#pokemon Late Night I Tournaments - Season 2- Week Three

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Seasoned members of Smogon might remember the late night tournaments on Pokemon Online in the days of yore. These tournaments were small tournaments with various unorthodox limitations placed on teambuilding that occurred on PO that carried various rewards. I'm here to bring some good news, the #pokemon staff have decided to bring a return to LNTs!

Now we're not hosting them on PS due to the large playerbase on the server that would make organizing a tournament like this impossible. LNTs will be hosted on #pokemon, Smogon's official IRC channel. LNTs will occur in short 5 week seasons, with points being awarded on how well each player does in the tournament. The winner of each "season" will receive HalfOps on #pokemon. Halfops is the IRC version of PS's drivers, so it's a nice prize!

I will be the primary host of LNTs, although there will be other hosts besides me. The current hosts are me, Rodan, Treecko, Melee Mewtwo and Hyperbeem. As a general guideline, LNTs will be hosted in the ballpark of around 10:00 pm EST, however the exact timing is at the discretion of the host.

If you are unsure on how to connect to #pokemon, you can use this simple mibbit link here.
LNTs are welcome to everyone, be they a #pokemon veteran or a new member wanting to join the channel that's timid. These are a great way to test the waters on IRC so don't feel like you can't come on and join us!


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We're beginning the first week with a somewhat simple theme. For Week 1 of LNTs, you will only be able to use Pokemon that were introduced in the same generation. This means that if you want to use Ninetales on your team, you can only use Pokemon that were introduced in first generation. The rules are as follows:

1. you can only use Pokemon from one generation. Ergo, if I pick first generation, I am limited to Pokemon introduced in Red/Blue/Yellow.
2. Since weather teams are going to be somewhat less effective in this due to a lot of the abusers being introduced in different generations than the weather starters, I am going to allow the use of Excadrill, Thundurus-Incarnate, Tornadus-Therian, Manaphy and Blaziken.
3. Due to the majority of Swift Swim Pokemon not being introduced in generations other than the Johto games, I will allow Swift Swim to be used.
4. There are no limitations on abilities or moves. Drought Ninetales and Drizzle Politoed will be allowed.
5. Signups will begin at 10:00 pm eastern standard time. I'd like to have the battles start at 10:45 pm if possible. That means I will be closing signups at 10:30 pm. I will lock the thread to prevent any stragglers.

Feel free to discuss pairings and potential teams in #pokemon. I will be updating the brackets there, so you'll want to pay attention!

To sign up, simply post in this thread.


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EDIT: I'm away this weekend so RODAN will be hosting the LNT with a different theme

I'm going to get the formality of announcing this weekend's theme out of the way now because it's going to require a bit of research for players unfamiliar with earlier generations.

The rule for Saturday, May 18th's LNT is as follows:

If a Pokemon can learn a move in any generation, be it first through fifth, it may legally use it. Furthermore, restrictions on move legality based on breeding/tutors/events are removed. In example, the Crown beast legendaries are not locked into natures, nor do they have to be shiny for this.

Due to the limitations of PS, you will need to use the Hackmons tier to satisfy the requirements for the tournament. The ruleset is still BW2 OU.

Due to an extremely specific case in this, I will be removing OHKO clause for this weekend's tournament.

Don't sign up yet, but start building your teams for this weekend!
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