Pokemon Rap Battles Season 2 - Round 2 VOTING

Oh shit nigga, these raps came wit a toy

  • MikeDec (Blaziken)

    Votes: 6 46.2%
  • Samosael (Serperior)

    Votes: 7 53.8%
  • Coolking49 (Sceptile)

    Votes: 2 15.4%
  • Ult (Castform)

    Votes: 4 30.8%
  • Grumbler (Banette)

    Votes: 6 46.2%
  • Corkscrew (Ambipom)

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


In order to vote, you must post in the thread! The top poll doesn't count now that we've got matchups. All you have to do is make a post with the name of the person in each rap battle that you liked the best. At the end, the votes will be tallied, and the person with the higher votes in each battle will move on.

Person A vs. Person B
Person C vs. Person D


Person A
Person D

On to the rap battles!

Samosael (Serperior) vs Coolking49 (Sceptile)

Grumbler (Banette) vs Corkscrew (Ambipom)


MikeDec (Blaziken)
Ult (Castform)

Voting ends on Tuesday, July 3rd.

Oh, and don't forget to post in this thread if you want to change your pokemon for Semifinals next round.
Samosael: yeah, sorry CoolKing, but you were off on most of this, and it seems like you were trying to do way too much with it. I personally didn't really like this one Samosael, but yours was definitely better.
Grumbler: the deep voice was...interesting, but I thought it was better.

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Yeah sorry; got kinda busy and kind of forgot at other times.

I'll record tomorrow just for the sake of recording (and because I want to use a certain beat), but I forfeit to Ulttimaa because I both missed deadline (twice) but I also just don't care enough to continue.


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I actually thought Coolking had improved a lot that round. However, I still think Samosael had the edge.

If I get through, I'll use


Also MikeDec's was by far the best rap in this round imo.
You're right, i did try to hard. You wouldn't believe the effort it took not to rhyme venus, mean it, genus, and genius with penis. But then I would sound like Chris Brown.

Also, Ult killed the castform rap (in a good way, if you couldn't tell)

##vote corkscrew
I hated your instrumental, but the rap was pretty good. And grumbler, you sound like the chorus of Mercy, except slowed down. Maybe you could tell from the way my entries sound, but I didn't find that particularly good.
Overall I've preferred Grumbler's raps (though Corkscrew's have been great too), but I thought that the deep voice stuff was just too much; I could hardly understand the lyrics without reading along with them. I would be interested to know what program you used to do it though, did you just edit the recording in audacity or were you going through something else like morphvox?

I also thought Coolking improved this round; it sounds like you just need to give yourself less to do; pick a slower beat or don't try to fit more words than you can handle into lines.

Also it sounds like you record everything in one go? I find it helps to record in pieces; nail a verse or two then stop recording so that when you start up again you can come in with plenty of breath and completely on beat. When you first started this one I thought I was going out this round for sure, but once you started tripping over words/dropping the ends of lines it's hard to recover from it.
This is actually the first time I did more than a little bit at a time. usually I take it around 4 lines at a time, but this time I actually went slower than normal, and took more at a time. I'll keep that in mind next time though (assuming there is a next time, since this one seems to be getting killed by inactivity).

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haha okay no more of the voice mod bullshit
i just thought i would fuck around in garageband
ill do some more straight shit next time
if there is a next time
in which case ill go with this motherfucker
because im a dumb asshole haha
Grumbler is tied for rap of the round with 6 votes in the poll, while Corkscrew has 0 votes.

Meanwhile in the thread Corkscrew is winning 3-2.

Are people still being retarded and thinking that they don't need to post in the thread?


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Samosael and Grumbler, naturally.

Combining a Jeeves and Wooster-esque format with rap was the best thing.

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