Pokemon Scarlet & Violet - 18th Nov 2022! **OFFICIAL INFO ONLY**


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It might going to take a while until we get more Scarlet & Violet news, not until Summer. Obviously we can’t predict what the potential gimmick could even be in these forums due to the no wishlisting rule, but the prism on the Japanese logos and the rainbow circle of types looks like to be hints.

But whatever that is, I think it could be something an overwhelming amount of people may not like.


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Most likely the next time we're gonna see news for this game is in May, going off of precedent after digging through the history of X and Y and Sun and Moon's pre-release periods.

The main thing we'll likely know next is that around early May (which is less than two months from now) they may announce the name of the new region Scarlet and Violet will take place in (XY and SM's regions were revealed to be named Kalos and Alola in May of their respective years, despite the games themselves being announced earlier in the year), have the official release date of SV confirmed, get to see Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly in action, and possibly get a glimpse of what the cover legendaries will look like. I imagine May will be the next upcoming news reveal with the aforementioned things being revealed, and then from that point up to SV's release we'll get our monthly info once each month, thus we get more info in June, then in July, then August, and so on until the inevitable November 2022 release.

As for now, though, take any supposed "leaks" with a grain of salt at best. It is much too early for anyone to possibly have insider info on the games as I don't even imagine they are fully complete and out there yet, so it's highly unlikely that anyone out there legitimately has the inside source on the games as it stands. Do keep in mind back in early March/April 2019 during the Sword and Shield pre-release times there were rumors of "Armored Evolution" being Gen 8's gimmick, which as we all know, is not at all true, and many other rumors back then were circulating during the March/April period of the pre-SwSh release cycle and many were ultimately false in the end. Ultimately I'm going to echo what was said on the last page: don't assume anything about these games until we get official news/reveals later on down the line. Until we get explicit confirmation of things, anything these leaks supposedly show off I'm going to assume aren't necessarily going to be a thing until we know things about the game for certain.
My bingo card is very small, very boring:
-We'll see the starters in gameplay (in an actual bingo card, this is the free space)
-Like 3 new normal pokemon shown off + the box legends
-An extensive talk about the open world and how hard it was and it will be so long and boring and obvious and i'll find 3 things to hate about their implementation
-The New Gimmick. June's around when they show it, and iirc this is just like SWSH where we saw the initial footage at the unveil and now more footage + the gimmick
-they're going to show something like a normal corsola and i will flip off the handle because it means it cant just evolve into Cursola
-The Battle System is shown off and it's different in a bad way.
-Pre-order bonus


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Pretty much my bets are on

- The region name being revealed (it's overdue at this point, Alola and Kalos had their names revealed in May of their respective debut years)
- Seeing Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly's 3D models in action in game
- The new gimmick mechanic
- A few marketable new mons
- Box Legends
- Release Date
- Some new characters: new professor, new rival, possibly the new Champion, a few Gym Leaders/major Trainers
- A look at the gameplay loop of SV

These are pretty much my bets on what we will see in tomorrow's trailer/news reveal
Realistically speaking, the only things that I find legitimate to expect are:

- A quick region overview
- Some major NPC introduced (Professor, Rival, Champion, something like that)
- The new generational gimmick (if any, I'd be surprised if there's none, but one can hope)
- A glimpse at the cover legendaryes by the ending of the video
- Release date (albeith we can easily guess it'll be around the same as all other mainline games, about middle of November)

I consider possible but not very likely
- Potentially a new poke or regional form or two (very likely the usual early route stuff or some super region-iconic stuff like Corviknight)
- The new villain Team (tm)

More or less, this would match what was shown for the first trailer of both SM and SwSh.

What I do *not* expect to see
- Starters evolutions
- More than 1 or 2 new pokemon (if even)
- Any non-cover legendary also present in the game


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Ooh, now it's on.

Years of these releases have jaded me somewhat. I didn't get very hyped from the initial reveal trailer. I think it was because, essentially, it didn't show us anything we didn't already know.

I mean, we could have deducted back in 2013 that Gen IX was going to be a thing, and that it would have Grass/Fire/Water-type starters. And that was, essentially, everything the reveal trailer showed us. Practically everything else about Gen IX was unknown in 2013, and it still is. Well, perhaps not the graphics, but after Legends Arceus, we sort-of had an idea about where in the ballpark those would land too.

I think pre-release information generally falls into four categories, before the game is out:
  • First, there's the "known knowns" - the stuff we already have pretty good knowledge about, and we know it will be in the game. For instance, we know Pelipper will be in the game, and we already know what to expect from Pelipper. Likewise, the fact that there would be a trio of starters was another known known (for all practical purposes). We know how a trio of starters work, we knew Gen IX would have one, and it's really not possible to draw discussion any further than that.
  • Then there's "unknown knowns": Stuff we are familiar with already, but we don't know if it will be in the game. Say, Blastoise, or a character like Cynthia. We know how they work - or at least, we have a quite good idea what to expect from them - but whether they will be present at all is a mystery.
  • Third, the "known unknowns": Stuff we know will be in the game, but we don't know what it will be like and we don't have any details. For instance, the evolutions of the starters and their typings. We know they will evolve and probably have a secondary typing, but not which. Although my money is that at least two of them will have one of Fighting/Psychic/Dark/Ghost/Fairy/Steel, for reasons I've gone into elsewhere long ago.
  • And finally, the "unknown unknowns". We don't know what it is, and we don't know if it will be in the game. Say for instance the hypothetical Pokémon Squaffle. Will there be a Squaffle, or at least a Pokémon somewhat like it? What will it look like? Typing? Moves? Will it have a Rainbow Ability? What is even a Rainbow Ability? No idea. At that point, we're discussing abstract concepts, not the upcoming Pokémon games. Or perhaps just using the games as a vessel for wishlisting.
For practical purposes, most speculation and discussion (that isn't wild and untethered wishlisting) pre-release will revolve around the known unknowns. Stuff we can expect in general terms, but don't know the exact nature of (sometimes literally so). Like again, the evolution of the starters. But that's pretty much the only "hook" they've given us. As in, a way to attach the unknown to the known, and build speculation.

At the moment, there are just too many unknowns and no knowns - or at least, no ways to tie the knowns to the unknowns. If they were to say "some Pokémon will get a regional form", that would be a good hook, because then we could start filtering the knowns and wonder which of them would be the lucky ones. If they were to say "Mega Evolution is back, and there will be new Megas" - likewise. There would be something concrete to theorize about.

But now, there just isn't much. It's the three starters, everything else is too abstract. We might as well discuss Gen XI instead of Gen IX, because we know pretty much the same about both. And that's not much more than what we could have surmised ten years ago. The previous trailer, effectively, only confirmed what we already expected, and put some faces to the inevitable starter trio.

And that's why I'm so hyped for this next trailer. Because the new information will involve more "hooks", however small. Hopefully, there will be something to build speculation upon, some context to frame the knowns in a new light, anything. I think it's quite unthinkable that we'll get nothing of substance. In a way, the trailer itself is a "known unknown". Yesterday, I was fairly ambivalent, because I knew nothing about Gen IX. Now I'm hyped, not because I have learned anything more about the game, but because I know when I will know something. Now there are expectations.
Nothing earth shattering to say I expect reveals more or less along the lines of the June SwSh trailer, with maybe more details revealed in a bigger direct around traditional E3 time. I can imagine maybe one "unknown unknown" type surprise that we had no way of expecting.

I'm mostly excited for new mons. Best part of new gen/games for me. I don't expect any amazing mons in the first reveal, but then again Corviknight :corviknight: was revealed in the June SwSh trailer, so you never know.

If it reveals a new gimmick, may as well register a guess or two about what it might be. It seems like lots of people are speculating it will have something to do with types, like some sort of type changing. The only thing that could maybe point to the focus of types from the reveal trailer is the sundial on the ground, and maybe the colorfulness of the Gaudi inspired scenery, but given the recent gimmicks were abilities, evolution, moves, hp+moves, something that plays with types seems like it's due. However, some other possibilities could be something like more combo moves like the pledge moves, that could spice up vgc by having a wider variety or more ways to combine. They'd have to make some that work with singles for the main campaign and battle spot, of course, unless one of the surprises is that trainer battles are primarily double battles in SV.

I'll leave it there so as to not venture into wishlisting.
One thing I expect to see in this trailer: What is the non-HM field move system going to be? We had Ride Pokemon, Special Starters, and Rotom Bike. Bike coming back would make sense with Europe, but they might surprise us. That just seems like the right level of new info that doesn't actually tell us anything for this trailer.

Also, I assume clothing customization will be back and at least hinted at here, but I suspect we won't see any actual info on it. Maybe the protag is in 2 outfits at different points and it's not mentioned, that's all. Which will be disappointing, I've been clear in the past that Pokemon is woefully inadequate as a Picrew generator IMO and I'm not expecting that to change.
My top hopes for the trailer tomorrow:

5) Megas return and there's a new Mega Mantine
4) ALL the pokemon are back except the genies
3) Light-type confirmed
2) Menu storage is in the game
1) Sprigatito evolves into an 8 legged spider

In all honesty, I'm really excited to finally see gameplay proper of the title. We've only caught little glimpses of things like battling with that one photo of Hisuian Zoroark and I'm super curious to see how they (hopefully) refine the Arceus mechanics into something even better. All sorts of possibilities are open until tomorrow. Let's hope they keep that lesson of fluid gameplay at PLA's soul and refine it into a fun open world experience.

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