Pokemon NPC mafia postgame

The village started with only 12 guaranteed members, but had quite a lot more powers than is usual, at one point in the game there were up to 6 villagers that were immune to death that night! There were only 12 guaranteed villagers because I took into account neutrals that would want to help village, power of village roles, and mafia crossfires.

The village:

Dear Toothache / Da Letter El,

You are Suicune. You were a main character in Celebi: Voice of the Forest.

After seeing Vicious use Celebi to destroy the forest, you have decided to ally yourself with the citizens of the land to protect its denizens. You can detect whether users are pure of heart with your water. By PMing imperfectluck 'Night X - Offer pure water to USER,' and if they accept it, you will know that they are pure of heart and are allied with your cause. You have also heard of a man named Eusine looking for you lately, although you are unsure as to his intentions.

You win if the Pokemon NPCs win.
Toothache was the standard village alliance checker, but unfortunately he died on the first night without accomplishing anything. Was later revived by Team Aether, which was a good choice, but Da Letter El was unable to unite the remaining village members or get many claims, and died with Team Aether before he was able to sign on and defend Team Aether who he knew was clean. He was checking asim on the one night he had available but was directed to Phantasia by Eo Ut Mortus whom he found clean, but was unable to tell anyone at all with the speed lynch on the following day. Although, Suicune's revival did have the hilarious side effect of de-wolfing asim temporarily.

Dear Ace Matador.,

You are Benny. You are a Pokemon Trainer who lives in Palmpona. You traded your Wobbuffet away for a Lickitung by accident, in part thanks to the Magikarp Salesman.

With your newly acquired Lickitung, you like to show it off to everyone. By PMing imperfectluck 'Night X - Licking USER,' you will visit that user and have your Lickitung incessantly Lick them. Whoever it is will be so annoyed that they will target you with whatever they were doing that night.

You win if the Pokemon NPCs win.
Standard martyr ability commonly found in many villages, he martyred Team Rocket's silencer, Mekkah, the first night, but forgot he was silenced! He posted, resulting in a godkill, and didn't even get to tell anyone before he died who he had targeted that night.

Dear Agape,

You are Jigglypuff. You are a wild Pokemon which appears multiple times in the Pokemon anime.

With your trademark magic marker, you can draw on people's faces. By PMing imperfectluck 'Night X - Draw on USER's face,' you will find it remarkably easy to keep track of that user and find out who they visited that night. You can also put people to sleep with your trademark song. By PMing imperfectluck 'Night X - Singing to whoever cares to listen,' you will sing all night long, and anyone that comes in contact with you will find themselves too sleepy to do anything the next day or night. This does not protect you from any roles, though. You may not use both abilities in the same night.

You win if the Pokemon NPCs win.
Agape was standard village watcher role with a twist, if he survived until later game, if any bad guys (or good I suppose) had targeted him, they would have found themselves hooked + silenced for a cycle. However, he decided to use his second ability, Singing, on Nights 2 and 3 instead of gathering information for the village, and nobody targeted him on those nights. He then died a few nights later without doing anything else, as he was mostly repeatedly hooked.

Dear Thunda,

You are Duplica. You are a young girl who works as a performing Pokemon Trainer and impressionist.

With your mimicking powers and Dittos at your disposal, you can mimic any other user in the game. By PMing imperfectluck 'Night X - Transform into USER,' you will turn into that user for the next night, receiving any passive and active powers they may have for one night. You will not be able to copy all powers. You may choose to Transform again instead of using your powers. If you are inspected while Transformed, you will show up with that person's role PM, although you will not know what that role PM was.

You win if the Pokemon NPCs win.
This role could pseudo-inspect as well as copy roles, but all Thunda did was find out that Team Aether's ability was 'Night X - Fishing' on Night 1, and then led a failed lynch against LonelyNess that got himself lynched instead.

Dear Sidd/jumpluff/Jedil,

You are Morty. You are the Gym Leader of Ecruteak City's Gym. Your title is 'The Mystic Seer of the Future.'

As a famous Gym Leader, your voice carries more weight in discussions. Therefore, your vote counts double. You are also a natural version of the Itemfinder, due to your clairvoyant powers, and your Gengar will help search for items as well. By PMing imperfectluck 'Clairvoyantly look for items on USER1 and USER2,' you and your Gengar can find out how many items each user was currently carrying at the beginning of the night.

You win if the Pokemon NPCs win.
Mayor and itemfinder role in one, with the 'corpse looting' item transfer system in this game, it was relatively easy for the mafia to suddenly 'stock up' on lots of items, and this was a role that was supposed to help identify possible mafia. Sidd gave Pyromanic's role PM apparently to Team Rocket, however, which resulted in a failed kill on Scrubs while Pyromanic was protecting Scrubs being turned into a successful kill on Pyromanic as the Rockets changed targets that night. After that, jumpluff voted with Scrubs, and then Jedil kindly agreed to sub in, being informed that he was about to die in one day to contribute his aid for one vote. Thanks Jedil!

Dear Phantasia,

You are Samurai. You are a young boy who lives in Viridian Forest and dresses up in samurai armor. You are notable as the first character of the day.

As the trainer of a fine Metapod that knows the excellent Harden move, it is able to protect you every night from Night Kills. Metapod sucks though, so too bad, that's all you can do.

You are also wearing a fine suit of Samurai's Armor that you made yourself. It can protect any user against Night Kills. It's mostly ornamental though, so it will break if anyone attacks someone wearing it.

You win if the Pokemon NPCs win.
A standard vanilla BPV role that's been quite uncommon lately in small mafias, so much so that every single person had Phantasia marked down as evil in their spreadsheet. Also started out with a one time BPV item that could have helped the village (or mafia!) but was stolen on Night 2 by ExplorerAce. Didn't really do anything that helped the village all game and just sat around, and was never targeted for a night kill either (except asim got martyred away from targeting Phantasia by Mr_Goodbar.)

Dear Thorns,

You are Tommy. You live on the Abandoned Ship, searching for your Marshtomp after you accidentally dropped its Poke Ball there many years ago.

As a pathetic loser that moved onto a ship all by himself and lived there for many years, you have been searching for Swampert all this time in vain. By PMing imperfectluck 'USER, seen my Swampert?' you will ask that user if he or she has seen your Swampert. Of course, nobody has seen your fucking Swampert, but while asking, you will check their possessions anyways to make sure, and take them for yourself to check in peace and quiet on your ship. If they have no possessions, you will instead check their Pokemon to see if there are any Swampert among them.

You win if the Pokemon NPCs win.
The village thief that could also 'find Pokemon' if he whiffed, but managed to come up hands empty 5 nights in a row for the first 5 nights of the game. On Night 6, he stole all of Scrubs' items except for the Bracelet which Umbreon Dan got first, and then on Night 7 he was stolen from by Umbreon Dan's increased priority and then died to asim's time delayed kill.

Dear Team Aether,

You are Sullivan. You are a self-proclaimed 'fishing god.' Your ultimate goal in life was to capture a Whiscash named Nero.

But for now, in order to concentrate in peace on your mission to catch Nero, first, you must lend your aid to get rid of all those other thieves that want to lay hands on your Nero. As a master fisherman, you must spend time every day to fish. By PMing imperfectluck with 'Night X - Fishing,' who knows, maybe you'll fish up some trinkets every now and then that might prove useful.

You have a Master Ball that who knows where you obtained from. Whoever has the Master Ball, by PMing imperfectluck with 'Night X - Threatening USER with Master Ball,' and if that user has any Pokemon related powers, he or she will be forced into not performing any Pokemon related powers that night in order to avoid the Master Ball.

You win if the Pokemon NPCs win.
The village 'backup' role, he would fish up a new item each night that would (ostensibly) help the village. All in all, he fished up a Leppa Berry (use night ability twice - this would have worked for Pyromanic too!), Sitrus Berry (eat to gain 2 extra votes,) Enigma Berry (auto protection from all night roles for one night if targeted,) and the Revive, which he chose to bring Suicune back to life with, a great choice, because Revive's effects only lasted 1 day/night cycle. He did attempt to give the Enigma Berry to Scrubs though, on the same night that Scrubs attempted to steal from him, so unknowingly, Scrubs screwed himself over a bit with that by using up the Enigma Berry. The Master Ball was stolen by the Neos on Night 1, and he was inspected by the Rockets/Neos by Night 2, but survived remarkably long because of his ambiguous role. Unfortunately, was speed lynched by Scrubs before getting on to defend himself.

Dear Amelia / Accent,

You are Jon Dickson. You are a Pokemon Trainer from Sento Cherry Town who was a competitor in the Silver Conference. You first appeared in Johto Photo Finish. You competed at the same tournament where Ash and Harrison were participating. You went on to win the finals and you became the winner of the Silver Conference.

As a Pokemon League Champion, you have some pretty strong Pokemon. By PMing imperfectluck 'Night X - Send Pokemon to USER,' you may send them to guard one person from night kills. You may guard yourself.

You came across a Blue Orb somewhere, but you have no idea how to use it or what it does.

You win if the Pokemon NPCs win.
Standard bodyguard role that could self-protect (all the bodyguards in this game could self-protect.) Never did anything with the Blue Orb since macle never claimed item identifier, which was an item thief role. Accent, on being subbed in, protected LightWolf instead of LonelyNess, and then the following night, died to Scrubs (while protecting him!), losing the Blue Orb and giving Scrubs the ability to steal from then on (the wolves automatically knew how to use items.)

Dear pookar,

You are Professor Ivy. You are a Pokemon Professor who resides on Valencia Island with her three assistants. You are considered very attractive.

Because you are so attractive, having permanently scared off Brock once before, you know how to scare off any man. By PMing imperfectluck 'Night X - Flash USER,' you will flash that user, and if they are male, they will be so shocked that they will completely forget to do whatever it is they were supposed to do that night. You may flash the same USER as many times as you like. You will be informed if your target was male.

You have a GS Ball. Too bad you don't have any idea what it does.

You win if the Pokemon NPCs win.
Village hooker role that could only hook male humans, which the mafias were largely composed of. Also had a special item that could hook Celebi only, but the GS Ball didn't see any use until Night 9 of the game when asim hooked askaninjask with it. Hooked Thorns Night 1 and prevented his theft, and died Night 2 to asim's rand targeting.

Dear Pyromanic,

You are Sakura. You are a Pokemon Trainer who lives with the Kimono Sisters in Ecruteak City.

As the sister of the Kimono Sisters, you have access to their Pokemon. You also have your own Espeon. Each night, you may use one of the Pokemon's powers, but you can only use each power once. By PMing imperfectluck 'Night X - Espeon used Psychic on USER,' you will find out that user's win condition, and if his matches yours, you two will be telekinetically linked together and informed of each other's trustworthiness. As this is a psychic ability, it will be always be able to find the user's true intentions. By PMing imperfectluck 'Night X - Jolteon used Thunderbolt on USER,' that user will be struck with a bolt of lightning, paralyzing them for the night and preventing them from doing anything. By PMing imperfectluck 'Night X - Vaporeon Baton Passed Wish to USER,' you will heal that user that night of any injuries they may receive, preventing them from dying on that night. By PMing imperfectluck 'Night X - Flareon should have received Flare Blitz - use on USER,' that user will be charred to a crisp by Flareon's attack, killing them. You may not use Flareon's ability until the other 3 abilities have been used.

You win if the Pokemon NPCs win.
Jack of all trades role used here, with mole-proof inspection, hooker, bodyguard, and vigilante being the available options. Tried to inspect LonelyNess both Night 1 and Night 2, (but changed to Jimbo on Night 1,) and ended up getting hooked Night 1 and not being able to inspect the already dead LonelyNess on Night 2, which would have made for an interesting village/LN team, discovering LN's true win conditions. Inspected and cleaned Sidd Night 3, which ended up in his death as Sidd obtained his role PM and promptly gave it to Team Rocket, resulting in his death while protecting Scrubs (from a kill, too!) on Night 4. A really unlucky player. :(

Dear Jimbo/macle,

You are Celio. You are a Pokemon storage system programmer and good friend of Bill who lives in the Sevii Islands. You run the Pokemon Net Center on Knot Island in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen.

With your data expertise, you can identify and ascertain the purpose of any items you receive that other users may not be able to tell. Once you identify an item, if you choose to give it away, that user will be able to use the item, and the user after him will be able to as well as long as the item is passed along. Since you are so good with computers, you can use a laptop to post if you are ever silenced or kidnapped, meaning you will always be able to post in the main thread unless you are dead.

You recently traded your Ruby for a Magma Emblem. Whoever holds the Magma Emblem will be so afraid of speaking up and being found out as a Team Magma member that they will be unable to post or participate in lynches. Anyone investigated while holding the Magma Emblem will return an alliance of 'Team Magma.' However, this item may have a different effect on an actual member of Team Magma.

You win if the Pokemon NPCs win.
Unfortunately, Jimbo was subbed out on Night 1 because I 'accidentally told him too much info,' and macle came in to replace him. Was stoned on Night 1 by Scrubs, turning him into a BPV for two nights, but claimed both the roles of unsilenceable and BPV, leaving the mafia to ignore him instead of waste roles on him. Never claimed item identifier to my knowledge, leaving the village with a plethora of mystery items. Eventually got lynched by secret ballot on Day 3, and left the village without any real village leader ever again.

Dear asim,

You are Eusine. You are a researcher
and expert in the legendary beasts. For years you have chased Suicune, the embodiment of the North Wind, but to no avail. You were the only character in the games to have the Trainer class Mysticalman.

You know that Suicune is out there, and you will prove it. Each night, you may check to see if a USER is Suicune by PMing 'Night X - Check if USER is Suicune.' The next morning, you will find out exactly who that user is. If you have managed to find Suicune, you will publish your findings immediately, announcing to everybody the existence of Suicune.

You are also looking for ways to capture Suicune. Should you ever come across a Master Ball, you will automatically use it on Suicune if you know where it is. By doing so, you will be able to convert Suicune to your own cause, and gain additional powers suitable to the madman that you are.

You have an unlimited supply of cheap Poke Balls that are useless for catching Suicune. Each night, you may PM imperfectluck with 'Trick USER's balls' and if they have the Master Ball, it will be exchanged with an ordinary Poke Ball by the time they wake up. A Poke Ball will always be stolen from you if you are ever stolen from. You see no use for these cheap trinkets, but perhaps others around you will.

You care not about this conflict, only for finding Suicune and using him. You are allied with YOURSELF. You win if you and Suicune are alive at the end of the game and you have published information on Suicune. Should Suicune ever die, your obsession with Suicune will drive you into a deep rage. At this time, your abilities will change and your win condition will become 'You win when all other users are dead.'

Should you ever be inspected, this will come up for their results.

You are Eusine. You are a researcher
and expert in the legendary beasts. For years you have chased Suicune, the embodiment of the North Wind, but to no avail. You were the only character in the games to have the Trainer class Mysticalman.

You know that Suicune is out there, and you will prove it. Each night, you may check to see if a USER is Suicune by PMing 'Night X - Check if USER is Suicune.' The next morning, you will find out exactly who that user is. If you have managed to find Suicune, you will publish your findings immediately, announcing to everybody the existence of Suicune. If Suicune dies before you find him, you will take it upon yourself at night to avenge Suicune's killer by PMing 'Night X - Check if USER if Suicune's killer.' With your magic tricks, if you find evidence that that USER is Suicune's killer, you will make him disappear... permanently.

You win if you successfully publish Suicune's information and Suicune survives OR if you avenge Suicune's killer and survive until the end of the game.
asim was basically village inspector that turned wolf if a specific user died. He could also steal the Master Ball only and attempt to turn himself into a wolf that could recruit Suicune, and he left a Poke Ball behind everywhere he attempted to steal a Master Ball. He had the ability to hide himself from all night roles instead of kill at night (stolen from Dark Link in Zelda Mafia,) but he couldn't hide more than 2 nights in a row or kill 2 nights in a row. It was actually kind of pointless to write a mole pm for asim as asim was the only full inspector in the entire game. If he had published Suicune's info early on, he would have gained a partial ability to protect Suicune from death, but was turned into wolf on Night 1 with Toothache's death. asim also lost moling abilities after turning wolf, but was never rolechecked. Did well convincing everyone that Eusine was a non-threatening role to have around, since his existence was basically revealed to everyone on Night 1 with Suicune's death. Every kill he made managed to be concealed by some other factor even up to the very last nights of the game, with a combination of luck and oversight by other players. (Mr_Goodbar martyred asim's kill onto himself, but the kill was blamed on Scrubs, who had failed his kill that night, for instance.) Everyone believed he was the village inspector up to the very end. Congratulations! He flew under everyone's radar, and successfully pulled off a wolf's win.

Team Rocket:

Dear GTS,

You are Carr. You are one of Team Rocket’s Three Beasts. You eventually took over Team Rocket. You programmed Trainer Tower’s computer system.

You are the leader of Team Rocket. Every even night, in addition to performing their additional kill, you may designate one member of your team to perform an assassination on a user by PMing imperfectluck ‘Night X – Send USER to Kill USER.’ As the programmer of Trainer Tower, you know a lot of things, so if your team ever comes across unidentifiable items, by having it in your possession, you will be able to ascertain its purpose. As the leader of Team Rocket, you have a lot of henchmen loyal only to you. By PMing imperfectluck ‘Night X – Send henchmen to protect USER,’ they will be able to protect that user from being killed that night. They’re pretty dumb, though, so they won’t do anything about any other visitors, but they will also dutifully report to you anyone else who visited them that night. As members of Team Rocket, all of you are well versed in the art of stealing. In addition to a regular night role, you can choose one member to steal items from other users by PMing imperfectluck ‘Night X – Send USER to Steal from USER.’ The same user may not steal and kill. In the event of your death, you may designate someone else the leader of Team Rocket.

You win if Team Rocket wins.

Your teammates are:
Sird, ExplorerAce
Ord, Vacuum
Domino, Mekkah
Vicious, Lightwolf
A borrowed concept from vow mafia, the future leader(s) of the mafia would keep the thief and kill choose options. GTS never self-protected despite claiming to be the world's biggest target, and died on N3 because of it. His bodyguards also had the interesting side effect of allowing him to claim the Stalker role, which he did, but also told LonelyNess he idled it, causing suspicion. He protected Mekkah Night 1 which was a good guess as HD tried to kill Mekkah, which failed anyways because HD was hooked by ExplorerAce.

Dear ExplorerAce,

You are Sird. You are one of Team Rocket’s Three Beasts. You once tried to catch Deoxys for Team Rocket.

Using Team Rocket’s latest energy beam technology, you can disable any user much like how you disabled Deoxys. By PMing imperfectluck ‘Night X – I’m not Storc, USER’ you will fire your energy beam at them for daring to think that you might be Storc, immobilizing them for the night and preventing any night actions. People gain temporary immunity to the effects, though, so you may not target the same user two nights in a row.

You also have a Black Pokedex. It works and looks just like a regular Pokedex, except that it’s black. With it, you can determine the name of any user in the game by PMing imperfectluck ‘Check USER in Dexter’s records.’

You win if Team Rocket wins.
Standard hooker fare, that also started with a rolename inspection item that would look like a regular Pokedex. After his death though, I just called it the Black Pokedex since there was no need to conceal it. Nailed Eo Ut Mortus as Pryce and a bad guy, which every villager seems to have forgotten confirmed Scrubs' inspection of Eo Ut Mortus. Was lynched when Scrubs made a deal with Eo's team to work together.

Dear Bass,

You are Orm. You are one of Team Rocket’s Three Beasts. You seem to be pretty big, dumb, and strong.

Because you’re so big, by PMing imperfectluck ‘Night X – Stand next to USER,’ if you stand next to any user, you will completely overshadow them, forcing all actions that originally targeted that user to target you instead. You can also PM imperfectluck ‘Night X – Threaten USER for information,’ and you will scare that user into telling you what he can do. If they were trying to do something to you, you'll stop them. They will be informed that someone threatened them for information. You can use both abilities in one night.

You win if Team Rocket wins.
A twist on the standard reverse martyr that also came with role finding abilities. Vacuum never did anything except PM me once with a question, so soon after Bass came in. Found out that Phantasia had no night role under GTS's orders on Night 1, which I think was information never relayed to the two substitute members, Bass and askaninjask (correct me if I'm wrong?) Bass tried pretty hard for his team, but kept getting hooked by Eo's team while they were trying to hook askaninjask and never got anything besides 'you were hooked, you were hooked, you are dead' while he was alive. :( He could have stopped the hook or even kills by threatening the user that targeted him, but repeatedly attempted to threaten Sidd/jumpluff, a villager. Another candidate for 'unluckiest user' with Pyromanic.

Dear Mekkah,

You are Domino. You are also known as the Black Tulip. You are one of Team Rocket’s elite officers.

As a beautiful flower with her thorns, you are able to persuade any male character in the game into voting however you want. By PMing imperfectluck ‘Night X – Sleep with USER and ask him nicely to vote USER,’ you can charm him into voting whoever you want. If he fails to do so, you will kill him in retribution. You will be informed if your target was a male target at the end of the night (have fun with those that aren’t male human characters!) You may also choose to PM imperfectluck ‘Night X – Electric Tulip attack on USER,’ paralyzing that USER and preventing them from speaking the next day, or suffer the consequences of dying from attempting to foolishly speak while paralyzed. You may not use both of the above abilities on the same night.

You win if Team Rocket wins.
A role that could silence OR persuade, but persuade wouldn't work on all characters. Mekkah chose to keep the persuade part hidden until late game, and tried to silence LonelyNess on Night 1 which was martyred away by Ace Matador. and Vacuum's idleness. Took over the team after GTS died, but then got lynched right away because Mekkah got inspected. Tough luck, man :(

Dear Lightwolf / askaninjask,

You are Vicious.

Also known as the Iron-Masked Marauder you are an elite officer of Team Rocket. You are the main villain of Celebi: Voice of the Forest.

You captured a Celebi recently, and as such can make use of its powers. At night, you may choose to distort the time-space continuum by PMing 'Night X - Distort Time-Space around USER.' That night, you may choose to increase or decrease that user's priority. You cannot modify killing priorities. You may also choose to time jump a user into the future by PMing imperfectluck 'Night X - Time Jump USER.' This will send a user one day into the future, rendering his actions for the night null and void, and making him disappear. You may only use one of the above abilities each night, and you must use a different ability each night.

Your Celebi can use the Future Sight attack, a pretty strong attack. By PMing imperfectluck 'Night X - Future Sight USER,' that user will be hit by Future Sight and die. However, Future Sight requires two days of preparation, so you must wait at least two nights each time before you use it. The earliest nights you can use this are Night 3 and Night 6.

Your true intentions are to overthrow your boss and rule Team Rocket for yourself. As such, for that to happen, you must first make sure that your boss, Carr, is dead first. You win if Team Rocket wins and Carr is dead.
A different kind of kidnap, the time jump actually set everything that happened later by one day/night cycle, including votes and deaths. He also had the extra kills for his team, so it was quite lucky that askaninjask survived quite late into the game. Needed the boss, Carr, dead to win, but it was balanced out by the fact that Carr was quite likely to die to natural causes anyhow. Many thanks to askaninjask for subbing in for Lightwolf who was unable to continue the game, and for staying active and not losing hope in winning. If only you had ever counted the kills and suspected asim, :(

Neo Team Rocket:

Dear Eo Ut Mortus,

You are Mask of Ice. You are a frail man confined to a wheelchair. You are also a criminal mastermind. You recently recruited some disgruntled Team Rocket members not satisfied with the new leadership, forming Neo Team Rocket.

As the leader of Neo Team Rocket, each odd night, by PMing imperfectluck ‘Night X – Send USER to Kill USER,’ that user can kill a user in addition to performing his or her night action. As the Mask of Ice, you have also taught your underlings the fine techniques of freezing users in addition to their regular roles. Each night, by PMing imperfectluck ‘Send USER to Freeze USER,’ that user will be encased in a block of ice, preventing night actions from being performed. You may not send the same user to freeze and kill. Grey will become the new leader upon your death, and someone else will be chosen at my discretion if both of you die (lol Delibird leading Neo Team Rocket.) With your Piloswine, you can manipulate people’s actions by PMing ‘Blizzard USER to USER2.’ That user will get lost, and end up at USER2’s house instead, doing whatever it is he or she intended to do. However, killers will have enough special defense to fend off your Piloswine’s weak ass Blizzard. To the outside world, you appear as Pryce, the gym leader of Mahogany Town. Only the part about your Piloswine will be revealed on a cursory inspection.

You win if Neo Team Rocket wins.

Your teammates are:
Gideon, Mr. Goodbar
Grey, CardsoftheHeart
Delibird, Yoshi King
Wendy, HD
At one point, it looked like Neo Team Rocket had the game all sealed up with repeated hooking abilities, and 4 users alive to Team Rocket's 1. However, Eo never made use of his team's available Martyr + Bodyguard combination, keeping bodyguard on himself, when the hooker and night kill abilities would have transferred in the event of his death. Also chose to tell his teammates to Scrubs, resulting in a future lynch of Shade and 100% accurate coordinated killing between Scrubs and askaninjask later, wiping out Neo Team Rocket. You could have had this game :(. Eo's best moment was turning around a 9-0 lynch on him despite 2 inspections, and lynching the other mafia instead, which was amazing to see pulled off.

Dear Mr. Goodbar,

You are Gideon. You are the scientist that first dropped hints about Silver being Giovanni’s kid. You recently joined up with Neo Team Rocket because... well, who knows.

You somehow know things that other people don’t. You have studied history carefully, gaining the knowledge about Silver being Giovanni’s son, and also the fact that there are 5 Team Rocket members, a single person from Team Magma, and a selfish person that will probably be unwilling to work with others in the game. Silver is also in this game somewhere. You are the only one that knows this. As a scientist, if your team comes across any mysterious items, by having them in your possession and checking them out for yourself, you will be able to ascertain their purpose. By PMing imperfectluck ‘Night X – Follow USER to look for the Sapphire,’ you will follow that user to check if they have the Sapphire. However, your tracking skills are remarkably poor, so that user will see you following him or her, stop, and target you with their ability instead. They will be informed that they saw and targeted a shady person instead of their original target.

You win if Neo Team Rocket wins.
This was Mr_Goodbar's original role PM, a martyr with some game knowledge. An inventor was later added last minute because Earthworm felt that the Neos might have been slightly weak compared to the Rockets, but it ended up being unused. Came with the 'numbers knowledge' role that was a safe claim, but to my knowledge Mr_Goodbar stayed low all game and talked to nobody. Ended up martyring asim away from a failed kill on Phantasia onto himself, beginning Neo Team Rocket's downfall.

Dear CardsoftheHeart / Shade,

You are Grey. You are the rocket executive that took over Goldenrod City’s radio station. You joined Neo Team Rocket after Giovanni's disappearance.

Since you have control of the Goldenrod Radio Station, you can publish radio news in the main topic at any time during the day anonymously in the main chat by PMing imperfectluck ‘Day/Night X – Radio News.’ Radio news sent at night will be published the next Day. Once only, you can host a popularity contest by PMing imperfectluck ‘Night X – host popularity contest.’ The next day, there will be two votes – one public, and one secret, and the two users with the most votes in each lynch will be lynched. Users will be informed that they cannot vote in both contests, but as the host, you are exempt from this rule. As an influential executive, your vote counts double. Your secret vote in the popularity contest will count triple. If there is a tie in the secret vote, you will rig it so that whoever you are voting for will be lynched. Because it takes so much time to prepare such a large contest, you cannot use this ability until Night 3 at the earliest.

You win if Neo Team Rocket wins.
Mafia mayor to go along with a village mayor, could also creatively use announcements like Shade attempted to and have a secret voting contest to get rid of any problematic user that was heavily rigged in Neo's favor to win. COTH claimed DJ Mary early game to avoid suspicion, and broke a record by being the only user to not be targeted for the first 5 nights in a row. Shade later subbed in as COTH had internet problems

Dear HD,

You are Wendy. You’ve only ever made one appearance, and revealed yourself to be quite the money hungry bitch. You joined Neo Team Rocket because, quite frankly, Team Rocket has forgotten you ever existed.

Because you are so stingy, you have a hard time swallowing the thought of anyone taking advantage of you and your ability to vote. During the day, by PMing imperfectluck ‘Day X – refuse to vote for USER,’ you will make your own vote count as -1 on that user, instead of +1. You are also very interested in looking for money, so by PMing imperfectluck ‘Night X – Search USER for valuables,’ you will identify any valuable items that person has and what they can do.

You also came across a Red Orb on somebody recently. Gideon has already identified it for you as being able to guard someone from different sorts of harm at night. By PMing imperfectluck 'Night X - Red Orb on USER,' they will be encased in a protective aura, preventing them from dying that night.

You win if Neo Team Rocket wins.
Optional negative voter and item-tied bodyguard abilities, as well as another itemfinder. Listened to his team and played his part, but unfortunately got stolen from by reachzero eventually and then killed by the Scrubs/askaninjask alliance. Only used his negative vote ability once, to help Shade, which ended up being part of the hatchet on Shade's grave when HD died.

Dear Yoshi King,

You are Delibird. You worked for Team Rocket mostly in the deliveries and debt collection. Grey took you with him when he joined Neo Team Rocket.

Since you are so good at making deliveries for other users, you can deliver mail for other users. By PMing imperfectluck ‘Night X – Deliver USER’s mail,’ you will deliver their Night PM for them to imperfectluck, opening and reading it for yourself as well. In the event that a user is performing multiple night actions, you will receive only results on the highest priority action. If the user is attempting to write any additional letters detailing the use of or giving away of an item, you will instead snatch those items away from that user.

You win if Neo Team Rocket wins.
Role finder and item thief in one, he stole successfully from Team Aether on Night 1 and Scrubs on Night 2 (when Scrubs didn't have a kill!) Unfortunately, was killed in crossfire by the other team and was the first casualty of his team, so he didn't get to do much, sorry :(

Dear LonelyNess,

You are Silver. You are the rival character of the Generation II games and their Generation IV remakes, Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

You really, really hate Team Rocket. But then again, you don't really want anything to do with those wimpy people around you, either, being the antisocial freak you are. They're not so bad though, so you guess you'll leave them alone. You are looking for Pokemon to steal in order to take on Team Rocket. Once you steal two Pokemon, you will feel confident enough to take on Team Rocket and anyone else that gets in your way. By PMing imperfectluck 'Night X - Stealing Pokemon from USER,' you will raid that user's house for any Pokemon, and steal their powers for yourself. If the user you target is a Pokemon, you will kidnap that user and place him or her under your control. You can only steal Pokemon from kind-hearted, unprepared Pokemon NPCs, however. Once you have stolen two Pokemon, you will permanently gain a new ability, 'Night X - Have <Pokemon> fight to death with USER,' losing your Pokemon permanently in the process of killing that user. You may not steal Pokemon and kill users in the same night.

You win if all members of Team Rocket and Neo Team Rocket are dead. If you are inspected, your win condition will come up to be 'You win if you are the last user alive' because you freaking hate people so much.
A neutral vigilante that could only win with village or wolf options, but came up bad on inspection to anyone but Pyromanic. His was a role that both helped and hurt village, but he never got to use it, being targeted by a ton of roles on both Night 1 and Night 2, getting killed by GTS on Night 2. Had the best chance of leading the village successfully and accurately pegged many false claims, except for Lightwolf's claim which he posted about, leading to his own death as Accent decided to protect the 'secondary village trusted person' instead, and COTH's claim.

Dear reachzero / Umbreon Dan,

You are Brodie. You are “Brodie the Phantom Thief,” “The Man of a Thousand Faces,” and a member of Team Magma.

Your boss, Maxie, sent you to retrieve some items crucial to his plans increasing the continent’s landmass. You have heard that there is a Red Orb and a Blue Orb here that can be useful to your boss’s plans. You also accidentally traded your Magma Emblem away to someone, and you need that to get back into the Team Magma base. By PMing imperfectluck ‘Night X – Steal from USER,’ you will steal all items that user is currently holding. You are the fastest priority thief in the game. You have a safe in which you can store your most valuable items necessary to your mission so that they will never be stolen from you (this is not an item itself.) You can also stake out your next target each night by PMing imperfectluck ‘Night X – Stake out USER,’ in which you will observe your target carefully, checking him for any items. If either the person you stake out or is stealing from is moving suspiciously like he or she is about to kill you, you will fake your death for one day/night cycle. People will notice you moving about the next night however, so your fake death will be revealed. As the master of disguise, you may disguise yourself as any conceivable role you wish during the night by PMing imperfectluck ‘Night X – Put on disguise as ROLE,’ in which you can write your own fake role PM. You are currently disguised as Professor Cozmo, Pokemon NPC Rogue. <insert role pm here>

You are allied with Team Magma. You win when your mission is completed by stealing or obtaining all 3 of the Magma Emblem, the Blue Orb, and the Red Orb.
The role this game's new corpse looting item system was designed for, so items don't go out of this game and he instant loses. A neutral that would annoy all the factions but could win with any of them. reachzero accurately pegged the location of the Magma Emblem on Mekkah, but kept getting martyred by Mr_Goodbar. reachzero lost track of the rules of the game though, and targeted a dead person to steal from on Night 4, while finally getting one of his items, Red Orb, from HD on Night 5. Umbreon Dan ended up replacing reachzero, claiming around, and finally managed to obtain all his items right before asim would have killed him otherwise. Good job! In case people were wondering, the Magma Emblem would have provided Brodie with immunity to all night roles except kills.

Dear Scrubs,

You are Pokemon Hunter J.

You are a Pokémon Hunter who, with the help from your henchmen, steals Trainers' Pokémon and sells the Pokémon requested by your clients for a profit. You first appeared in Mutiny in the Bounty. Your goal is to make as much money for yourself as possible, and you must first wipe out all the competition and little nuisances.

You have much high tech gear at your disposal. With your J's Bracelet, you can petrify a user and turn them to stone for two days and two nights, rendering them immune to all night roles, but also preventing them from doing anything by PMing 'Night X - Petrify USER'. However, users that have been stoned once before gain immunity to being stoned again. This stoning does not prevent them from performing their action that night, and will always be the lowest priority action to occur at night. A stoned user can still vote, but if he votes against you, his vote will count against him instead. Your Bracelet is so gaudy that it will be the only item stolen from you if you are ever stolen from, and additionally, it is so high-tech that nobody but yourself will be able to operate it or tell what it can do. You also have J's Goggles, which can identify just who a person is, role-name wise, and any items they are carrying, by PMing imperfectluck 'Night X - Scan User'.

You have trained your Salamence well in the ways of Hyper Beam, and as such, you may choose to PM imperfectluck 'Night X - Hyper Beam USER' and they will be instantly vaporized. You cannot use this ability two nights in a row, and you can choose to idle this ability by PMing 'Night X - Salamence used Roost!'.

You win if you are the last user alive in the game and/or all other users are stoned.
Ah, Scrubs. Before this game, I hadn't heard of you, and by the end of this game, I was duly impressed. Fooled people with a pm that had grammatical errors and started with two unrelated items (which he had to include to cover his ass) and led the village all the way to its doom for the longest time without coming under suspicion. Had a few close calls on being killed by other users, but lasted all the way until deciding to vote Umbreon Dan who could have won with him instead of the silenced askaninjask. Had the most complete info on the game except for accurate information on asim. Good job on moling the village and Eo's mafia into trusting you, that was amazing. Successfully misled the village into killing off Team Aether, Da Letter El by extension, and jumpluff/Jedil, all without coming under suspicion. Had a wolf that had item-dependent abilities, both of which were lost by the end of Night 2, but managed to make a successful recovery thanks to the corpse loot item system.

Host's awards:
Best NPC: macle, for being the only real NPC to attempt leading the village. That's saying something.
Worst NPC: Sidd, for selling out his own teammate to his demise. This caused much confusion and got me requests from all 4 factions to sub him out. Honorary mention goes to Ace Matador. for getting godkilled under silence and not telling people about martyring Mekkah.

Best Team Rocket: askaninjask, survived incredibly long and almost had the game... if not for asim.
Worst Team Rocket: Vacuum, who gave the impression that he was active, but then disappeared into thin air.

Best Neo Team Rocket: Shade, the strategies he thought about using were well planned out and solid, and found a really creative usage for his announcement ability as well. Unfortunately, timezones prevented him from discussing much with Eo, and he was kind of left alone and then subsequently lynched.
Worst Neo Team Rocket: Eo Ut Mortus, sorry man, but you really screwed up on choosing not to use the repeated hook on the same person, by far one of the most powerful mafia roles, on Scrubs or a suspected Rocket, but a villager instead.

Best Neutral: asim/Umbreon Dan/reachzero, congrats for winning! Inconspicuousness wins the day.
Worst Neutral: LonelyNess, for playing in a way that gets him on everyone's enemy list and killed ASAP. Sorry man, there's not that many neutrals to choose from :(, you did have a pretty good spreadsheet but Scrubs one-upped you on that with more accuracy later on.

Thanks to everyone for playing!
once again, this was a really fun game and i'm glad i was a part of it

just wondering what abilities i would've had for using the gs ball correctly a bit earlier in the game?
Sad that I got hospitalised early and had to sub out.
At least I got LN killed, who posted the fact that I was safe to claim to way before I even revealed my fake to him(Our channel had a long and good laugh there)
This has definitely been one of my favourite mafia games, even though I got killed earlier on. Thanks for hosting, IPL!

Also :( I was hoping that the master ball would've been an alliance converter. Would've made giving it to an NPC very useful for their team.

Also I would like to give props to Eo: Even though he fucked up a little bit, he was an amazing mafia leader and kept all of our team up-to-date with any information he found out and advised us on what what we should be doing.
By popular opinion (quite a lot of complaints,) Sidd is being subbed out. A jumpluff+ has floated down in front of the Pokemon Center, how fitting! It seems that she will be replacing Sidd.
Best post in the thread IMO.

Great game everyone, I had a lot of fun 'leading' the village into the ground. :)
Looking back I play rather sloppy but somehow I managed to survive this long. I made a /huge/ mistake trying to lynch U_D which I will never make again. And sorry askaninjask, my kill didn't miss, I was waiting till the next night to betray you. :(

TA I really don't remember talking with you about who to revive. oh well. Congratulations winners, and thanks IPL for this great game. :)
Good game, thanks ipl, sorry for not getting the time nor the occasion to lead the village to victory!

Congratulations neutrals :)
wait what

Edit: there were like three wolves and two potential wolves or vigilantes in this game...

I feel like the village and mafias were kind of doomed at the start

Pretty good game otherwise, I really thought I had it in the final four.

(I'm angry)
IPL said:
Standard hooker fare, that also started with a rolename inspection item that would look like a regular Pokedex. After his death though, I just called it the Black Pokedex since there was no need to conceal it. Nailed Eo Ut Mortus as Pryce and a bad guy, which every villager seems to have forgotten confirmed Scrubs' inspection of Eo Ut Mortus. Was lynched when Scrubs made a deal with Eo's team to work together.
That partially explains why I got lynched. It was even more effective because my role pm was exploited quite meticulously (I need to be more careful when I write role pms; I've been busted twice by those @___@)

I have to say that this was a good game. I was nervous that LN would live past night 2 and then copy my role, thus potentially exposing me. Apart from me dying, I enjoyed my role, my team, and the general flow of the game.


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for when i was part of the game, it was pretty fun. unfortunately my attempt to lynch scrubs was overturned by aska following with him blindly.

still liked my game show idea x)

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askaninjask, if you killed Asim, you had a chance if UD and thorns lynched scrubs (which was probably going to happen in my opinion). Still, it was a very fun game to watch, and although I dont think I honestly had that big of an impact, Scrubs did a very good job at damage control when I got revived, not letting me make any major impact whatsoever by witholding a lot of information and lynching me before I could call you on it (although if I did call you on being wolf Neo probably would have won).

Also, very good job to Asim for ultimately winning!

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It seemed pretty clear you did (as did all the mafias). I don't see what that has to do with my post ?_?. I was saying that I was thinking about posting that I checked Scrubs and that he was not allied with village, and list who the village could trust (who I would say was phantasia, Team Aether, and Sidd/jumpluff/jedil), dying from silence as I did. This probably would have had enough sway to convince the villagers, who had a slight majority at the time, to probably lynch Scrubs.

I was saying Neo probably would have won if I had lynched Scrubs that one day though, since you had the major numbers advantage and one less wolf to stop you.


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oh, i thought you said that if neo would've known scrubs was wolf, they'd have won. never mind then!
askaninjask, if you killed Asim, you had a chance if UD and thorns lynched scrubs (which was probably going to happen in my opinion). Still, it was a very fun game to watch, and although I dont think I honestly had that big of an impact, Scrubs did a very good job at damage control when I got revived, not letting me make any major impact whatsoever by witholding a lot of information and lynching me before I could call you on it (although if I did call you on being wolf Neo probably would have won).

Also, very good job to Asim for ultimately winning!
I had absolutely no idea asim was a wolf until the postgame :/

In retrospect, the best move would have been to kill scrubs and get UD to vote with me against asim, since i had the magma emblem.

but whatever i didn't so i lost.

But how can I possibly win when there are 2 wolves in the final four? I have lower priority than both of them, and scrubs would certainly have rather worked with the other wolf than with me :(
If I knew he was wolf I would of worked with you. Tho I have higher priority than both of you. And yea, asim did an amazing job keeping hidden.
I should have done a better job at publicizing that log. Scrubs would have been lynched much sooner as it was revealed that he tampered with the log. Meaning scrubs would have been lynched much sooner. Also TA, don't lie about your role then PM me a conversation mentioning an item you did not claim to have.
I did not choose to reveal the names of my team to Scrubs at all, and I was rather adamant about not doing so. Sorry to point fingers, but it was Mr_Goodbar who was really responsible...he and Scrubs apparently had made a deal beforehand to swap roles, which was a rather dubious move. I'm not sure if all of our names were given in the transaction, but I do know that he eventually let slip COTH / Shade and HD to Scrubs.

The reason I didn't hook askaninjask and Scrubs N6 was because I was pretty concerned with the other wolf (whom I thought was Phantasia at that point) since he had killed off the other two members of our faction by that point. Also, the threat of two possible incriminating inspections seemed as equally effective as two kills. I think my decision, while perhaps flawed, was justified.

But anyway, I enjoyed this game, congratulations to the winners and thanks to IPL for hosting.
It was an awesome game. Good job ipl.

I let slip to Scrubs that my item (the Red Orb) was stolen. I had no idea there was another theif, so I was positive that Thorns had it after I checked Scrubs. I also would've told Eo to send me to kill Scrubs the night we could kill, but dieing got in the way of that =/. I seriously thought we had it won, but then Mr_Goodbar died, which sucked. Then me and Eo died, and theres the downfall f Neo.

Also, Mr_Goodbar wasn't completely useless. He invented HM 01 around Night 2/3 and gave it to me. For you non Neos this item lets my night actions carry on even though my target gets BGed or some other shit. HM 01 is also 'too heavy' to steal :P.

Ithink the downfall of Neo started before Mr_Goodbar died. As the game was reaching it's end, we didn't communicate aswell as say Days/Nights 1-4/5. Then shade (who did an awesome job) subbed in for Coth, and shade had a completely different time zone than Eo; who was our 'leader'. I was basically used as a bridge between them since people in EST time zones are cool like that. Also, Goodbar was out of touch with the rest of us for a lot. His limited IRC connection was annoying, infact, we only communicated with Goodbar through PM.

Anyways. great game, and nice job hosting ipl.


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This was a really fun game to partake in.

Although I got lynched for a shady role PM, all's right.

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