to be stuck with a few Pokemon for a long time, or to begin training a large amount of them at once and be forced to lean on a stronger Pokemon via Exp. Share- as such, try to make it so the team has a smooth progression throughout exploration of the game.
6) Miscellaneous: This could be anything that makes accomplishing certain non-battling tasks in the game easier. False Swipe, Amulet Coin, Pickup, and Suction Cups are just a few examples of such perks.

When teambuilding, attempt to satisfy as many of these categories to the greatest extent you can with your six Pokemon- some may have to be prioritized over others, and figuring out where to cut corners will make up a good chunk of the teambuilding process (along with the expected task of making battle-ready sets that work well together).

What do I win?

The creator of the winning team will be awarded:

-The satisfaction of knowing you've crafted one of the best darn USUM teams around, and also actual prizes such as
-$10 Nintendo U.S Eshop Gift Code (an alternate PG room based prize can be organized for non U.S entrants)
- A shout-out in the Pokemon Games room intro on PS!

What is the schedule?

-The contest is currently open for entries!
-The deadline for submissions is July 7th. After this date, no more teams can be submitted.
-Deliberations will be made by the judges over the next few days, and the winning team will be announced July 12th!

Alola and happy building!
I have no life

Ok let's do this

Team is for Ultra Moon, but could be used in Ultra Sun too.

First, the starter

Primarina @ Waterium Z

Ability: Torrent

- Hydro Pump

- Ice Beam

- Moonblast

- Psychic

I chose Popplio because its typing didn’t overlap with anything else I wanted to use. I didn’t have any fairy or water types that I desperately wanted on the team, so I picked Primarina. Popplio is your only Pokemon up until the trainers school, where you gain 2 more team members.

Zoroark @ Black Glasses

Ability: Illusion

- Dark Pulse

- Focus Blast

- Shadow Ball

- U-turn

I swear I built this team around this it just doesn’t have great matchups.

Magnezone @ Expert Belt

Ability: Sturdy

- Flash Cannon

- Thunderbolt

- Tri Attack

- Signal Beam

A bulkier Pokemon to take some hits while still dealing a lot of damage.

Magnemite will be able to defeat Ilima’s smeargle with little difficulty, and then you progress to route 2 to take on the first trial!

Brionne will do most of the fighting here, using fairy attacks on the totem Raticate. Remember to pick up the Brick Break TM!

On route 3, we find another member of our team!


Ability: Unburden

- High Jump Kick

- Acrobatics

- Roost

- Swords Dance

Hawlucha is incredibly powerful, has access to great stab moves, and has good matchups against many major trainers

Onward to Akala Island!

Magnemite does well in the water trial, and Hawlucha can help out against Araquanid.

Brionne can beat the fire trial, but Marowak will use detect on the first turn. Start with an X Special, then use Hydro Vortex to take it out. This is also where you get your fifth Pokemon.

Marowak-Alola @ Thick Club (So I kinda forgot this existed but then I watched False Swipe Gaming’s Marowak video and was like “oh crap” so uh... fixed!)

Ability: Lightning Rod

- Fire Punch

- Shadow Bone

- Earthquake

- Brick Break

Marowak-Alola is a great fire type. MAKE SURE YOUR CUBONE HAS LIGHTNINGROD!

You probably won’t have Marowak in time for the grass trial since it doesn’t evolve until level 28, so Hawlucha will sweep through it.

You probably won’t have any problems with Olivia, using Hawlucha, Brionne, and Magnemite

Aether Paradise exists

Alolan Marowak defeats Hau’s Raichu pretty easily, and the rest of his team isn’t too challenging

Next major fight is the Electric Trial. Totem Togedemaru gets destroyed by Lightningrod Alolan Marowak.

Alolan Marowak + Hawlucha = Guzma defeated

Stop by Blush Mountain to evolve Magneton into Magnezone

Zoroark hasn’t been especially useful for a while, good thing next is the ghost trial

Against totem Mimikyu, lead Zoroark and U-turn to break disguise, while surviving by putting Marowak in the back so it doesn’t play rough. Then send in Magnezone to Corkscrew Crash.

Alolan Marowak + Hawlucha = Po Town and Guzma defeated

Aether Paradise is still a thing, but this time with actual plot. Magnezone and Hawlucha can defeat everything on Lusamine’s team

Ok now Poni Island!

Exeggutor-Alola @ Quick Claw

Ability: Frisk

- Draco Meteor

- Leaf Storm

- Earthquake

- Flamethrower

I picked Alolan Exeggutor because it needs more love <3

And also because draco meteor destroys things

EQ is also there so it isn’t useless after a draco or two.

Acrobatics or Moonblast destroys the dragon trial, except scizor

Scizor can be defeated by Marowak

PLOT TIME aka Zoroark Cheese

With Hawlucha in the back, Dawn Wings Necrozma will spam psychic attacks. Spam dark attacks back!

Repeat for Ultra Necrozma

For the fairy trial, use basically the same Pokemon for each of the rematches as you did the first time.

For totem Ribombee, use Marowak and Magnezone.

Against Hapu, use Exeggutor and Primarina

Gladion’s lead is crobat, so use Magnezone

Then Hawlucha beats the rest of his team


Rock and Steel are weak to Hawlucha, so he takes most of them out.

Marowak beats Klefki, Magnezone, and Metagross, while Primarina beats Armaldo

Zoroark does well against Acerola with Marowak last

Magnezone beats most of Kahili’s team, Hawlucha beats her Hawlucha, since Flying Press isn’t SE but Acrobatics is.

VS Champion Hau!

Alolan Marowak can beat Alolan Raichu and Leafeon

Hawlucha can beat Tauros, Leafeon, and Incineroar

Primarina beats Noivern, Crabominable, and Incineroar

Alolan Exeggutor can beat Tauros and Leafeon

Magnezone can beat Noivern with enough healing items

Zoroark can abuse illusion to get a free hit with a powerful focus blast or dark pulse off on something such as incineroar or crabominable.

With Hau defeated, you are the champion of Alola!

Man, I wish I could use that ingame trade Hawlucha for the first trial. I love using Hawlucha in playthroughs, and Zoroark needs something weak to psychic on its team for MAXIMUM CHEESE, so I knew what I was going to do immediately. I really wanted to give alolan exeggutor some love, even though it’s pretty late. I wanted to make sure araquanid wasn’t a problem, so I added an early electric type, magnemite. Obviously I needed a starter who did well against the first trial, and fairy beats dark so I picked popplio. Alolan Marowak was the last member of the team I picked, because I wanted a fire type and didn’t want to have to deal with Salazzle’s rarity. I decided on alolan marowak when I realized my team might struggle with electric types a bit, and alolan marowak had lightningrod.

I didn't really get to use zoroark a ton during certain parts, especially the early game, since it has some trouble finding good matchups, and zorua is very weak and harder to use. The other members of the team typically have a stronger answer to any opponent, since dark isn't a great offensive type. Oh well, it beats Ultra Necrozma.

I hope you like my team!
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Sparkling Aria
Shadow Ball

Ok so starter time. As much as it hurts me to not choose litten, Popplio is easily the best option to pair with Zoroark, Early game Popplio/Brionne can easily handle hala which zorua would struggle with. Brionne is an amazing answer for the fire trial and olivia. Becoming a Primarina it now resists both fighting and bug, which zoroark is weak to, and can also easily manage the kommo-o trial which zoroark will absolutely get destroyed in. Moveset is quite simple. Sparkling Aria for water stab, nice strong move with 100% accuracy, have access to it as soon as brionne evolves. Moonblast is Primarinas other stab, get access to it at level 44 which should be in time for kommo-o trial. Psychic, which is accessible by tm from your 1st time encountering aether paradise, really helps with Primarinas poison weakness and can also hit those fighting types really hard before getting moonblast. Psychic allows Primarina to handle most of team skull now since primarina has a lot of natural bulk can easily take at least 1 poison type move and hit back super hard. Shadow Ball is the final option which is found just before the ghost trial which is going to help for it a LOT. The best part about primarina is with its natural spd depending on its level it CAN live a photon geyser at +1 from the ultra necrozma IF it comes down to this… which honestly it wont.

Main fights Popplio/Brionne/Primarina helps/wins against:

Totem Raticate Alola (if you have disarming voice by this point)
Hala (should have disarming voice now)
Totem Marowak Alola (waterium z bubble beam destroys it)
Olivia (brionne wrecks her but watch out for rockium z)
Totem Mimikyu (Primarina has good natural bulk so should be able to take at least 1 hit and hit back really hard/break disguise)
Guzma (with natural bulk and resisting bug Primarina can handle Golisopod/Masquerain, probably his biggest threats)
Lusamine (easily beats bewear)
Hapu (destroyed)
Hau (beats noivern and crabominable easily as well as Incineroar)
Acerola (shadow ball destroys her)
Faba (again, shadow ball)
Totem Ribombee (Completely walls)

Other possible move options:

Aqua Jet. People laugh at this since its a weak physical move and primarina is definitely not a physical attacker but having priority possibly torrent boosted can help out quite a lot in some situations.
Energy Ball. Access just after you receive machamp shove. Energy ball can help out against all those water types that pollute the games (also manages to hit gastro really hard).

Ice Beam. Access pretty close to the elite 4. At this point definitely can help out against the flying e4 member (shouldn’t need psychic at this point).


So for item the main item Primarina will be holding is the Expert Belt. Expert belt is obtainable after beating Hala in the Seaward Cave behind some Tauros smash rocks things. Seeing as it gets amazing coverage giving primarina an expert belt will help it to hit extra hard for all those opponents weak to any of its moves. However you probably realised I said Item/s. That’s because for a couple of parts of the game brionne/primarina require the WateriumZ to guarantee some ohkos. WateriumZ is obtained after beating totem araquanid. Such as against totem marowak, olivia and hapu require the WateriumZ to ohko. Apart from these battles the expert belt is the go to for the rest of the game.

Ability: Torrent. duh



Night Daze
Focus Blast

Ok so now the pokemon we are building a team around. Zorua early game struggles a LOT being weak to hala and totem araquanid. As well as zorua having very poor defensives it probably won’t be seeing a lot of action. Then it becomes a zoroark and honestly… this doesn’t change that much. Zoroark is quite fast and can hit hard until the right situations so its main role on the team will be a revenge killer. But honestly, apart from this Zoroark won’t have a lot of action to take care of. Zoroark is quite good against faba and acerola but apart from maybe 1-2 pokes the opponents has this is it for zoroark. Well… I say it but there is one main roll that zoroark exists for. To beat Ultra Necrozma. Thanks to it’s illusion zoroark can look like any Pokemon on its team. So for this to work all we need to do is put a Pokemon weak to psychic in the back on the team and lead with Zoroark. Zoroark will now look like this Pokemon so naturally Ultra Necrozma will go for his big powerful psychic type STAB. This will not hit zoroark at all. Thanks to the programming Ultra Necrozma is always going to go for the move that is super effective on the Pokemon it is against. Because it thinks it’s against a Pokemon weak to psychic it will keep using Photon Geyser over and over again, not doing a single point of damage since it’s actually zoroark in front. Moveset is again quite standard. Night Daze is going to be main stab. Not the best accuracy or base power ever but dark pulse is post game so like :shrug: Night Daze does have quite a decent chance to lower opponents acc so that can come really helpful. Flamethrower is found in Ancient Poni Plains just before totem Kommo-o. Great fire type move that can provide coverage for grass, bug, steel and ice types. Being as fast as zoroark is and as hard hitting it is Zoroark can probably quite easily ohko anything thats its super effective on. Uturn is found in Malie City Pokemart and uturn basically allows just some free pivots while getting chip damage off. (Honestly here just cause zoroark doesn’t get many good moves :/) And lastly is Focus miss.. Uh imean Focus Blast. Focus Blast has a 30% chance to miss.. Not great at all but very well maybe needed to hit rock/dark/steel types even HARDER. Focus Blast can be found from the Seafolk Village Pokemart.

Main fights Zorua/Zoroark helps/wins against:

Faba (1/2 zoroark has a decent chance of actually sweeping)
Lusamine (Mismagius)
Acerola (2nd fight zoroark can maybe sweep)
Hau (Decidueye)

Key point: im not putting down marowak alola totem for zorua because.. Well it’s a zorua using a physical move against marowak alola totem, It definitely can not ohko and will get blown black by it

Other possible move options:

Thief. Not a great move late game but this is absolutely needed for a specific part of the game.

Nasty Plot. If you wanted to try to set up on something Nasty Plot is great. Only problem is how frail Zoroark is.

Item: Item Choice for Zoroark is the Black Glasses. These are located in Haino Beach. Black Glasses give Zoroark an extra punch for those dark type moves hopefully giving enough of a powerup to ohko the opponent and not get hit.

Ability: Illusion. duh


Hone Claws
High Jump Kick
Poison Jab

Ok I’ll be honest. If there is a team that doesn’t have Hawlucha on it I’m going to be shocked. This thing is such a monster early game and that does not change for late game either. Being able to be obtained BEFORE the 1st grand island trial is insane. Hawlucha is found on Route 2. Hawlucha can easily beats Hala with aerial ace or wing attack. Easily beats totem Araquanid with Flyinium Z. Easily beats totem Lurantis with Flyinium Z. Easily beats Olivia. And and there are 4 more islands to go through (counting exeggutor island and aether paradise) End of the day Hawlucha is an absolute monster and being dual typed fighting/flying Hawlucha resists bug and fighting types which zoroark is weak to and zoroark really helps with psychic types which Hawlucha is weak to. (see where this is going :^) When Ultra-Necrozma finally shows the Pokemon Zoroark will be looking like is going to be Hawlucha. Like stated before this way Ultra Necrozma will keep using Photon Geyser thinking its trying to hit a Hawlucha when in reality it's a Zoroark. 1st move we obtain on this moveset is Hone Claws which is already on Hawlucha as soon as we obtain it from a trade. Boosting Attack and Accuracy by 1 stage after using this move is absolutely devastating. Next move is High Jump Kick which is learned at level 44. Brick Break is a good substitute if you don’t want to risk the chance of missing but since we have hone claws, after using it once High Jump Kick will not miss so that is a base 130 atk, STAB and at +1. This is destroying souls. Next STAB move is Acrobatics. Without an item this move is base 110 bp and 100% accurate. A base 110 flying STAB move paired with a base 130 STAB move possible being +1 atk has literally 0 switch ins. Apart from honedge line but they don’t exist in usum :D. All the other mons that resists both STABs are electric types and I don’t see the need to ever stay in on an electric type with Hawlucha. Acrobatics is obtained at route 15. Final move for Hawlucha is Poison Jab which is Located on route 17. Poison coverage for hawlucha gives it an option to hit fairy types even harder now and with Hawlucha’s amazing speed it will outspeed most of the fairies.

Main fights Hawlucha helps/wins against:

Hala (Destroyed)
Totem Araquanid (Destroyed)
Totem Lurantis (Destroyed)
Olivia (Destroyed)
Guzma (Destroyed)
Nanu (Destroyed)
Lusamine (Bewear, Lilligant and probably mismagius Destroyed)
Totem Kommo-o (probably doesn’t get destroyed but still a LOT of damage)
Moyalne (honestly forgot this person but both times Destroyed apart from skarmory)
Olivia Again (Destroyed)
Hau (Crabominable and Tauros Destroyed)

Other possible move options:

Roost. Good way to get health back if your low on potions.
Flying Press. Strong fighting/flying move that doesn’t have that recoil.
Swords Dance. If you wanted to go with Flying Press over High Jump Kick then I’d suggest SD over hone claws. +2 into atk nothing can live 2 hits.


NONE :D well this is when you get acrobatics. Until then I suggest flyinium z for the totem Araquanid and totem Lurantis

Ability: Limber. Stops annoying paralyzes? Idk but having no item makes unburden unnecessary

(note at this point some certain user has finished and has the exact same team ive planned so im rushing now >:()

Magneton (ok i lied slightly different now c:)

Volt Switch
Flash Cannon
Tri Attack

Ok Magnet. Magnemite is found on 1 near the trainers school. Being a very early steel type is really helpful resists those common normal type moves that ilima and even the 1st trial packs. The main thing people would have realised is that it is Magneton instead of Magnezone. Magneton paired with the eviolite brings more bulk to the team, and Magneton naturally outspeeds Magnezone. So the only thing Magneton is missing out is that it doesn’t hit as hard but they have a difference of 10 SPA. That’s really nothing much at all. Flash Cannon is learned at level 33, This will come in handy against the final trial being fairy type. Thunderbolt is in Sandy Cave which can be obtained after getting sharpedo ride mon. Volt Switch is in Mount Hokulani. With Magnetons nice bulk with the eviolite it can tank a hit and then get a slow volt switch off to bring something faster in to take it out. Tri Attack is the last move and this move is more for fun and such as you can try to get a burn/freeze/para. One of the main points of having Magneton on the team is for that damn annoying Mimikyu Trial. The plan is for Zoroark to lead being a certain ghost type that we will get to later, Take a shadow claw which the mimikyu will go for and then u-turn out into Magneton, breaking the disguise. As long as there is no shadow claw crits magneton can 100% bring down mimikyu.

Main fights Magnemite/Magneton helps/wins against:

Ilima (resisting every single move apart from pursuit)
Totem Raticate/Gumshoos (resisting normal stab and hitting with a strong sonic boom)
Totem Araquanid (just in case Hawlucha cant handle it)
Olivia (Punish those rock types)
Totem Togedemaru (can easily wall both stabs and slowly bring it down)
Totem Mimikyu (As explained)
Guzma (Golisopod and Masquerain)
Faba (Bruxish)
Lusamine (Milotic and Clefable)
Olivia (again)
Acerola (Drifblim and Froslass)
Flying e4 member (sorry i forgot her name but yea magneton easily destroys her apart from oricorio)
Hau (Can wall leafeon)
Molayne (Destroys Skarmory which hawlucha struggles again, Also walls Klefki)

Other possible move options:

Signal Beam. Hit grass types even harder
Discharge. Lose a little bit of power for a better chance to get a para and then outspeed.
Lock-on + zap cannon. Idk but this sounds fun.


Eviolite… duh

Ability: Sturdy. Makes it so Magneton can 100% take at least 1 hit to at least volt switch or hit hard… no stupid excadrills to ruin this.


Shadow Bone
Flare Blitz

Hey, hey, hey. Remember when I said thief would be helpful. THIS IS WHY!!! For those who are trying to figure out what im talking about in the trial against Totem Marowak Alola it holds a certain item that DOUBLES its attack. Making it quite the scary trial. With thief we can steal that item making it so that attack stat is no longer doubles. BUT ALSO we can give it to our own marowak alola to double its attack. Making the hunt for this item not needed. Marowak-Alola holding this item is incredibly strong. Fire and Ghost stabs have nearly 0 answers to deal with. Marowak also resists ALL types zoroark is weak to. Zoroark also resists 2 types marowak alola is weak to. Shadow Bone is Obtained all the way just before the e4 from a heart scale but those are easily obtainable from going to a food shop, selecting the bottom option and eating with the kahuna. Flare Blitz is a super strong move that does have some recoil but it’s honestly worth it. Bonemerang is its best bet for a ground type move seeing as Earthquake is indeed post game, Bonemerang is however nearly as good being 50bp and hitting twice, but sadly has 90% accuracy. This is obtained from a cubone at level 21. Final move is Will-O-Wisp which is a tm found in Konikoni city. This move helps for longevity as it halves the attack stat of any opponent who gets burned. This mixed with marowaks naturally good defense makes it a great physically defensive wall which can hit extremely hard.

Main fights Cubone/Marowak helps/wins against:

Marowak-Alola totem (Can hit quite hard with ground stab as a cubone, will take a lot of damage however)
Lurantis Totem (Absolutely walls and destroys Lurantis as a marowak-alola)
Totem Togedemaru (Absolutely walls and destroys as long as the right ability)
Guzma (Destroyed apart from golisopod, Finally have something for vikavolt!!!)
Faba (Destroyed apart from bruxish)
Lusamine (Destroys Bewear (since fluffy) and lilligant)
Molayne (Destroyed apart from dugtrio-alola)
Hau (walls crabominable and leafeon)

Other possible move options:

Brutal Swing. Since we don’t get shadow bone for a long time Brutal swing is nearly as good being super effective on the exact same types Shadow Bone would.
Flame Charge. Nice trick in order to get Marowaks speed up in order to outspeed and hit really hard. Will require at least 2 to be quite fast however.
Fire punch/Thunder punch. If you want to take the time and don’t want to have that recoil from Flare Blitz Fire Punch is a good substitution. Thunder Punch gives Coverage for some flying types like the flying e4 member


Thick club to b-b-bOOST that attack

Ability: Lightning Rod. ABSOLUTELY HAS TO BE LIGHTNING ROD. Makes it so Marowak-Alola has an immunity to electric type moves allowing it to completely wall said togedemaru and said vikavolt.


Draco Meteor
Leaf Storm
Sludge Bomb

OMG ITS NECKBOI!! Uh yea I’ll be honest Exeggutor-Alola doesn’t have that much of a roll in this. By the time you can get an exeggutor-alola you are already on the 4th island. With there being a dragon and a fairy type trial neckboi is going to struggle a lot. The main reason this big neckboi is on the team is because this team is quite weak to both ground and electric, which exeggutor-alola handles easily, and with a ground kahuna battle coming up exeggutor-alola is going to shine. Moveset is Draco Meteor, which is a tutor move in seafolk village. Base 130 dragon type move this is blowing fools back. Leaf storm is learned at level 47. Once again, only need to use it once, nuke something, then switch out. Flamethrower is nice coverage to help out against other grass types, as well as hitting steel, bugs and ice types quite hard. (but idk why you would stay in on an ice type) Final move is Sludge Bomb which is found in the shady house. If you are feeling risky stay in against a fairy type and click sludge bomb… but otherwise it’s more of a filler move.

Main fights Exeggutor-Alola helps/wins against:

Hapu (wrecks her apart from flygon)
Olivia (hits really hard)
Hau (walls raichu quite nicely)

Other possible move options: (can mainly be swapped with sludge bomb)

Giga Drain/Energy Ball. If you don’t want to drop your spa with leafstorm you very well can still hit quite hard with energy ball or hit a bit less hard with giga drain but also get some hp back.
Trick Rom. If you are feeling fancy set up a trick room and absolutely destroy teams for 2-3 turns.


This one I honestly don’t know :/ out of 2 options. Dragonium Z Draco Meteor like literally has 0 things that wants to take that apart from fairy types. Such a good nuke. Or quick claw if you want to bargain with that 20% to outspeed some people and hit them hard first.

Ability: Frisk. Duh.
Alright so uh yea hope u like the team and hope it was worth reading 3065 words for it :D.
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Alright. Here comes my idea! Note: The matchups will be in 2 categories: Great and destroys. Great means it can take on many members but struggles vs a member or 2, and destroys means it wrecks the opponents entire team. However, when the foe is just a Pokemon like a Totem, this means it can do major stuff to Totem Pokemon, but not outright beat them. Destroys for single opponents like Totems

Primirina: The best starter for a best USUM team. Item: Waterium Z
Moves: Sparkling Aria
No idea for fourth move

Great: Totem Gumshoos, Totem Araquanid, Guzma (all fights), Plumberia,Totem Mimikyu, Lusamine, Totem Kommo-o, Molayne, that flying elite four member I forgot the name of, Maxie, Archie, Cyrus (the version he has Dialga), Ghetsis, Giovanni, Blue, Red, Hau (all fights), Gladion (all fights)
Destroys: Totem Raticate, Hala, Totem Marowak, Olivia, Nanu, Hapu, Ultra Recon Squad (all fights), Hala (again), Olivia (again), Cyrus (version he has Palkia)

Hawlucha: Item: None
High Jump Kick
Hone claws?
No idea for this move

Great: Totem Marowak, Guzma (all), Lusamine, Hapu, Hau (champion battle), Archie, Maxie, Cyrus, Lysandre, Ghetsis, Giovanni, Blue, Red, Gladion (all)

Destroys: Totem Gumshoos/Raticate, The Ultra Recon Squad, (first fight only, otherwise don't bother), Hala, Totem Araquanid, Totem Lurantis, Olivia, Totem Togedemaru, Nanu, Hala (again), Olivia (again)

Zoroark (because I have to) Item: Black Glasses/Darkium Z
Nasty Plot
Dark Pulse
Flamethrower (not sure if it learns this but I think it does)
Focus Blast/Substitute (only ideas I have)
Great: Dexio and the girl beside him,Totem Marowak (disguised as Brionne), Guzma (if it can get flamethrower before second fight, otherwise don't even bother), Hapu, Hau (the fights he has Alolan Raichu), Giovanni, Blue, and nope not Red
Destroys: Faba, Dusk Mane/Dawn Wings Necrozma, Ultra Necrozma (disguised as Hawlucha) and Accerola... Yeah Zoura/Zoroark doesn't have much going for it

Magnezone Item: Electrium Z/Steelium Z ability (because this time it's important): Sturdy
Flash Cannon
Volt Switch
Thunder Wave
Great: Lima, Totem Gumshoos, Gladion (all fights), Totem Lurantis, Totem Togedemaru, Totem Mimikyu, Guzma (second fight onwards), Lusimaine, Necrozma (USUM version other version don't bother), Archie, Cyrus, Blue, Red

Destroys: Totem Araquanid, Plumberia, Olivia, Guzma (first fight), Ultra Recon Squad (all fights), Ultra Necrozma (with a Hyper potion, otherwise great), the Flying elite four member I forgot the name of

Alright, this is the part where I run out of ideas don't be surprised if these next 2 suck

Necrozma (Fused) Item: Ultra Necrozium Z
Photon Geyser
Dragon Pulse
Sunsteel Strike/Moongiest beam

Great: The flying elite four member, Maxie, Lysandre, Blue
Destroys: Hala, Olivia, Hau (yay someone who destroys him, although you won't get to use this against him until champion fight), Giovanni, Red (yup. That's right, this thing destroys him. You may think it loses to Lapras, but Light that burns the sky exists)

And lastly... This is the worst, but uhh I said I ran out of ideas

Lurantis: Item: Grassium Z
Swords dance
Leaf Blade
Brick Break
No idea

Great: Totem Togedemaru, Totem Mimikyu, Lusimaine, Hapu, Accerola, Hau (all fights), Archie, Ghetsis, Giovanni, Blue, Red
Destroys: Olivia (both fights) and Lana... Yup uhh I'm braindead for this last member.

Wasted too much time on this comment! Longest one by far.
Edit: Forget the fact I mentioned Hawlucha for the first totem, just remembered even in game trades aren't allowed. Oh well Magnemite could fix that anyways
Edit (and hopefully the last one): Actually I have a great idea for the 6th member now (although was too lazy to think of one at first) so uhh

Mudsale: Item: Groundium Z/ground attack boosting item

Rock Slide/Stone Edge
Heavy slam
Toxic (trust me it pairs great with stamita and healing items)

Great: Totem Marowak, Olivia, Guzma (all fights), Totem Mimikyu, Lusimaine, Ultra Necrozma (you'd be better off with the Zoroark/Hawlucha combo though), Hala, Olivia (how many times must I say her name), that flying elite four member, Hau (all fights), Maxie, Ghetsis, Giovanni, Blue, Red
Destroys: Totem Togedemaru, Plumberia, The Ultra Recon Squad, Dusk Mane Necrozma (out of luck for dawn wings though)
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So, this is the team

This team is for Ultra Moon, but can be used for Ultra Sun.
Coverages will be listed after the list of Pokemon

First off, we have the starter Pokemon, which will be Primarina.
Popplio is one of the 3 Alolan starters, along with Rowlet and Litten.

Pokemon: Primarina
Ability: Torrent
Item: Primarium Z (Obtained after defeating Guzma at Malie Garden)

-Sparkling Aria
-Ice Beam

Primarina has the most type matchups against trainers in USUM. Water and Fairy are very good types, Ice moves tend to be late game, and psychic is pretty good.

Second off, we have the most important Pokemon on the Journey, Zoroark.
Zorua can be found at the Trainers school. It evolves at level 30.

Pokemon: Zoroark
Ability: Illusion
Item: Amulet Coin

-Night Daze
-Shadow Ball

This set helps against bug types, and allows you to carefully switch, and be more evasive with Night Daze. Amulet Coin is useful for buying U-Turn in Malie City, and gets more money over the whole journey.

#3 is Hairyama. Makuhita is found on Route 2, and evolves at level 24.
Pokemon: Hairyama
Ability: Guts
Item: Sitrus Berry

-Brick Break
-Heavy Slam
-Belly Drum
-Smelling Salts

This set is good for sweeping and setting up to do good against random trainers.

The fourth Pokemon on the team is Talonflame. Flectling can be found at Wela Volcano Park and evolves once at level 17, than again at 35.

Pokemon: Talonflame
Ability: Flame Body
Item: Any berry that heals the holder

-Flame Charge
-Brave Bird

This set is good for helping Zoroark against Bugs and the berry + brave bird makes acrobatics easier to utilize.

The fifth Pokemon is Vikavolt. Grubbin can be found on the early routes, evolves at level 20, and, in USUM, again at Blush Mountain.

Pokemon: Vikavolt
Ability: Levitate
Item: Quick Claw

-Bug Buzz
-Solar Beam
-Flash Cannon

This set is very special, so try not to get a Adamant Grubbin. It gives coverage for many of it and Zoroarks weaknesses.

#6 and the last Pokemon is: Flygon! Trapinch is a encounter at Haina desert and evolves at level 35, than again at 45.

Pokemon: Flygon
Ability: Levitate
Item: Leftovers

-Dragon Claw
-Rock Slide
-Giga Impact

This set deals with most trainers in the late game areas.

This team was very hard to pick. I went for originality and coverages. Example being instead of using Magnezone, I used Vikavolt.

Melemele: Picks Popplio, battles Hau, catches Grubbin, battles Hau, catches Zorua, Catches Makuhita, battles totem Gumshoos/Raticate, Popplio should evolve, battles Soleria/Dulse, battles Hau, beats Hala.

Akala: battles Sina/Dexio, battles Hau, battles Gladion, Grubbin should evolve, battles Totem Araquanid, Battles Soleria/Dulse, does the special battle royal, catches Fletchling, Fletchling should evolve, battles totem Marowak, Makuhita should evolve, totem Lurantis defeated, plumeria battled, Olivia defeated, Nihilego either defeated or fled.

Ula'Ula: battles Hau, Zorua should evolve, totem Togedemaru defeated, Guzma defeated, Brionne should evolve, Fletchinder should evolve, Charjabug should evolve, defeats totem Mimikyu, catches Trapinch, Trapinch should evolve, beats Plumeria, beats Guzma, beats Gladion, beats Nanu, goes to aether, beats Faba (twice), Vibrava should evolve [giving you a full team!}, beats Guzma, beats Soleria/Dulse, beats Lusamine.

Poni and the Elite Four: Exeggutor Island, battles Soleria/Dulse, battles totem Kommo-o, Nebby gets absorbed by Necrozma, battles Dusk Mane/Dawn Wings Necrozma, goes through Ultra Space, arrives to Ultra Megalopolis and the Megalo Tower, battles the almighty Ultra Necrozma, saves Alola, does Mina's trial, battles Totem Ribombee, battles Hapu, heads to Mount Lanikila, battles Gladion, battles Necrozma again, gets to league, battles the E4 (done in any order), beats Hau, and thats game!

Post Game Includes Battling Red/Blue and Team RR. These events can be done in a different order if chosen.

Goes To Ancient Poni Path and receives a Type: Null from Wicke, Goes to Poni Grove and catches (or defeats) Blacephalon/Stakataka, goes to festival plaza to stop Team RR in the Battle Agency, goes to Poni Plains, goes to Poni Coast, goes to Poni Gauntlet, arrives at battle tree and battled Red or Blue. Battles Faba w/ Lillie, Battles grunts W/ Guzma. Can battle Archie or Maxie (must battle both), battles Cyrus (has Dialga in US, Palkia in UM), battles Lysandre (has Xerneas in US, Yveltal in UM), battles Ghetsis (has Zekrom in US, Reshiram in UM), and finally, and last off, battles Giovanni, who has Mewtwonite X in Ultra Sun, and Mewtwonite Y in Ultra Moon.

The team of 6 should be able to handle all of these battles. It is very diverse and has coverages for all the types and is easily accessible. This team helps Zoroark the most, in my opinion at least. What are your opinions on this team?
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Alright this is my entry.

Item: Decidium Z/Grassium Z/Miracle Seed
Ability: Overgrow
- Leaf Blade
- Spirit Shackle
- U-turn
- Leaf Storm

I decided to pick Decidueye as the starter. Whilst it's probably the weakest of the three in a vacuum, it provides much better synergy with the rest of the team than Primarina or Inceneroar. Decidueye Ghost Typing gives it an immunity to Fighting which the team would otherwise be pretty weak to.
Decidueye does well against Hala and Elite Four Olivia, but it can do decently in most fights.

For the item you should put the Z-Crystal on fights where they would do well, on fights where they don't you should put the Miracle Seed which can be found on Route 8.

For its first move I've chosen Leaf Blade as it's Decidueye's best Physical Grass move.

Spirit Shackle is Decidueye's best Ghost STAB and is learned upon evolution. Ominous Wind is used before Evolution since it provides good coverage even without STAB.

I've chosen U-Turn as Decidueye's third move so that Decidueye can pivot out and it helps Decidueye against Dark Types. The TM for U-Turn can be bought at Malie City. Before then Growl can be used as a filler option.

For its last move I've chosen Leaf Storm as it gives Decidueye a really strong move that uses its quite good Special Attack of 100, the stat drop doesn't really hinder Decidueye at all since the rest of it's moveset is entirely physical. Leaf Storm is only avaible via Move Reminder so it comes in very late before then Brave Bird is pretty good coverage move, Synthesis is also an option.

Item: Darkinium Z/Dread Plate
Ability: Illusion
- Night Daze
- Focus Blast
- Toxic
- Nasty Plot

Zoroark is a huge help against some of the games strongest pokemon by tricking them into using not very effective or inneffective moves against it with Illusion and then hit them hard, set up Nasty Plot or put them on a timer with Toxic. In particular this is great against Ultra Necrozma, Giovanni's Mewtwo and Ghetsis' Reshiram/Zekrom just to name a few.

For its item it should carry Darkinium Z in fights where Dark moves are useful otherwise it should carry the Dread Plate which can be bought in Hau'oli City.

Night Daze is Zoroarks best Dark STAB taking advantage of its higher special attack. It comes in late though since it's learned at level 64 or via move reminder before then Foul Play is probably your best option despite it being physical, Snarl can is also an option if you want to debuff enemies which can be useful in dealing with totem pokemon.

Focus Blast is good coverage option especially against opposing Dark types. It's TM can be bought in Seafolk Village, before then Grass Knot is basically Zoroarks only special coverage move and can be found in Lush Jungle.

Toxic is useful in putting Pokemon on a timer which is especially useful against Totems, Ultra Necrozma and Team Rainbow Rockets legendaries. It's TM can be found in the Aether Paradise. In some fights you might want to swap Toxic for Flamethrower which can be found in Vast Poni Canyon. Earlier on U-Turn can be used, since pivoting can be useful and Zoroark is kinda lacking in options.

Nasty Plot allows Zoroark to increase its special attack. Zoroark can pretty easily find an opportunity to do so thanks to Illusion. It's learned rather late at level 54. Before then Low Sweep allows Zoroark to decrease the opponents speed which can be useful in a few situations, it's also a decent coverage option.

Item: Sitrus Berry
Ability: Unburden
- High Jump Kick
- Acrobatics
- X-Scissor
- Swords Dance

It seems almost everyone is using Hawlucha and with good reason, it has incredible stats for the early game, its typing synergises incredibly well with Zoroark and a great ability in Unburden which can allow it to outspeed pretty much everything after it's item is used. Hawlucha's greatest contribution is destroying the early game but it's also useful against fights such as Totem Togedemaru, Totem Kommo-o, Nanu, Guzma and Team Rainbow Rockets plenty of Dark Types.

Hawlucha's best ability is Unburden which gives it a speed boost when its item is consumed. It should always carry a consumable item because of this, Sitrus Berry is a good option but other berry's such as Liechi Berry, Supereffictive Berries and even just a regular Oran Berry can work.

High Jump Kick is Hawlucha's best Fighting STAB and is learned at level 44, before then Flying Press is its strongest STAB, Brick Break can be used instead if you don't like Flying Press' double typing.

Acrobatics takes full advantage of Hawlucha's ability and can be found on route 15, before then Fly is the strongest you can get which can be usefull for stalling turns.

X-Scissor helps Hawlucha cover Psychic types and can be found on route 16, before then U-Turn is a good option.

Swords Dance is Hawlucha's best setup option but it comes in rather late at level 60, before then Hawlucha can use Hone Claws or Bulk Up.

Alolan Dugtrio

Item: Steelium Z/Soft Sand/Iron Plate

Ability: Tangling Hair
- Iron Head
- Earthquake
- Sucker Punch
- Stone Edge

Alolan Dugtrio provides the team with an answer for Fairy types which the team is otherwise very weak to. It does particularly well against Mina, Totem Ribombee, Totem Togedemaru, Molayne and Olivia.

I chose Tangling Hair as the ability since its other abilities are reliant on sand to work.

Iron Head is Alolan Dugtrio's best Steel STAB it's learned at level 41.

Earthquake is Alolan Dugtrio's best Ground STAB it's learned 47, before then you have the option of either Buldoze to lower speed or Dig for more power.

Sucker Punch gives Alolan Dugtrio a bit more coverage and a priority move for the rare instances where it's outsped. It's learned at level 22.

Stone Edge is a powerful coverage option, it's TM can be bought at Seafolk Village. You can also use Rock Slide if you would like a bit more accuracy or Rock Tomb to debuff opponents. Both of these moves are also good options before you get to Seafolk.

Item: Flyinium Z
Ability: Intimidate
- Waterfall
- Bounce
- Crunch
- Dragon Dance

Back from my DP team is Gyarados and again it's great in this game. It has great stats especially for the point in the game where you obtain it, a pretty good movepool, an excellent ability and a great defensive typing. It struggles before it evolves and has to get Bounce through tutor but those about the only downsides to using Gyarados. Gyarados does incredibly well against Totem Marowak and Lurantis as well as basically any fight where it gets a setup oppurtunity once it learns Dragon Dance.

I've chosen Intimidate as its ability since the attack debuff makes Gyarados pretty hard to KO and can be a huge help against totems.

Flyinium Z gives Gyarados an incredibly powerfull one turn STAB flying move and is by far its best option. Before it learns Dragon Dance Normalium Z in combination with Splash is also a very good option due to the +3 attack boost it provides.

Waterfall is Gyarados' most reliable physical Water STAB, Aqua Tail can also be used if you want to trade a bit of accuracy for a bit more power, it's also your best option until you get the Waterfall TM.

Bounce gives Gyarados a physical Flying STAB it can be learned via move tutor once you get to Akala Island, it requires doing the surfing minigame multiple times but it's easily worth the effort.

Since Earthquake is quite out of the way, Crunch is Gyarados' best coverage option, it's learned at level 39.

Dragon Dance gives Gyarados one of the best boosting moves in the game allowing it to potentially sweep teams when it's given an oppurtiny to set up. It's learned at level 45, before then Z-Splash is a decent boosting option, Buldoze can also be used for coverage.

Ultra Necrozma
Item: Ultranecrozium Z
Ability: Neuroforce
- Photon Geyser
- Moongeist Beam/Sunsteel Strike
- Brick Break
- Stone Edge

Since the Ultra Necrozma fight can be cheesed easily, the hardest part of the game will probably be Team Rainbow Rocket. The best answer for their legendaries is using a legendary pokemon of our own. Ultra Necrozma is one of the best and one of the easiest to obtain. It also comes in at level 65 which is higher than all of the pokemon in the elite four and almost on par with Team Rainbow Rockets legendaries.

Ultra Necrozma's moveset can vary quite a bit between fights since it can use specific moves to help with specific fights, for example Solar Beam is a good option against Maxie's Groudon. The moveset that I've provided is what I think is its overall best moveset if we avoid moves that are too far out of the way like Earthquake, Dragon Pulse and Dark Pulse. Photon Geyser is Necrozma's best STAB. Moongeist Beam and Sunsteel Strike are great coverage options. Brick Break helps against Team Rainbow Rockets plenty of Dark types and Stone Edge is a strong coverage option.
Hey guys, after countless years of research and field work, I've devised the Best Team For Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

I'm going to try to keep my descriptions shorter and more digestible so if there's a question you have about something on my team don't hesitate to ask me. Also, for the record, my first playthrough of Ultra Moon involved a Zoroark in the form of one of my main team members, so I have some hands on experience with it in these games. I tried to build a team that would maximize Zoroark's effectiveness rather than building an effective team then including Zoroark in it as an afterthought.

All of you guys picked Primarina because just like Popplio, you are clowns. Rowlet/Decidueye is obviously the optimal choice for a playthrough centered on Zoroark. The Zorua line's biggest weaknesses are fighting type attacks, so being disguised as the Rowlet line can dissuade the enemy pokemon from using any fighting attacks. You'll be able to fight Hala with zero worries with Dartrix's fighting resistance. Thanks to Flyinium Z being accessible much earlier on in the ultra games, Dartrix is helpful against several of the Totem Pokemon and Trials thanks to Supersonic Sky-Strike. You'll be able to take down Totem Araquanid with a Supersonic Sky-Strike and a regular old Pluck. While Araquanid's Aurora Beam looks scary on paper, it has average base power and the totem's special attack is too low for it to bring Dartrix below half hp. And again I'm speaking from experience as I've played through with a similar team. Also Supersonic Sky-Strike can potentially OHKO Totem Lurantis, and if not Dartrix can easily two shot. Decidueye is also a great asset against Olivia, Mimikyu, Faba, Acerola, Hapu and then Lana Mallow and Illima in the Fairy Trial.

The Final Moveset for Decidueye should be something like this.
Leaf Blade
Spirit Shackle
Brave Bird

Item: Decidium Z or Flyinium Z (you'll likely want to switch items depending on the battle/area)

As an afterthought, Decidueye can learn False Swipe which is helpful if you are struggling to catch a certain pokemon or plan on doing any side activities such as shiny hunting.

What the... the Illusion faded, it's Zoroark! Zoroark doesn't have a whole lot of good matchups through USUM but it is very helpful to cheese past certain battles that might have been difficult otherwise. You'll mostly want to back party it or have it disguised as Crobat until it's a Zoroark, only then will you want to start bringing it out for more battles. It's a nice way to deal with Psychic and Ghost types, but you'll mostly want to utilize illusion cheese when you can by tricking the ai into attacking your Illusion with psychic or resisted attacks. For most of early game its use against important battles is limited, its biggest use will be throwing in some extra attacks against Totem Marowak if you need it. Once you reach later game its much more important to the playthrough. Against Totem Mimikyu, I would recommend breaking its Disguise with one of your party members (maybe weaken it a little bit too) then send in Zoroark disguised as Crobat. Mimikyu will use Shadow Claw which Zoroark will be able to take pretty well. Where Zoroark comes in clutch is against Ultra Necrozma. It's one of the few definitive counters to the hardest boss in the game without over-leveling or items. While using Illusion to disguise Zoroark as Crobat, Necrozma will repeatedly use Photon Geyser. You can use these free turns to Toxic, then Night Slash, which has the added chance of critting which would bypass Necrozma's aura. Zoroark is helpful against Acerola and can be beneficial in multiple situations thanks to Illusion.

Night Daze (Dark Pulse is not obtainable until Post Game.)
U-Turn/Night Slash

Item: Darkinium Z/Scope Lens

Crobat felt like a no-brainer to have on the team. Zoroark's weaknesses are Fairy, Fighting, and Bug type. Crobat resists all 3, two of which are double resists. Having Zoroark disguised as Crobat will discourage the ai from attacking you with super effective, and you'll also be able to trick the opponent into using psychic type moves which you are immune to. Poison/Flying is one of the best types to have Zoroark disguised as. Crobat can be an effective illusion for Zoroark, and Crobat can switch in to take a super effective attack coming towards Zoroark. In terms of matchups Crobat overlaps a little bit with Dartrix, however I didn't see it as a big deal since the timing of when Zubat will evolve might vary slightly. However Crobat will fill the flying type void well once Dartrix evolves. Make sure to grab a soothe bell for returning to Iki Town so you can get your friendship on Zubat as high as possible, try to put it at the front of your party when your commuting and try your best to not let it faint in battle. The Zubat line has an advantage against many big battles including: Hala, Totem Araquanid, Totem Lurantis, Guzma, Lusamine, Totem Kommo-o and Totem Ribombee.

Moveset should be something like
Sludge Bomb
Leech Life/U-Turn

Item: None/Flyinium Z/Poisinium Z

You could probably make do with Lycanroc-Midnight, but for this team, Midday is definitely the better form. I noticed my team did not have a lot of checks to flying or ice types so I needed something fast that could one shot them since both mentioned types are traditionally rather frail. Rockruff evolves early into Lycanroc and can assist my team in taking down Totem Marowak. Lycanroc also has Priority stab and is one of the fastest pokemon you can get so it will often be able to assist the team in taking down other totems and finishing off or weakening neutral matchup opponents. It gets some helpful moves like Rock Tomb to slow down opponents so some of your other pokemon can come in and outspeed, Swords Dance to set up and sweep when the opportunity presents itself, and Stealth Rock if you want to get continuous damage on longer late game battles. Lycanroc also gets access to some nice coverage like Crunch and Brick Break. Throughout your journey, Lycanroc will be very helpful against Totem Araquanid, Totem Marowak, Guzma, the Fairy Trial, and it will be a very valuable member during the Pokemon League. In terms of moveset, you'll be taking advantage of multiple moves throughout your journey but the set I'd recommend for the League is:

Rock Slide
Stone Edge/Swords Dance/Accelrock
Stealth Rock

Item: Lycanium Z/Rockium Z/Shell Bell

Again, the moveset really depends how much you plan on using Lycanroc and how you want to use it. Splintered Stormshards is a nuke but there are other Z Move options on this team. It also forces you to have Stone Edge which takes up a moveset you might want for coverage or utility. Rock Slide is sort of a requirement, otherwise you'll run out of Stab PP way too quickly. To be honest, any combination of the 6 listed moves is fine :P

I really don't like Totem Togedemaru so I instantly knew I needed to include Mudsdale. Mudsdale's Dead-Togedemaru will be able to destroy Totem Togedemaru like it's a game freak apologist. Both Mudsdale and Mudbray are great physical walls and can launch off some strong counter attacks too. It's always nice to have a tanky pokemon to rely on if you need to heal weakened members or something goes wrong. Mudsdale is also great for breaking through bulkier Rock and Steel types. Overall Mudsdale is a great pokemon that can hold its own against nearly anything in battle. Coverage like Heavy Slam can be nice against Totem Mimikyu as well. The important battles its helpful in are Totem Marowak, Olivia, Plumeria, Totem Togedemaru, Totem Mimikyu, and Molayne.
My recommended moveset is:
Heavy Slam
Double Kick/Superpower
Rock Slide

Item: Fightinium Z/Groundium Z/Sitrus Berry if you are into Poke Pelago

Vaporeon is the last member of the team. Vaporeon works very well with Mudsdale as a defensive duo. They have a shared grass weakness but thats easily helped by Crobat and Dartrix/Decidueye. Vaporeon is a straight forward pokemon, yet highly effective at what it does. High special attack and great bulk will allow it to take on a wide range of adversities. I would recommend pairing it with the Waterium Z. Hydro Vortex paired with Vaporeons offenses will be sending many opponents to a watery grave. The water stone is not available until Route 8 after Totem Marowak, but once Vaporeon is evolved you can teach it the tm for scald and it will become a force to be reckoned with. Battles in which Vaporeon especially excels in are Olivia, Hapu, and Kiawe.
The set I chose is:
Hydro Pump
Ice Beam
Shadow Ball

Item: Waterium Z/Mystic Water

That's pretty much it for the team. If there was something I overlooked or I made a mistake, let me know and I'll be happy to respond! This was a ton of fun and I look forward to seeing some of the teams people come up with!
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The results are in! Every team submitted had its own merits, and it was a close decision. But one team met the established criteria better than the rest, and in the view of the judges made the ideal group of partners for an USUM playthrough. And the winning team belongs to... Tempoleon !

Tempoleon's Team

Between a Grass/Flying starter and the seemingly always early Zubat, Tempoleon comes right out the gate with some very helpful partners for Zorua. The remaining three teammates are added in a steady stream for the player's exploration of Melemelee and Akala island, and efficiently provide the team with an offensive and defensive backbone. It can't be under-emphasized how well Tempoleon covered Zoroark's many issues, from frailty to lack of accessible coverage- a player could lead Zoroark for the most of the game and will usually have a safe switch-in to fall back on that will counter the opponent. Tempoleon's style certainly prioritizes the main story over post-game, as while Lycanroc's role would be done better by for example, a legendary, its earlier presence provides an extra layer of speedy, powerful security against the unexpected power USUM tends to throw at the player. This prioritization didn't necessarily contribute to Tempoleon's victory on its own, but served well to justify their unique choices.

A big thank-you to everyone who participated and took the time to analyze this set of games before the series moves on! We believe it's a rather fun and interesting exercise worth promoting (or at the very least a good way to obtain/enhance knowledge which can be flexed on other fans). If you enjoyed this contest in any form, stay tuned for further events and teambuilding competitions from the Pokemon Games community in the future!​
Congratulations! Tempoleon, I honestly thought from square one I may lose anyways, I'm only am good with individual matchups, not team synergy in fact I'm garbage at team synergy, so I kind of knew I'd lose anyways. But yeah, you won so uhh that's something to be proud of.

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