#pokemon Late Night I Tournaments - Season 2- Week Three

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Hi guys! :)

I'm hosting tomorrow night's Late Night Tour at 10:00 PM EST. The theme for tomorrow night's tour is Ability Exchange, and you can find the rules for this Other Metagame here. If you guys have any questions about the theme, feel free to contact me on #pokemon or by sending me a VM. Sign-ups will open around 9:30 PM EST tomorrow night, so keep an eye out and hang out with us on IRC!
FLCL v. hill
Dice v. bobbyvaporeon
Honus v. scorpdestroyer
tehy v. Meruem
Raseri v. tagliatelle21
Treecko v. breh

Dice v. FLCL
Honus v. breh
tagliatelle v. Tehy

Dice v. Tehy
Tehy v. Honus
Honus v. Dice


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this weeks theme is: One Step Behind

no pokemon with base speed over 65 may be used, 2 pokemon must be holding iron ball/lagging tail, toxic, toxic spikes and priority moves are banned

so are ubers
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