Pokemon Presents - 26th Feb 2021


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Hey all,

Looks like the time we have waited has finally come.

Pokemon will be hosting a Pokemon Presents video from tomorrow at 1500UTC, 0700PDT.

Use this thread for discussions of the announcement and what is in it. This thread will obviously contain spoilers.

This thread will be allowing speculation until the time of the presentation tomorrow.

Youtube link above to the UK Version of the Presents
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I'm definitely leaning towards Sinnoh Remakes (i flip flop on "normal remake" or "Lets Go") over gen 9.

I'm....not really sure why anyone would expect gen 9 honestly!

e: I also think we'll see Detective Pikachu 2
I'm definitely leaning towards Sinnoh Remakes (i flip flop on "normal remake" or "Lets Go") over gen 9.
I think a valid reason to consider the possibility of gen 9 over remakes is simply that DLCs could have, development wise, taken the place of what is normally the "gen x.5" titles, which would be either 3rd version (or pair of versions) or remakes.

I also do really worry for ipotetical Sinnoh remakes in general.
One of the few concerns often put on this forum with which I agree is how gen 4 remakes are something GF literally can't get right: the world was not prone to 3d graphics and actual 3d camera over topdown since it's still from the "pure 2d era", the gameplay had a lot of ... bad elements like the reliance on a lot of HMs to progress, etc etc.
If they completely redesign the games, they will get raged on for having ruined the games.
If they don't, they'll likely look horrible or have significant downsides like in Let's Go which maintained the ""2dish"" graphic, and they'll get raged on for not having used the potential of the Switch.
And this is without even considering the actual quality of the games themselves in a vacuum.

I'd reaaaaally rather them wait with that one or never do it at all honestly :psynervous:
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Place your bets now, everyone. My personal expectations would be SwSh DLC or Sinnoh remakes, but hey, as Worldie put it, GF is known for being unpredictable.


No need to worry!
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I don't know why anyone is expecting Gen 9 games to be released, let alone announced, this year. It is way too soon for a new generation to begin. Generations tend to last, at the very minimum, three years, and Gen 8 is barely over a year old. It would be a huge slap in the face for Gen 8 to end so prematurely when other gens have had a minimum of three years, possibly four in some cases.

Second of all, the current anime season is barely 50 episodes in. We haven't even reached the peak of the anime yet, and Ash is no where near the point where he can battle Leon as it currently stands. Why would we expect a new generation when the current gen's anime series hasn't even gotten that far yet?

Now I will say, yes, they are probably in the midst of developing the Gen 9 games right now. The A team is probably working on them and has been doing so since not long after Sword and Shield hit the market. But unless GF is that stupid, they would not rush Gen 9 out so soon especially when those games are likely no where near ready enough to hit the market. Unless they want to repeat the mistakes they made with Sword and Shield, they really would ideally make sure this game is polished enough before it hits the market.

And yes, it may be the 25th anniversary, but quin-anniversaries have never had a new generation come out in Japan. The 5th anniversary had nothing, and in Japan the 15th anniversary had nothing as well. Clearly releasing a new gen on a quin-anniversary isn't as important to them as doing so on a dec-anniversary, aka Diamond and Pearl on the 10th anniversary and Sun and Moon on the 20th. If this was the 30th anniversary, maybe, but based on the patterns so far I don't think they are concerned about releasing a new gen on a "5th" year in the pattern as they are on a decade anniversary.
I think a valid reason to consider the possibility of gen 9 over remakes is simply that DLCs could have, development wise, taken the place of what is normally the "gen x.5" titles, which would be either 3rd version (or pair of versions) or remakes.
And I think that it would be an insane turn around to go from SWSh in 2019 (which is likely when gen 9 preproduction started) to DLC in 2020 and then a whole new generation and all that entails in 2021. Especially on a system they're still clearly not comfortable with and of the two options of "DLC & Gen 9" and "DLC & a remake" I think the latter is able to weather a global pandemic set back more than the former.

Even gen 5, which felt like areally short generation, had a 3 year period where it was around. And gen 7 even had a gap year between USUM & Let's Go

Like I'll pull out the clown make up and wig if I'm wrong but it would be absolutely wild to have such a quick turnaround on generations like this.
Following and playing nothing but the main games, so I can't speak about anything else in the franchise.

I am expecting big DLC 3 (actually bigger than CT) to drop mid-Fall, priced at 30 USD/€/whatever. More a hope than a prediction, but let me explain.

  1. A lot of mons are still missing from the Switch-compatible roster, and while the games have been improved dramatically with the DLCs (still nothing more than a 4 out of 10 for me, save for Restricted Sparring), they clearly still need more polishing and fine-tuning;
  2. SwSh are still only 16-ish months old, compatibility with Go has just begun, and HOME compatibility and functionality was botched multiple times experiencing hiccups;
  3. Good usage of Switch's potential has been barely scratched;
  4. SwSh were rushed with developers being beaten to a pulp by management with Grookey's stick in order to meet the original release deadline.
In such a situation, I would find it wild that they managed to develop a whole new game (even remakes) on such a tight schedule whereas mediocre products have already been released (I know, record-setting sales and personal tastes matter, but SwSh are mediocre games by the overwhelming majority of objective parameters).

What I fear is that if it is a new set of games, the amount of assets dropped in SwSh's route correction have been sizeable, hence we would end up with new games 2 years from SwSh, but such new games would be all too similar to GenVIII in my estimation, and we may end up running in circles, with our disappointment only mildly tempered by the dopamine release of seeing Time-Warping bipedal Dialga or the newest Pikaclone and/or Eevolutions but ultimately more material for the disappointment threads than the appreciation ones.

No, make SwSh a polished product, with a big area out West, release the full Dex, color me impressed and I'll be more poised to look at the future positively. Release something new for the main titles, and I'll be even more skeptical.

Let's see what tomorrow holds. Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst has actually worked since SwSh announcement, so I'll keep swimming down river. From the few answer already here, it looks like I'm not alone.
To rephrase what I said better, I wouldn't be surprised if a "coming next year" announcement or teaser for gen 9 games happens, not that they would be released this year.

That said, outside of memes, I have actually no idea what they *will* announce. Like, I have a actually hard time speculating it.

A "3rd version" is unlikely, because the DLC system is a thing, and a 3rd version would at very least need to "include" the DLCs and then some to justify existing, let alone buying.
A Let's Go Jotho is a option, but it would have needed to have been in development for a while (at same time as gen 9 nontheless), but the interest/hype for a "sequel" of Let's Go only really picked up recently, and I wouldn't really think they were originally thinking of creating them so if this project is actually happening it's very likely still in the early stages.
Gen 4 remakes, as I stated above, are a... difficult task, made even more difficult by the fact you need to integrate Dynamax in them, and while not impossible (in the end gen 4 was about messing with space/time fabric, Dynamax phenomena is nothing in that regard), for all the reasons stated above, it's something that they literally can't get right and I would worry for it.

A 3rd DLC for SwSh would look to me as the most realistic option but... a DLC as a big 25th anniversary announcement? That's... weird really, even for GF's standard.

...and it better not be "another mobile title noone asked for", really.

I am legitimately curious of what will be announced tomorrow.

And preparing the popcorns because let's be honest, whatever it is, shit will be thrown.
<insert thisisfine meme>
I don't really care what's coming, as long as it's not Let's Go. Then again it would mean I save some cash so I would kinda care, I guess?

For main series games, I don't really have a preference for Sinnoh/Unova remake, Pokémon Z, or 9th gen (or whatever else). Would get anyway.
For other games, I'm guessing we'll see more of glorified Poké Finder Pokémon Snap, but also hopefully Pokémon Sleep because I'm legitimately curious what that was all about.

No matter what gets announced (or doesn't), we'll be seeing a bunch of complaints so grab the popcorn.
So we are getting a presentation after all, I was starting to doubt it since we were getting closer and closer to Pokémon Day without any official announcement. Either way, I'm looking forward to it! As said in the Anniversary thread a while ago, I have really enjoyed watching these in the past and I am definitely going to watch this one tomorrow. It seems like it will air at 16.00 in my time zone which is excellent as I should be able to watch it without issues.

Since free speculation is allowed for the moment, I will post my list of possibilities that I mentioned in the Anniversary thread a while ago but didn't post. I'll also include my own thoughts on each of them. Here we go!

2021 Pokémon game possibilities:

• Sword/Shield third/alternate version(s) – “Ultra” Sword/Shield

This is quite unlikely to happen since we got the DLC, which from what I have understood was what we were supposed to get instead of another game as a follow-up. Though I suppose it can still happen. But I hope it won’t, and if it does, I’ll probably not get Ultra Sword.

• Sword/Shield sequels – Sword/Shield 2
Somewhat more likely to happen, but still quite unlikely. I would welcome it a lot more than a third/alternate version, but I am still a bit unsure about getting Sword 2 in that case.

• One or more DLC packs for Sword/Shield
Even more likely to happen, they could easily expand upon the already existing DLC. But no guarantees. I would be very happy if this happened, especially if the DLC added all remaining missing Pokémon. Though I would still get it no matter what.

• Let’s Go! Johto
Could happen, since LGP/E were apparently a success which means they might want to do more Let’s Go-style games in the future, and Johto would obviously be next in line. Personally, I’m not looking forward to this if it should happen since the currently existing Johto games are my least favorites, and I’ll almost definitely skip these if they should happen… unless they manage to fix all the massive gameplay issues that plague the Johto games and have all 898 Pokémon available, which they probably won’t. So most likely no.

• D/P Remakes – FanDiamond/PanderingPearl
If not now, then probably never. I think there are some good arguments both for and against these remakes and I can honestly see them go either way. But if not this year, then I don’t think we’ll ever get them since it will just be “too late” at that point. Chances are that it already is. Personally, I am unsure about these. If they happen, there’s a chance I might get PanderingPearl, but I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll get it on the release date, maybe at a later point, maybe not at all. Don’t know, can’t say for sure unless they become reality. No idea about their actual real names either, I have given them the joke names FanDiamond and PanderingPearl and I’ll stick with those for the time being.

• B/W Remakes
So, what if it is too late for D/P remakes, and they’ll skip them and go directly to greatness? Some fans already want Unova Remakes at this point even if we haven’t gotten to Sinnoh yet, and since remakes happen only because of fan demand… who knows? I personally hope B/W remakes won't happen since I am not prepared for this yet. If they do happen… then I don't know how I'll do. We’ll have to see. I love Gen 5 but I don’t like Pokémon remakes and I hope we won’t get Gen 5 remakes anytime soon, or even at all for that matter.

• Remakes of anything else
There's of course also the chance that they might release a remake of anything else... but if so, what? Kanto is an obvious choice, but I hope not. If there's another Kanto game coming, I will probably not get it. Johto maybe, but it feels like a Let's Go-style remake is more likely there. It wasn't that long since we got OR/AS so Hoenn seems unlikely, and I have already talked about Sinnoh and Unova. As for Kalos, I would love to see them release "Z" or something since I loved X/Y, but it feels unlikely too. Alola is also very recent, and Galar is our current region. So I don't know. If we get a remake of anything, the chance that I'll get it is quite low but it depends on what it will be a remake of and how it will be.

• Gen 9
This is bound to happen at some point, the question is when. This year or later? Personally, I hope and expect that it will happen later since Gen 8 is barely a year old at this point and every previous generation has lasted for at least 3 years in some part of the world, so I hope they won’t rush out Gen 9 just for the 25th anniversary.
While we’re at it, what will the Gen 9 games be named? I have a few ideas, some serious, others less so. I don't think any of them will be correct though.
Gen 9 game name ideas:
• Star & Firefly
• Vanilla & Chocolate
• Love & Friendship
• Spirit & Code
• Awakening & Rebirth
• Voyager & Guardians
• Skyward & Amity
• Enigma & Eternal
• Ignite & Eclipse

• Pokémon Anthology - a collection of older Pokémon games
My own idea for a Pokémon game... except other fans have had the same or a similar idea. Basically, a collection of all/most old Pokémon games, from R/B (R/G in Japan) to US/UM. This can be done in many different versions depending on technology and greed, here’s all of them:
1. Full Anthology. All games from R/B to US/UM, nothing left out.
2. Split into different eras: One GB/GBC/GBA era (Gen 1-3), one DS era (Gen 4-5) and one 3DS era (Gen 6-7). 3 games in total. Could be named Memories, Echoes and Recollections or something.
3. Split into different versions. One “Red” and “Blue”, but named Memories and Recollections or something. Third versions could be included in either both or none. If none, they get a version of their own – “Yellow” or “Green” named Echoes or Introspection. 2-4 games in this version of Anthology.
4. Only early Anthology – Gen 1-3. Because how are they going to port the DS and 3DS games to the Switch? This might be the easy (and only) solution.
No matter what, I think they should include some extra games as well. English releases should get a Green version for Gen 1 which has the graphics of Japanese R/G but the encounter slots of Japanese Blue. They should also include Z for all versions just because.
I might get Anthology depending on which version becomes reality (if any). V1 definitely yes, V2 probably the later eras at least, V3 unsure (maybe one version at least), V4 probably not.

• Re-releases of the Gen 1-2 games for the Switch, and Gen 3 as well.
Basically Anthology V4 but digital-only and you would have to buy every game separately. I could see this happen. If it does, I might get Emerald, LeafGreen and maybe Crystal but not sure.

• A side game of some sort
Because somebody mentioned it and it is not impossible that they will reveal a side-game tomorrow. If so, what? I have no idea. I might get it or not depending on what it is.

• No new main series game in 2021
I’d say this is pretty unlikely since it is the 25th anniversary and they seem to be going all out like they did with the 20th anniversary 5 years ago, hopefully in a better way than last time. That said, I wouldn’t mind if they skipped this year since I am currently burnt out on Pokémon and in need of a bit of a break from the series (which is what I am currently taking too), so no new main series games this year might be okay for me. But if a new game could get me back into the series, that would of course be very welcome too.

• Nothing at all
I'd say this is very unlikely since past most of the presentations have usually contained a new game announcement, but it shouldn't be ruled out completely.

• No matter what happens, the fandom will complain about it
This is going to happen, no matter what. And that's a fact.


Those are all my ideas. But most if this is just wishful thinking. What do I think will happen tomorrow? Not sure. I do expect a new game announcement, but I don't know about what. We'll have to see. If it is something I am interested in, then cool. If not, I can just skip it. If it manages to restore my interest in Pokémon, then good. If not, but I end up playing it and it manages to give me a bit of fun, then that's honestly enough. Looking forward to tomorrow either way.
And yes, it may be the 25th anniversary, but quin-anniversaries have never had a new generation come out in Japan.
Normally I would agree, but 25th is often seen as important as "half than 50", which is why I would see weird if the 25th anniversary did not have anything big coming with it.
A lot of mons are still missing from the Switch-compatible roster,
This is also the other reason for which I definitely do expect some "mainline" announcement: they shown that they do intend to bring everything to Switch (moreso since Go compatibility is a thing now), and several dozens of Pokemon, including moneymakermythicals are missing.
Hell to some degree I can even see Megas returning, unironically, due to how much the fanbase demands them back.

Regarding the "old games ports" though, I am a bit skeptical: if they were to happen, they'd be a Switch Online thing. At least the very old ones.
That said...we're talking of Pokemon, a franchise that has almost never (or actually never?) had their games go on sale or drop price. Even though it's a important-ish date, I have difficulty seeing them make a "big one-with-all" package, even for the full 60 €.
may as well repost my DP Remake Complaint Bingo Board

Regarding the "old games ports" though, I am a bit skeptical: if they were to happen, they'd be a Switch Online thing. At least the very old ones.
That said...we're talking of Pokemon, a franchise that has almost never (or actually never?) had their games go on sale or drop price. Even though it's a important-ish date, I have difficulty seeing them make a "big one-with-all" package, even for the full 60 €.
When you say "they'd be a switch online thing" do you specifically mean on the not-virtual console?

because various publishers jsut put stuff directly onto the eshop. Like all the Mana games keep going there, for example. All the arcade games keep going there too. Nintendo put out fire emblem, the original nes game, on the eshop.

I can very easily envision a scenario where they sell a (set of/collection) port separate from NSO.
When you say "they'd be a switch online thing" do you specifically mean on the not-virtual console?
I do, because I'm quite confident having Pokemon games on NSO would be a easy way to get some more nostalgia funded subscriptions, since expecially gen 1 and 2 were *just* made available on the 3ds handful years ago and re-re-rebuying them again isn't something most people would commit to.

Gen 3 onwards, yeah sure, might just have their own selling, but the DS/3DS games incurr in the "dual screen" issue and I have a hard time seeing them ported to switch ever.
I am guessing they do three "big" things:
  1. Pokemon Snap news! Lots of time spent on this, like 3 minutes
  2. New Pokemon Ranger game for Switch this fall! Some time spent on this, but comes off as a teaser, like one minute
  3. SwSh DLC 3 is coming this summer. You asked for all the Pokemon and we did it! (Ugh lol) this comes in just under two minutes.
The rest of the 20 minutes are marketing crap about the music theme.
I do, because I'm quite confident having Pokemon games on NSO would be a easy way to get some more nostalgia funded subscriptions, since expecially gen 1 and 2 were *just* made available on the 3ds handful years ago and re-re-rebuying them again isn't something most people would commit to.

Gen 3 onwards, yeah sure, might just have their own selling, but the DS/3DS games incurr in the "dual screen" issue and I have a hard time seeing them ported to switch ever.
I definitely dont see them putting the DS/3DS games all in one collection either but gamefreak likes to beat their own drum and there is currently no GB NSO and frankly I dont see it happening any time soon.

Also if it happens there will absolutely be 2 versions (red/gold/ruby, blue(green in japan)/silver/sapphire and yellow/crystal/emerald released much later) for which you will buy because money

Also also I figure they'd want Home to connect to these things and I...am guessing....that it would be much easier to dig into separate distinct games than as part of NSO. Not tying "your pokemon" to a subscription that they themselves do not own hi home also feels like A Thing they'd care about

All that said I dont ever see a collection happening, or them ever hitting switch any time soon as separate purchases


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I've been scratching my head over what the next games could be for a long time now, and I still have no good idea. Some guesses seem more likely than others, but they all have some pretty substantial drawbacks that make them unlikely. Just to give a quick rundown of my thoughts on the most likely options:

(EDIT: For some reason, the text editor has become really bugged for me. Sentences appearing several times even though I've only written them once. Some spaces I can't delete, others I can't add. Sorry for any problems reading this post, it appears to be beyond my control. For instance, if I press Enter, the word AND appears in all caps.)

Sinnoh Remake: Perhaps the most widely expected one, but there are hurdles everywhere when you look at it closer. As Worldie said, there just doesn't seem to be a way to do it right. Sinnoh's art style and route design doesn't lend itself well to anything other than a fixed top-down camera and orthogonal movements. But this would quickly end up looking like an upscaled DS game,which would be a tough sell to new customers. Pretty much the entire region (and it's a huge region!) would have to have a complete overhaul to look passable for a Switch game. There also doesn't seem to be an easy way to implement the Poketch, Poffins, Super Contests, or the Underground without that secondary touch screen. And Game Freak would want to include current-gen gimmicks like Camp and Dynamaxing,possibly Raid battles and Dens and all that,requiring further alterations. All in all, a Sinnoh remake would involve a whole lot of redesigning and reimagining. And for which demographic, again? It's been fifteen years since Diamond and Pearl. That's really too long to try to capture the nostalgia of the original playerbase. A six-year-old who played Diamond and Pearl at release would be 21 by the release of these games. That's way outside the target demographic of Pokémon. Even a six-year-old who got Platinum the week before BW hit the shelves would be 17 this year. I'd say it's too late for Sinnoh to cash in on nostalgia at this point.

Let's Go Sinnoh: It has only been fifteen years since Diamond and Pearl. That's really too little for the original playerbase to have had kids of their own to introduce to Pokémon, which was the selling point of Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee. Well, that and being the first Pokémon games on the Switch, I suppose, but that ship has kinda sailed as well. The graphics style of Let's Go - modernizing the original GameBoy style while also being a tile-for-tile remake - would be an enticing way for the designer to solve the graphics dilemma, though. But the other issues with Diamond and Pearl remain: There's no way to remake them faithfully, and then what would be the point of remaking them at all? Sinnoh as a region really isn't conducive to a Let's Go-style limited Pokédex either, since there are relatively few "Sinnoh original" Pokémon,and a significant percentage of those are related to earlier Pokémon by evolution or are legendaries. The Pokédex of a Sinnoh game would necessarily have to incorporate Pokémon from several generations.

Let's Go Johto: Again the issue of "you can't sell LGPE twice". LGPE had the nostalgia of "Pokémania" and being the first Pokémon games on the Switch as selling points. Neither are applicable to Gen II to nearly the same degree. There's also the interesting question of Unown. What to do with those now that Hidden Power has been removed from the games? I suppose they could all learn Psywave or something, but it really wouldn't be the same. Also, Psywave has been removed from the games too. Confusion, then? Yeah, good luck getting players interested in that. Oh, and remaking HGSS? Those games had a scope Game Freak only laughs at today. No way they would embark on such a feature-rich project.

Sw2/Sh2: A follow-up of the first games of the generation. Just like we've had in every single generation bar Gen VI. Creating them would be easy, just copy over the first games and add some tidbits here and there, plus a gimmick to sell them well, and put the games on the store shelves. It's easy and convenient, but the existence of SwSh DLC makes it questionable whether it'd be worth it. In a sense, they have already sold us Galar twice (and it's not a very sellable region). Would they be able to sell it again? To be competitive with SwSh, they would have to have all the features including those of the DLC, and then some. Would adding all the Pokémon back be enough? A Battle Frontier? Sure, we'd appreciate it, but I'm not sure if it would sell well among the general public to justify its development costs or the inevitable hit to their reputation unless they made it really good. And even then, they'd be accused of holding SwSh back so the sequel would sell better. I could see some potential for a good Galar game with expanded locations and more content and better graphics and whatnot, but overall I'm not sure how realistic that would be.

Generation 9: Until somewhat recently, I thought the most likely way forward would be moving onto a new region. It would be potentially less work than remaking Sinnoh, but with lessons learned from Galar and the freedom to make something new rather than trying to emulate something that already exists (and was designed within the limitations of an ancient system, forcing you to work with all sorts of awkward stuff just so it looks the same). Novelty also sells well.
However, it is a valid point that Generation 8 is still quite new, and it's too early to start a new cycle already. And a new region would warrant a new story, new characters, new Pokémon, new merch, all while there's still plenty of potential left in Gen 8. There also wouldn't have been a whole lot of time to design all the new stuff just yet. I don't think we're due for a new generation this year.

SwSh DLC3: One major question: what would be its selling point? The other DLCs have given us all the usual convenience upgrades and all the usual legendaries. There isn't really much left to sell. Still, some Pokémon are missing (no overly exciting ones, mind), and fans have always been clamoring for a Battle Frontier, so there is some potential left. I doubt there's enough for two sets of DLC, however, making this less interesting news than last year's news. Is that befitting of a big anniversary celebration? It would, on the other hand, beg the question of what the entire dev team has been doing since SwSh were released, since a DLC doesn't require that many people, generating some hype for the next games again.

So in total, every way I look, there just appears to be more arguments against every option than there are in their favour. Everything appears to involve an unrealistic amount of effort, be too hard to sell, or both.

If I were to make some sort of conclusion, I think a new region is unlikely, so it will probably be a remake of some kind. I think the order of likelihood of regions in the next game goes somewhere like Galar > Sinnoh > Johto > New region > Other regions, but we never know.

Or, well, we'll know tomorrow.
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There isn't really much left to sell.
You know, I just had a thought, unrealistic but also not completely...
You know what's missing? Megas.
What fans want? Megas.
What is next year's VGC? GS cup, which historically has had everything allowed, including mechanics from previous generations.

I chuckle at the idea of a game and thus VGC that has at same time Ubers (primals included!), Dynamax, Megas, and why not, Z-moves.

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I don’t really see the whole “Gen 4 is past it’s prime” argument. I’m the 6 yr old who will be 21 this fall and everyone my age who has a switch (which are a lot, Animal Crossing was a huge success for a reason) are excited for remakes of the first DS entries

Edit: Hell, I have a friend who will buy a switch if they remake these games lol
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Animal Crossing was a huge success for a reason
To be fair the main contributor to the success of Animal Crossing wasn't the quality of the game (which isn't bad, but nothing amazing either), but rather the fact the covid epidemy forced everyone at home for prolonged time, and chill time-killing games like AC work very well with it, it just so happened to be a Switch game. Would have sold more or less equally if it was a PC or Playstation one.


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I remember the day of the Nintendo Direct there were plenty of announcements from other series that I love and got me really hyped, but the Nintendo announcements themselves were....eh? It was Equivalent Exchange at its fullest (?)

And yesterday, once again, there were some announcements that really got me VERY happy, so that means Pokemon Presents....
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