Pokemon RBY Tournament: Afghanistan!

Here's the skinny:

a bunch of us are getting back to our roots. So 12 of us have bought Gameboys and Pokemon Red, Blue, and/or Yellow.

The intention is to hold a tournament at the end of our tour. Where it stands, we have a few months or so to get our respective teams where we need them to be for the finale.

Here's the thing: Since we want to hold a tournament, I want to make sure everyone has a fighting chance and it will be as balanced as possible, so here are the current guidelines with a few questions:


SPECIES CLAUSE: Any Pokemon 1-149 may be used. No 2 of the same Pokemon. You can have ones that come from the same evolution line. But no on 2 Venusaurs, no Rare Candy cheating and getting 6 Mewtwos. Which brings me to:

MEW and MEWTWO BANNED: So far I have no complaints regarding this

SLEEP CLAUSE: After I explained to half our guys about why sleep is a bastard in RBY, they seem to agree, we'll end up writing down who we put to sleep.
Exceptions are:
- Sleep inducing move inflicted by Metronome
- Moves that self-inflict sleep such as Rest

TM CLAUSE: Since everyone is on the level of not using the duplication glitches. It's under the assumption that the the TMs you get in your go-through of the game are the only TMs you will get. I say this in confidence because we work long hours and only a few months to level up 6 guys to 100. It'd be a Christmas miracle if any of us were able to get a level 100 team, box them on another game and complete a 2nd go through to get a second set of TMs. So your 1 TM of Thunder Wave, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Explosion, etc. Use them well!

These are the only rules.
I decided to rule against a FREEZE CLAUSE as there isn't an attack like Hypnosis that's dedicated to Freezing. Freeze is a by-product of an offensive attack. If half your team gets frozen, sucks to be you. I believe that the TM clause helps in nerfing teams whoring out Ice Beam.

The OHKO CLAUSE isn't necessary, I believe, with Mew out of the picture, it doesn't seem like there's much incentive to run a team or have anyone that can OHKO, considering it's low % of hitting and the ability to switch to Gengar or Flying Pokes to nerf them (dependant on the attack).

My biggest question is regarding the evasion clause:

EVASION CLAUSE: No Minimize or Double Team. Are these moves a big deal in RBY if Mewtwo is out of the picture? We have a guy that wants Double Team on Machamp. I've seen some posts where banning it helps, and I have seen posts with the inverse argument. I'm not sure how to side with this one. any input?


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Evasion clause is pretty significant in rby. You can definitely play without it, but you may find it pretty dominant. Even limiting it to one pokemon, you will probably find that whoever wins the dt war wins the battle a lot of the time..

I recommend keeping it, it is pretty broken, and really tedious too..

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