#pokemon Late Night I Tournaments - Season 2- Week Three

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If your opponent can prove (through calc) that you are using illegal EVs since it's hackmons you will be disqualified and possibly face further punishment.

Also, use the Custom Game tier instead of Hackmons so you can have team preview


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this weeks lnt will be: GODS AMONG US
this will be a bw ubers tournament with a spin - all 6 pokemon have to be different arceus formes, also arceus must be holding a plate. so no normalceus


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This weekend's LNT will be an other metagame that i found intriguing. We will be playing SuperSTAB, where Pokemon learn every move of their type. However, to spice things up a bit, I am placing a restriction on this metagame. You may only use moves that share the typing with your pokemon. For example:

Scizor has access to Shift Gear, but loses access to superpower, since Superpower doesn't get a STAB bonus.
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